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New Account · 11:53pm


Apparently I wasn't very clear in my last blog. I'm not leaving FIMFiction, just my current account. I have some pretty big issues with using an account that I originally used for follow-whoring, and I've moved on from that. That doesn't mean that I'm just throwing in the hat with my writing. If you're still wanting to read my works and see what's up, go ahead and follow my new account. Just know that I'm planning on keeping the number of people I follow to less than one hundred, which means people I really enjoy reading every story of.

So what will this mean? In essence, that I can focus more on writing, not have to hate myself at every turn for getting more than I earned, and not worrying about demeaning other authors that actually earned their rankings. It puts a bit of a divide between all of us, something I'm not really fond of. As Vengeful Spirit, I cannot fix any of that.

If you're wanting to get to know me on a much more personal level, go ahead and hit up my Steam or Skype. I'm still a friendly bugger, just not a site stalker.

Best regards,


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>>2355636 I haven't logged into this account in almost a year, buddy. xD

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Lets trade...

Link me to your pic please and thanks

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Alrighty then.

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>>2330214 I don't want to say what's up with it here, so I'll pm you.

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Still saddens me that stories like this will no longer be updated. :raritycry:

At one point I did have a short piece written that would've fit perfectly.

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