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god gives her hardest battles to her silliest of girlies


This story is a sequel to The Sunlight Project

After the disaster that was her Sunlight Project, Twilight Sparkle somehow manages to ask Sunset Shimmer out on a date. She isn't ready.

That isn't enough to stop her from trying. However, she needs all the help she can get to navigate the relationships in her life.

☀Edited by the kind and wonderful fourths.
☀Preread by Misago

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What does "NDA" mean?

7102495 Non-Disclosure Agreement. It's a contract where those who sign it are legally restricted from talking about something. Usually, it's for secret projects like unannounced movies or CIA stuff etc.

7102501 I'm guessing that Twilight Velvet's referring to Grandma's?


"All I can legally say is ‘Bravely Blue.’"

Although, your suggestion is a bit funnier. Velvet's working on some secret project. What is it? Well, I guess I'll just sit on that for a bit.


“Movies, go see,” I stuttered, tripping over my own tongue. “Heroic suppers?”

And we're off to an amazing start. I was laughing throughout the chapter.

Oh, I can already tell this is going to be a fun, likely heart warming series. And Twilight is still adorkable.

Yay sequel! Now to see how many plans Twilight will come up with in her second experiment. Hopefully with less injuries this time.


Let me guess, she knows something about Twilight and Sunset, and she is using that for her new book? x'D

That would be awesome :trollestia: :yay:

Yay :yay: a new story featuring sunset and twilight by an awesome author.

You know, I usually hear it phrased as "Fundamental Attribution Error."

Also, this was cute.

why do you use the pony holliday names instead human holliday names

other than that good chapter cant wait for more

also let me guess twilights mom is writing about whats going on with twilight

And the funny cringe worthy romance is back. I am so glad, i have been waiting for a while.

7102522 Nothing personal, but that is now what I'm looking forward to finding out the most in this story.

I wonder if Twilight is only assuming that 'NDA' means Non-Disclosure Agreement, and that it's her mom's way of messing with her because the book is a 'New Daring (Do) Adventure,' :derpytongue2:

Either that or it's Blueblood's over-exaggerated autobiography, :twilightoops:

7102522 Curious what she's working on. Most people have her be the editor for Daring Do in Equestria, so a similar arrangement in the Human World (it needs a name) would require an NDA.

Oh, Sci-Twi... why do you have to be so cute...:twilightsmile:


Now more. Do it.

Daring Do, Bravely Blue.

Great stories. I love your characterization for Twilight. I like that you keep a good balance of Smart and Capable/ Stuttering Scatterbrained Mess. It's easy to overdo it, but you're managing it beautifully.

I also like the glimpses into Sunset's shabby life alone in an apartment as a teenager. I'm kind of hoping that the crush blinders fall off at some point and that it starts to bug Twilight.

7103859 Well, we can't use Earth, why can't we use Terra instead? Also, Equus on the pony side is either the continent or the world, depending on whom you ask.

Sequel time! MY BODY IS READY!

...Sorry. Can't wait!

After making a fool of herself, Twilight Sparkle builds up the courage to ask Sunset Shimmer out on a date. Of course, her over-analytical tendencies always get in the way.

I was glancing through your stories, and saw this. Unfortunately, I didn't read it quite correctly.
Here's what I read.
After making a fool of herself, Twilight Sparkle builds up the courage to ask Sunset Shimmer out on a date. Of course, her over-analytical tentacles always get in the way.

7121732 From now on, Twilight has tentacles. Congratulations, you drove us down a weird but sillier path. :trollestia:

:facehoof: Let's just hope I didn't inspire any of the fanfictions usually associated with tentacles...
...Unless it's talking about Slender :pinkiecrazy:

Alright, let's do this! MY BODY IS READY!!

Oh my gosh this chapter was good. Keep up the amazing work Space Jazz.


Ok, the last story was amazing, but this is already better. I love how Princess Twilight got roped into Sci-Twi's obsession and borderline freak-out over her date with Sunset and how apparently her dad didn't know that. Amazing. I was almost crying from laughter with this chapter.

How about glasses, hair up and lab coat? Mad scientist chicks are hot... :pinkiecrazy:

THe interaction between Twi and the other Twi/her old friends is just the best. Heck, I'd read an entire story about date preparation shenanigans like that.

Actually it is possible to do a fight scene in one take, I mean season one's Daredevil proved that:

Night Light's a film director instead of an astronomer?

"Who is your date, Twilight?"

"Oh, is Sunset, dad"

"Then have fun. At least I don't have to worry about you getting pregnant"


7139355 Technically, it's not one take, and I'm about to get all film geek on you, so bear with me because I love nerding out about this kind of stuff.

The director/editor of that Daredevil episode stylistically blacks out the screen at places like 0:45, 1:11, and 1:42 (notice the slight motion blur on the last two), and it's used to hide the cuts. The same technique is used in Birdman and Alfred Hitchcock's Rope (Fun Fact: the cameras around Hitchcock's era couldn't record longer than about 10 minutes, so he had to get real creative with it).

If you haven't noticed by now, I'm a huge dork and it shows in my writing.

Also, season 2 doubles down on the one take fight scene, and I'm still in awe every time. Try to find where they might have made the cuts. They've certainly gotten more subtle with it during the second half of the fight.

7139426 Haven't watched Season Two yet, but I get what you're saying.

Huh. Apparently her mother did not pass that news along.

Probably still embarrassed over the whole 'Rarity' thing.

A slow tango for an action scene? Not sure if that would contrast well or poorly.

Two things jump out at me about this:

Firstly, Twilight really doesn't like 'friends' making decisions for her and I can appreciate that. Helping is one thing but imposing and claiming that they know better is a bad attitude to have and, unfortunately, that is something very characteristic of Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Rarity.

Secondly, we now know who Sunny Flare's father is: He's the RED Spy from Team Fortress 2.

Finally, as a P.S., if Twilight lets slip the "Daring Do is my parents' personal friend" thing to Rainbow Dash, she'll have the athlete as her personal and unquestioning slave for the rest of her life! :twilightblush::rainbowkiss:

Oh dear... It would seem Night Light was not informed of the impending date...I like it ;)

I wanna like this chapter, but you put a paper linked to Carnegie-Melon and got my hopes up that was Central Michigan, I know it's my own fault for seeing cmu in the link instead of cmich, but it still bothers me.

... Fine. I liked it. It was adorable and the last part with her dad being surprised about the date was funny and perfect. I'm still upset though.

Yep. The rest of Twilight's date preparation pretty much plays out like that montage with that sweet, sweet bari sax.

Very cute chapter, and we haven't even started the romance yet.
And now I'm kind of hoping the Daring Do movie is a side plot for this story.
:pinkiegasp: THEY COULD BE EXTRAS.

Oh, Twi. This reminds me way too much of me and my wife's first date, so I guess you don't need to worry too much.

Poor Twilight. It has become quite evident that she is simply the universe's butt monkey.

This story makes me squirm from secondhand embarrassment in the best way possible. I love it. Can't wait for more.



This was a cute chapter. Loved Twilight's contingency plan and backfire and the twist on exactly what ruined the moment at the end.

That ending got me.

Adorable chapter, and I still say it could have gone worse. Nothing was set on fire.

That was the best first date ever! I loved every second of it.

That was adorable!!!!

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