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We're The Foreingner Ponies. Here, you'll find bronies from all around the world and all sort of nationalities, coming from all kind of unexpected and unknown places to have a good time.

We are only one more group, you'll say. There's nothing special about us, you'll say.

No, my dear friend!

We've found out that there are a lot of members in FIMfiction that come from unexpected and unknown places from all around the world. Some are in South America, we have others in Europe, even in the Middle East! So, why not making a group where we can share all the experiences we had in this site, that differs with our respective native language? And, who knows, even help each other with translation tips and thus make improvements in our writing here!

Anyone! The trick is that you have to be from anywhere except from countries where the official language is English. Here we are not discriminating anyone for their nationality. No. With this group our goal is to be with people that understands the hardships of being in an English-language site while it's not our first language.

People with origins from other countries can join too. With this we mean that if, for example, your family is from Italy, but you live in England, you can join. Moving to other countries is hard, and learning the language is probably one of the most difficult tasks, and most of these families still talk their native language when at home. That's something similar to what happen to us in here, since the site is in English.

1.- Don't spread hate about certain ethnic group/nation/culture/etc. We're here to have a good time with people from other places, not to attack anyone. Debates are allowed, personal attacks never.

2.- Be respectful with everyone.

3.- It's okay if you have affinity with those who are from the same country as you, butpleasedon't divide the group by countries.

4.- Offensive words and insults towards other members/countries won't be tolerated at all.

5.- Do not post NSFW content. Please, don't! Either way we will have to ban you from the group.

6.- No roleplaying.

7.- Respect other's tastes and opinions.

8.- Be kind.

1.- We are aware that there are too many languages in the world and we can't put in the rules "You better know how to talk even Latin!". So, please use English when interacting here. If you're here, that means that at least you have a basic idea of English, so it won't be a problem to understand each other. And speaking English together help you to improve. But! You can interact with others in your language if the other is from the same place as you. Just remember: The Adminswillfind a way to know what are you saying so there isn't any violation to the rules.

2.- We will divide stories' folders by countries. If yours isn't there, tell us and we'll handle it.

3.- Remember that while where you live might be early in the morning, to the other side of the world it's pretty late.

4.- This isn't an advertisement group. Our goal isn't making our stories popular, but helping each other and sharing experiences.

5.- Be careful with your words! Remember that some words which might seem inoffensive in your culture could be huge a insult in others. But we understand that, sometimes, it's just a matter of not being informed.

That would be all, foreigners! Everyone can publish blog posts here if they want to, talking about whatever they want. We will be always glad of talking with you. Come, have fun, enjoy laughing with others' experiences, have a nice time. And don't forget to always give advices if you are an experienced writer! You never know when it will be useful for others!

Thank you for your time and have fun!

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You are welcome:twilightsmile:Thank you for joining, we hope you enjoy our group:pinkiehappy:

Hello everypony, I'm from Malaysia, native language is chinese, nice to meet you all. :pinkiehappy:

And thanks for invite too~

You are welcome :twilightsmile: Thank you for joining, we hope you enjoy our group :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for the invite!

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