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“It was one of Lark's gifts and curses. She saw the story in everything.” ― Anne Ursu, The Lost Girl


The perfect first kiss—does it take 20% of your time to plan? Or does it just happen?

For the Thousand Words Contest III in the Slice Of Life category. Check out the competition here!
Also submitted into the Rainbow Rocks Anniversary EqG Shipping Contest. Other entries here!

Huge thanks to starcoder for the art!

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Woah, I haven't thought that that story will be so cute. Now I am really happy that I have readed that-turned out my mood is insainly high from now.

Thank you for this piece of happines.

Or maybe I'm totally wrong.

shes totally wrong ajs love is everything to her

thanks for making having me do your art again

And I WILL force you again next year.

Hello there! Since I'm not sure you're aware, it looks like your story is eligible to enter in the Rainbow Rocks Anniversary EqG Shipping Contest. If you're interested, you can submit here.

Thanks so much for letting me know!

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