• Published 23rd Feb 2015
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The Flaws of Perfection - Calm Wind

Rarity is feeling the pressure of an upcoming fashion show. But she has the help of a perfect pony! Right? Our imperfections are what make us stronger. We will never be perfect, but we can try our hardest to be as close to perfect as we can.

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Chapter 3

The Flaws of Perfection
By: Calm Wind
Chapter 3:

The mansion was eerily quiet for a few hours. Normally one could hear the butlers moving about and conversing, but at present not a sound could be heard.

Rarity did not leave her room after returning. In fact, she simply sat on her bed, facing towards the window as the sun set and the moon rose into the night sky. He thoughts completely broken away from her woes and focused on fancy.

It was strange…

Did she really have anything to be sad about? Depressed about?

She felt useless. She thought she was inadequate. She didn’t think her work would compare. All her woes seemed self-inflicted.

Then she came back and saw most of her internal troubles mirrored with Fancy, only he was hearing it from somepony else.

She had no reason at all to feel bad… but she still did. There situations were similar, but different. Being told you were not good enough and thinking that you yourself were not good enough were two separate problems.

The thing that she still couldn’t believe was witnessing the perfect Fancy Pants in a moment of weakness. Something she, nor she felt anyone else had ever seen…

Except, perhaps…

*knock* *knock* *knock*

For one other mare.

“Rarity? Are you in there?” Fleur’s voice came from the door. Rarity instantly turned, holding still for a moment as she stared at the door.

“Y-yes…” she replied.

“Can I come in?” Fleur asked, something a little… off about her voice. Rarity quickly looked in the mirror beside her bed. Her face was still stained. By the mascara. For a moment she squeaked, hopped off the bed and began looking for something to help clean up her face. “Please? It’s about my husband…” Fleur continued, trailing off after.

Rarity picked up a sense of urgency in her voice. She decided to leave her face be. Fleur would probably be curious, but if this was something important about Fancy… his well-being was more important than her appearance. She turned away from the mirror, swallowing her pride as she walked towards the door.

She opened the door, to see quite a shocking sight.

Fleur was indeed standing outside her door, but whenever Rarity had seen the famous super model, she looked flawless and majestic, nearly on the level of the goddess sisters themselves. But right now, she looked incredibly disgruntled.

Her perfectly straight mane was all out of place. She too had mascara running from her eyes. Her usual, beautiful smile was replaced by a worried frown and quivering lip. Her posture was slumped and defeated.

“F-fleur? What is the matter!?” Rarity was shocked, not only to see Equestria’s most beautiful model in such a horrid state of appearance, but also wondering why she looked that way… and what it had to do with Fancy Pants.

Fleur walked in, a single sniffle escaping before she put her hooves on Rarity’s shoulders.

“I need your help… Fancy won’t listen to me!” she said desperately while hugging Rarity around the neck tightly. Rarity was almost pushed over. Fleur was tall, her center of gravity nearly taking them both to the floor. Rarity managed to anchor herself and quickly hugged her back instinctively.

“What is it? What is he doing?” Rarity asked. Fleur let go of Rarity and the two locked eyes as Fleur struggled to keep herself from crying.

“He’s shut himself up in the library… and… he’s drinking… a lot,” Fleur explained. Rarity was instantly alarmed, but after examining Fleur over, she had no signs of physical harm, relieving Rarity for at least a moment. “No matter what I say or do to try and comfort him, he keeps pushing me away! He won’t even speak to me! I don’t even know what happened!” Fleur began to wail lightly among her words.

“Oh… dear…” Rarity frowned, her ears flopping down. Fancy was drowning himself in alcohol? She had witnessed the whole exchange… but judging from Fancy’s barbaric reaction afterward and his sudden turn to drink suggested that this all ran much deeper than anypony knew.

