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Calm Wind

We writers do not speak. We do not hear. We have no songs. We have no pictures. We only have scripture. From words we bring images. From words we bring emotion. From words we bring life.


This story is a sequel to Hard Pressed to Impress

Rarity is given the luxury of staying in Fancy Pants’ mansion as a guest while she prepares her newest dresses for a show in Canterlot. She is comfortable, but the stress of the approaching show is weighing heavy on her. Everything must be perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect. There is no room for anything less. But when the competition proves to be overwhelming, she seeks out ‘the perfect pony’ for help…

But is Fancy truly a pony without flaws?

A story about self-confidence. No one is perfect, but it’s our flaws that push us to better ourselves.

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can't wait for the next story.

Looks good, but I'll have to read it after I finish my homework and my drawing. Jaa ne!

:moustache:Fancy? You got Drunk with Fancy?
:raritystarry: Who told you?
:moustache: Well Fancy, We go way back in Canterlot
:raritystarry: My Spikey , Knows fancy Pants?
:trollestia: Well duh !

Buzzed !:facehoof:

I really like this, the moral is truly relatable well done:pinkiehappy:

Loved it as always. :pinkiehappy: Rarity's pain felt incredibly real, and it was cool to see Fancy as something other than the suave badass that he's been so far.

Drunk Rarity is best Rarity.

is interesting :moustache:
must continue

hmm the plot thickens :moustache:

still very good (just like all you stories)

wuz ssssso god nit


Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :eeyup:


Thats how i like to depict Fancy: Perfect on the surface in image and practice, but in reality he's constantly battling to live up to something he fears he will never reach.

And im Glad Rarity turned out well because im always nervous about writing her, im not much of a fashion buff :twilightsheepish:


Glad you liked it! Thanks for reading! :eeyup:

your writing is to good man! Just too good!

5661044 Personally, I'm not sure that one needs to be a fashion buff to write Rarity well. The fact that you are a writer gives you a strong advantage already. Rarity is, at a base level, a true artisan. She's someone who creates things of great beauty for others, but is never quite satisfied with her work. She has this drive to do more, to be more not for her own sake but for the sake of those she creates for, much how a writer is with their stories. Sure, there are other aspects to her character, such as the starry-eyed drama queen aspect that everyone seems to focus on and insist on tapping into, but if they miss this base quality of the desire for creative perfection, Rarity feels hollow, like a set piece or a background character, no matter how well she's written in that role. Nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't work quite as well for a main character focus.
I could really feel you tapping into that aspect of Rarity's character for this story, and I must say it's the best work you've done with her so far. As far as I can remember, there was only one point where Rarity felt out of character in all of the stories you've written, and that was in one of the non-canon ones anyhow. (Even more than that, it was only one line, so there you go. :pinkiehappy:)
So just so you know, you do very good work with all your characters. :pinkiehappy:


Oh do you mean when she was whining to FLuttershy in... you know... that one fic? :twilightsheepish:

5661374 Yep... That was the one. :rainbowlaugh: And it really was only the delivery of that one line. She felt reasonably in character for the rest of her sequence, given the situation and rating modification, but that one line felt a tad bit blunt for Rarity's normal demeanor.

Ah the perfection, the cousin of insanity

I can actually see and probably imagine drunk Rarity talking in my head when I read those lines of hers...and it was funny as...well, Rarity drunk off her ass.:duck:

Also, I like your version of Fleur's 'from rags to riches' story. I've read one where she was a grubby airship pilot and one where she was a stereotypical dork but I find myself feel like I can relate myself with this one better since I was very fat as a kid and see where this Fleur might be coming from.

So thanks for that:twilightsmile:


Then again, insane is also a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated :raritywink:

So i guess it depends on how one views insane :pinkiecrazy:


I felt the way i structured Fleur's story would be a great way to reaffirm the reason Fancy is revered so highly by those most others of his status would shun. Fancy see's the potential in all ponies regardless of any generic judgmental factors. It earns him some criticism from his peers, but gives him quite a positive image everywhere else.

And yes, Drunk Rarity is fun.



Thank you! I'm really proud of how this turned out, especially the scene set up for when Rarity and Fancy talk. I tried to really get descriptive with the setting. :eeyup:

“Tonight, Golden has prepared an assortment of alfalfa and kale sweetened with a dab of honey dressing, a fresh batch of kiwi, grapes, and strawberries, and grilled swordfish, lightly salted and given a dash of lemon juice.”

Just a note, here in New Zealand where kiwis and kiwi birds are from, we call what you call kiwis we call kiwi fruit and what you call kiwi birds, we just call kiwis. I didn't even know other countries had swapped it around until a few months ago! :duck:

Also, just adding an edit, whenever a character helps themself to some kiwi, I picture them eating a bird :pinkiesick: :twilightblush:


Oh i didn't know that, (the kiwi fruit part, i knew about the birds) yep, over here we just refer to them as kiwis. :eeyup:

I cannot say I'm particularly happy that Fancy has married Fleur in this story. :ajbemused: But I also have come a long way from being a 'ship Nazi' kind of person and I'm now far less irked by which fan couples exist in certain fics, so I am willing to let this go through if only for your sake. :twilightblush:

As long as I have my resolve that it's not properly confirmed they are married in the show, whatever others may say, I am satisfied with that. :rainbowdetermined2:


Yeah to be honest when you told me how much you liked the RarityxFancy pants ship i cringed a little, not because i dont like the ship, because i knew you'd find your way here eventually :fluttershyouch:

I do like the fancity ship, but in this story i have Fancy in a leadership/inspiring/experienced role so he's a bit older than Rarity (i have Rarity at about 21-22 years old. Fancy closer to 30) Age does not determine love, but his marriage to Fleur helps with the impact as the story goes.

