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Thanks for the fave! :rainbowkiss:

what grade r u in?

1405161 sure ill send you a message:twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

1405160 Maybe we could um........get to know each other

1405158 yah my teach is teaching me

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I'm back! · 4:49am Nov 24th, 2018

Hey, if anyone reads this. It's been I don't know how long ago now but it's been a while since I was last on. Mainly cause I was in my middle school phase I started my freshman year of high school in August sooo... Yeah. My grammar still sucks but I came back mainly just so I can read so many great fictions on here and just escape my school life. :trollestia: So there's that. Might write something too if I'm in the mood.

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