“One of the butlers said they saw you near his study earlier before he started acting strange… please, you have to help me! I don’t care what happened, I just want to snap him out of it!” She pleaded. “He’s everything to me… and I’d be nothing without him, please… help me…” she quieted down as she began to slowly collapse to the floor. Rarity quickly reached out and supported her.

“But… what can I do?” Rarity asked as Fleur found her hooves and stood back up straight.

“I… love my husband more than anything in the world… but I don’t know a thing about the business world,” Fleur sniffled as she and Rarity sat down side by side. “Sometimes I fear that makes it hard for me to connect with him… even though he denies it… but you… you’re like him, you’re a business type. You run your own shop back in Ponyville right?”

“Oh… I,” Rarity paused. “I wouldn’t call myself a business pony, at least in comparison to him…”

“But you you’re closer than I am,” Fleur quickly pointed out. “And this… I know this is business related, it happened after Profit Turner left. Could you please try talking to him for me?” she asked again.

Rarity sat and thought it over.

Fleur wanted her to talk some sense into FANCY PANTS?! It was ironic, seeing as how under normal circumstances, such a scenario would have reversed roles. But if Fleur, his wife couldn’t get through to him, how was she supposed to?

Nevertheless, Fleur was desperate. The stallion she loved was in a broken state of mind and she wanted Rarity to help her pull him back together. Rarity owed Fancy a lot, just as Fleur did apparently. Perhaps it was time to return the favor.

“Alright… I’ll try. Please, lead the way.”

To say it had been an interesting day would be describing it lightly. Rarity had gone through enough emotional shifts to make a party deprived Pinkie Pie blush.

She started off nervous.

After seeing the other dresses in the competition she became depressed and felt inadequate.

Then she was confused as she listened to Fancy being yelled at.

Alarmed right after as Fancy destroyed his study.

And now worried because Fancy’s wife was counting on her to talk some sense into a pony who she never thought would need such a thing.

Rarity walked slowly with Fleur down the hall, wondering what exactly she could do that Fleur either already hadn’t tried. Or, you know, something she could do to comfort Fancy that his wife couldn’t do. This seemed like a lost cause from the moment she was asked, but Fleur seemed to think Rarity’s working experience with Fancy might offer her some means of relating to Fancy in a manner she herself could not.

Thinking about it seemed hopeless. Rarity wasn’t sure what to do, but perhaps once she got there and saw him, she’d come up with something.

As they walked, Rarity couldn’t help but wonder about something Fleur has said… something about Fancy that she felt she could relate to Fleur about.

She said, ‘she’d be nothing without him.’ That was something the two of them shared. Rarity was beyond curious. Fancy helped Rarity find her way out of the boutique and onto bigger stages. What had Fancy done for Fleur to make her the most famous and recognizable model in fashion?

Rarity glanced at Fleur, who even in a state of disarray could not hide the incredible natural beauty. Rarity was admittedly jealous. Fleur had unspeakably beautiful features. She was tall. She had an incredibly alluring figure, but was also in very good shape, not appearing unhealthily thin. Her mane was long and pretty. Rarity would kill to look like her. But how did she become the icon she was? She didn’t seem the typical model type. Her personality seemed like an extension of Fancy, very warm and welcoming.

Rarity couldn’t contain the question.

“Say, Fleur…” Rarity spoke up, catching Fleur’s attention. “You mentioned you owed a lot to Fancy. In all honesty, without him I wouldn’t be where I am either. How did you two meet?” Rarity bit her lip as Fleur’s eyes widened. Rarity suddenly felt like it may have been a horrible time to ask, but Fleur didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she smiled for the first time since she arrived at Rarity’s room.

“Fancy… is the sole reason I am who I am today. I wish I could say I became a fashion model extraordinaire all on my own, but it was all because of him,” she began and they reached the staircase leading to the ground floor. “Would you believe me if I told you I used to be… quite overweight?” she said with a slight embarrassed blush.