It's important not to let your ships blindly guide your ideas. I had never considered applejack and thunderlane before Weight of Responsibility and never thought about comet and twilight before writing the recent story with them. They were both chosen for the sake of the story i wanted to tell. I've made more than one fanon sacrifice in order to bring my readers the best story i could tell :eeyup:

Finally finished... Honest I thought this was written directly for the artists in your audience. Thanks Sir Calm... for the reminder. I just hope I don't have to get that drunk to learn that lesson ever...

As always marvelous story.


I'm glad you liked it, and yes it was a bit of a message for artists. :scootangel:

and thankfully, No, you don't have to get drunk to learn that lesson :rainbowlaugh:


There's the chink in the armour, I guess. :fluttershysad:

Theirs may well be a better love story than Twilight (damn memes :rainbowlaugh:), but still I find I cannot put it in favour of Fancity. I would've given observations as to why in Sweet & Elite some time ago on a blog of yours.

I no longer pass unfair judgement on other's headcanons, this is just my perception of it all. :scootangel:

The characterization in this story is great. Fleur and Fancy are two ponies I feel are a bit overlooked in this fandom, and it's really good to see a story that manages to make them believable and relatable. :twilightsmile: The moral was handled really well too; I think more people than just artists can benefit from that message.

Also drunk Rarity is hilarious. :rainbowwild:

But yeah, good story, fav'd, thumb'd and all that.


I agree, Fancy and Fleur caught my eye when they first appeared in the show, but they've barely had any screen time since.

They have lots of potential for development, i simply couldn't pass them up. :scootangel:

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!

(And yes, drunk Rarity is hilarious :pinkiecrazy:)


She never knew a fish could have so much flavor.

Did you know that fish, when cooked correctly, actually have more flavor than beef? its true. the only reason, in fact, that some americans aren't used to fish having flavor, is because most of us eat frozen fish sticks or patties. blah:fluttershbad: nerd alert:moustache:

yayyyyy:yay: Fancy isn't a Gary Stu! There are flaws! very intéressante

geeeeeeeeeeeee *get ready* eeeeeeeeeeeee*fangirl attack in 3... 2... 1* ERMERGERD!!!! This ship, omg, this. i can't even. what. why do they have to be sooooooooooo cute!!:pinkiehappy: *dies*

“I think you should take me to your room! Waaaahaha!” she said as slumped down, putting all of her weight on him. The butler sighed and hoisted her back up again.
“I’m taking you back to your room…” he decided.
“Either room works!” Rarity persisted as he dragged her along. “We having fun there?!” she asked. The Butler shook his head.
“No, you’re drunk.”
“But whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?”

Calm, you're writing for Rarity, not Fleetfoot.

This actually a bit better than it's prequel, I rather enjoyed it. Very nice. I love drunk Rarity, perfect!


Swordfish actually does have a very unique and distinct taste :moustache:

And yep, i gave hints along the way, but Fancy is indeed far from perfect. He's just very good at hiding his flaws.

I thought Fleurs backstory would be very heartwarming... and server to further improve the readers' view of Fancy.

And hahaha i got a little Fleetfoot there didn't i? :pinkiecrazy:

I too feel like this turned out better than the first, in fact i really like how this whole fic went in general :scootangel: I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!

I certainly am in no position to argue against what you've said on the shipping front, it's something I'm not the least bit knowledgeable about to even do anyway, but the things you say do give me stuff to think about and actually view everything in a different way than before. And if it weren't for the ponies, I wouldn't even have stumbled onto your page and gotten where I am now. You may not be the first who's helped in that respect, but you definitely are somebody who really gives me the strength to go...


sorry that last line is slightly influenced by Robot Boy

Don't think I'm trying to imply you're the weight of the world though, just sharing another song that has felt like my life. :scootangel:

5675123 I hate to be that guy, but the story before this isn't technically a prequel. :twilightsheepish:


I'm glad my writing has had a positive effect for many people on this site. i try to incorporate life lessons or motivation in all of my stories, even the silly ones, because i feel it adds weight to it and a reason to read it. :eeyup:

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and are enjoying my series! :twilightsmile: Thanks for reading! :rainbowkiss:

Oh... wait what? I'm confused, then what is a prequel?


a prequel is a story written AFTER a story that takes place before the story written first.

So if i wrote a story that took place before Hard pressed, that would be a prequel by definition.

It's technically wrong to call a story before a sequel a prequel, but don't worry, people make that mistake all the time :derpytongue2:

Example: Castlevania 3 is a prequel because it takes place before the events of Castlevania 1 and 2 :rainbowwild:

5677390 And slowly but surely I began experiencing/learning those lessons for myself. :pinkiehappy:

You are welcome and thanks for the stories to read! :rainbowdetermined2:

5678140 Yeah he says it all, pretty much. :moustache:

]ooohhhhhhhhhhh that explains it. thanks :twilightsmile: also another example would be how fnaf 2 actually happens before fnaf 1 i get it now!


That's another perfect example :scootangel:

Yeah, one of my friends thinks its a sequel and is being so stubborn. Also, do you know what it means to submit a story? I don't wanna click it and lose all my work. Thanks!:twilightsmile:

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