“YOU?!” Rarity stopped in place, staring in disbelief before clearing her throat and continuing in pace. “Ah, my apologies… it’s quite hard for me to picture,” Rarity cringed, hoping Fleur wouldn’t be offended. Thankfully she giggled.

“No one ever believes me, but it’s true. I was never in very good shape, I never exercised, and to be quite honest, I never found myself to be beautiful nor did anypony ever tell me I was, so I never bothered trying. I had always been on the heavy side, I was teased a lot when I was younger. They called me the uniboat in high school because I was so tall and… wide, for lack of a better word.” Fleur shrugged. “To be honest though, I never cared. I accepted my body and simply lived contently. Nopony should ever feel like they have to be thin and shapely to be beautiful… and that’s how I felt. Like I said, I never considered myself to be beautiful, I just wanted to be myself.”

Rarity listened carefully. This had to be a story very few knew. She wondered how Fancy fit into the picture and how a lady such as the great Fleur-de-lis went from living a life where she was content with herself and how she was to being quite possibly the most beautiful mare in Equestria, second only to the divine alicorns themselves.

“I was never very wealthy either. My family and I lived in the middle class district of Canterlot and I worked as a clerk at a convenience store once I finished school. However, to get to work I had cross directly through the upper class district of Canterlot and it slowly caused me to resent the wealthy,” Fleur sighed as they reached the bottom of the long staircase. “Every single pony I passed was well dressed, walking with their nose high, and more often than not shot me a disgusted scowl as I walked by. I never understood why, but it slowly tore at me, like I was being judged simply by my appearance and status. Everypony looked and acted like they were perfect… and here I was, tall, pudgy mare, invading their mile radius of personal space as she walked to work with her dirty saddle bags and lack of high class flair. I even got spat at once for brushing up against somepony. Canterlot high society has always been rather snobbish,” Fleur huffed in frustration.

Rarity knew that well. The Grand Galloping Gala and one Prince Blueblood thoroughly confirmed that for her a few years back.

“Well… for the first time in my life I began feeling self-conscious. I had been content with myself my whole life and never let things get to me, but the way I was treated every single day made me so bitter and depressed that I wanted to scream. Until one night on my way home in the rain…” Fleur suddenly blushed as she continued. “It was a downpour, I had read the weather schedule for the day, but all I had was a thin coat with a hood that was ill suited for rain. I had had a terrible day at work, lashed out at someone for them telling me to get out of their way, accusing them of insulting my weight and getting a good earful from my boss for the outburst. To top it off, while I was walking home through the upper class district, I slipped and fell face first into a puddle. Nothing good had happened all day and I was literally on the verge of tears,” Fleur looked towards Rarity. “Then as I stood up, I crashed directly into another pony… knocking us both over. I was mortified as I looked up and saw the well-dressed pony pick himself up off the ground. Knowing what had happened when I as much as brushed against one of them, what was this snob going to do to me? Imagine my surprise when he offered me a hoof,” Fleur smiled again.

Rarity couldn’t believe the irony. Just like the first time she met Fancy, Fleur did so by literally bumping into him roughly. Twice a pony worth bumping into and surely the same way for many others who have met Fancy.

“I simply stared at him for a second as he asked me if I was alright, never pulling his hoof away until I accepted it and he helped me stand. We stood at roughly the same height, but most of my face was hidden by the hood and my mane, which had become soaked from the rain seeping through the fabric as it had become drenched. He was a little wet as well from the collision, but he had a large umbrella that was quickly put back up once he had recovered. I’ll never forget the first thing he said to me, because it was so unexpected after what I had been through. ‘Dear me! You are positively soaking! We can’t have that at all, let me walk you home.’ And then offered to share the umbrella. He didn’t even hesitate, Rarity. I was wearing a cheap coat, I clearly wasn’t a high class pony like him, but he offered immediately anyway. I was even more surprised when he stayed with me right past the boundaries of the upper class district and all the way to my house a good five blocks in. Most high class ponies in Canterlot would rather roll in broken glass than set hoof in the middle class district, he was so… peculiar.”

Rarity knew it well. Fancy was a high class pony known for his kindness and willingness to give anypony a chance. He’d never think twice about mingling with those of lower classes, it was just how he was.

“When we finally arrived at home, I didn’t know what to say. But what I did know was that he had made me incredibly happy after such an awful day. We stood beneath the awning over my front door. I removed my hood and brushed my hair out of my face before smiling at him as brightly as I could while thanking him for helping me get home. But then he simply stared at me, blinking. At first I thought I had done something wrong, but he didn’t look angry. It almost looked like he was examining me carefully. He proceeded to ask me what I currently did for a living. For a moment I was taken aback, but the curiosity in his eyes told me he had something on his mind so I told him. He was surprised. Then he asked me… literally asked me if I had ever considered becoming a model. I thought I was going to burst out laughing and I gave him a rather sarcastic response. Only he shook his head and stated that he was serious. Me? Model? How could he possibly think that? I wasn’t model material. I was plain, I was ordinary, I was chubby… those weren’t the kinds of things the fashion industry looked for, not in the slightest. Again, I told him to stop fooling around but he adamantly stated he meant every word. He handed me a business card, introduced himself as Fancy Pants, and told me he’d like to meet me again sometime.”

Fleur paused and looked towards Rarity as they approached the library on the ground floor.

“Fancy looked past what everyone else saw… he looked into my eyes, not at my appearance. I did not pass up his offer to meet again, and when we did he discussed with me what he believed I could be. Nopony had ever shown so much interest or so much faith. He told me it would take some work and a bit of things I was not used to, like healthy dieting and exercise. But he promised that if I was willing to go through with it, he would stand by me and support me the whole way.”

“And here you are,” Rarity stated while smiling. Feeling moved by the tale. Fleur nodded.

“Indeed. I went from being plain and ordinary… to one of the most successful models in Equestrian history. I wish you could’ve seen the look on Fancy’s face once I had slimmed down and tried on the first dress I was to wear at a pageant, I thought he was going to faint,” she giggled while blushing. I will never forget how important his actions have been to my success… and the day he proposed to me…” she trailed off as they stopped in front of the library door.

She and Rarity stared at the door in silence for a whole minute. Fleur’s expression turned back downward.

“I love him Rarity, I love him with all my heart for everything he’s done to me and his unending kindness. It’s incredibly painful to watch him constantly be berated by his peers for being too generous, or for having too much confidence in those beneath him. I hoped my success would help lift that from his shoulders, but the high class ponies of Canterlot have never let up on him,” she reached up and placed a hoof on Rarity’s shoulder. “This was the first time I couldn’t ease his pain… please, as somepony else he’s helped, one who’s closer to his lifestyle, please try talking some sense into him… I beg you,” she asked with a sniffle before looking towards the door.

Taking criticism for his kindness and generosity for those less fortunate. Rarity had never considered that. Especially with where Fancy lived, Rarity wondered how she hadn’t thought of that in the first place. Unlike other wealthy communities around Equestria, Canterlot’s wealthy population was notorious for being unbelievably snobby, at times causing others to stereotype anypony who was well off. Rarity had met a fair share of very friendly wealthy ponies aside from Fancy Pants, Filthy Rich to name one, but here in Canterlot it was no surprise he came under fire often for his views. He had clearly touched more lives than hers and Fleur’s, Rarity was most certain of that… He definitely did not deserve such treatment, but just as how the poor treatment of Fleur eventually got to her, Rarity was sure the criticism eventually got to Fancy as well. Such as right now and being compared to his late father on top of it.

“I’ll do what I can Fleur,” Rarity assured while swallowing. “Anything I can…” she added as she stepped towards the door and placed her hoof on the door knob.

Hopefully she could do something.

---To Be Continued--