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But I think the very worst name for this frog is-


Upon gaining access to the multiverse, some people go on fantastic adventures: rewriting history or exploring the vast unknowns of time and space.

Twilight Sparkle had another idea.

Featured by Equestria Daily on 3/17/17

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There's so much inception going on here

Really, you would think Twilight would make it so the teleportation takes effect AFTER reading the letter... unless she did and the other Sparkles would assume it was some prank by Pinkie or Dash and thus had to redo it to when the letter was opened.

Everyone knows it's Twilight!

are you gonna go with a council of reeds or ricks with this one? or ya gonna go full on bureaucracy humor? img1.etsystatic.com/116/0/7788333/il_fullxfull.1096039151_bzir.jpg

7803514 I hate to break it you you Spike, but what ponies call "friendship" is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to bond for mutual protection. It hits hard Spike, then it slowly fades leaving you stranded in a weird mentor-student relationship. I did it. Starlight is going to do it. Break the cycle Spike, rise above, focus on science.

The Council of Ricks was definitely a point of inspiration. Probably going to shoot about 50/50 on something akin to that and on bureaucratic humor.

Somewhere, behind all this, there is a Great and Powerful Twilight Sparkle. Who is also a Great and Powerful asshole.

7804105 Twilight, eat a peanut butter cracker.


You turn into Trixie when you're hungry.


Heh. I could really see that advertisement. :twilightsheepish:

I'm really enjoying this, and I look forward to reading more of it.

You've put together a pretty unusual premise and have been executing on it excellently.

I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the next chapter.

This is freaking awesome. I love it! :rainbowlaugh:

Apparently Twilight Sparkle is the dominant transdimensional lifeform in the multiverse.

But where are all the non-alicorn versions of her?


Is there a quarantine for suspiciously bearded versions or other evil dopplegangers? No... Somehow it feels like the ultimate Twilight bureaucracy would be designed to seamlessly integrate evil and good versions, or at least convince them to fill out the same paperwork.

Really interesting, nice intro. :pinkiecrazy:

An infinite number of Twilights in a pocket dimension...
who wants to bet 95% of said pocket dimension is... a humongous library?

This story isn't going to be too confusing, is it? I hate those kinds of stories.

So... ? The head of the registration committee is Pinkie Pie? :rainbowhuh:

No, the 'head of the committee' doesn't exist. She was pranked.


I imagine any transdimensional society formed entirely of alternate versions of Twilight Sparkle will involve some amount of complication...

7808447 either conclusion is supported by the text. Of course, the functional difference between no leadership and Pinkie leadership is nil.

7808838 I intended for it to have been a ruse intended to make sure that Twilight ended up where she needed to be by the higher ups. The idea is that any Twilight who is becoming a nuisance during registration is set up for a conference with the "Head of the Registration Committee" in an hour. This gets that Twilight to quickly finish her form, makes her feel like she's being listened to so that she doesn't cause any more hassle, and eventually leads her to Orientation, effectively keeping her out of trouble. So yeah, she got played by herself pretty good. Wherever the actual head of that department is I bet she's having a good laugh.

Had Twilight been a bit more awake at the time, her first sign that something wasn't quite right was the fact that she was able to get a same-day appointment set up without any hassle. That is essentially impossible in any bureaucratic system.

Oh, and Pinkie's are just good food service workers. They all have their food handler's licenses, they're great with customers, and the concept of working with alternate versions of themselves and around alternate Twilight's doesn't phase them in the least, so they require no on the job training. Can you imagine having to explain this to every Rarity or Dash who was hired?

7808923 there didn't seem to be that many totally new Twilight's so assuming a meeting was set up with someone to deal with new arrivals happened quickly is not out of the question. Plus it's Twilight. That means efficiency.

Frankly I think that this sort of approach would lead to a lot of Twilight's having nothing to do with this bunch

7810549 A fair point. Keep in mind though that we keep finding larger and larger groups of Twilights, and there are only so many higher ups in charge. That definitely isn't the only atrium, as certain Twilights don't mix well with others. I'm sure a Manticore Twilight getting into the Equine sector was a fun day at the office for everyone.

Twilight isn't perfect and has a tendency to let certain problems snowball at times. I figured I had some leeway to make the organization a little bit manipulative in the name of efficiency. Plus, in a story that is partly focussed on bureaucratic humor, things need to be a little dysfunctional. That's where the fun happens! :pinkiecrazy:

Finally, for Twilights who fight back against the system too much, the council has ways of keeping them in line. Let us not forget the harried Twilight from Chapter 2 who tried teleporting her way out.

7811058 yes well, there's the potential to be Twilights who leave and decide not to come back


No true Twilight could resist all those bookstores. Also she hasn't been shown an exit.

7811589 I'm sure many Twilights don't visit the Census very often for one reason or another, unless they have to. Keep in mind the census don't exactly ask the first time they bring in a Twilight, so if a Sparkle is trying to dodge census duty I'm sure they would have ways of bringing her in.


I kind of assume that even if all Twilights don't share in the vision of the census, they are generally likeminded enough to at least put up with it occasionally.

“Oh, and of course there are the bookstores. There are probably more of those than everything else combined. Why do you think there are so many of us wandering around?

Knew that books were involved. :twilightsmile:

Deciding that the last thing she needed to be doing right now was trying to unravel the mysteries of Pinkie Pie, Twilight shrugged and went back to her much needed beverage.

There is probably a huge laboratory somewhere in there where they once tried to understand the mysteries of the Pink One.
Of course nowadays the place is sealed shut behind a truly impressive set of indestructible doors and as many enchantments as all the Twilights could place with a huge sign right in front saying simply: Enope. :pinkiecrazy:

So it's basically "now that we've kidnapped you, do what we say or we'll torture you." ?

I imagine there would be more then a few Twilights who would level the place in an effort to fight back.


I'd imagine fighting an army of yourself is a losing proposition. Besides, even if Twilight isn't always an ultra bureaucrat she probably generally appreciates the project enough to contribute. I'm sure there's incentives for doing the work.

Quick update: I'm still working on the story! I got a little tied up and/or lazy over the holidays, but I decided that I wanted to finish the whole story before posting any more of it. More trans-dimensional tomfoolery is on the way in the not so distant future!

Oh sure it sounds like a great place. If it was an invitation of 'this is what we have, these are the dues, would you like to join?'

But what about the one who clearly doesn't want to be there and refuses to go along with it? Are they just going to keep her there and mentally torture her until she dies? And what if she is so despite to get out because something bad is happening to her world? Are they going to doom an entire world to an apocalypse over it?
And what about a combat trained alicorn Twilight who has had too many run ins with changelings? Imposable odds? yes. But the aftermath still isn't going to be pretty.

The idea of the story is neat. But the way things are being done in the story makes me think that the ones in charge of the place are mentally deficient.


Time is stopped so being there does no harm to the world she is from. And it's not like she's being restrained; the whole place looks like a big Twilight Sparkle themed shopping mall combined with government buildings. She could probably just ask for directions to the exit and one of her would help. Even if they force her to finish orientation, it does no worse than waste her time (and even then only her personal time, since at home none passes).

Assuming the rulers of the place are dumb is pretty dumb considering we haven't seen their strategies for dealing with uncooperative Sparkles. Considering Twilight is Twilight, it's probably very rare that they refuse to participate. If you want to bet that a super powerful one resists, then it seems reasonable to assume that even more super powerful ones support the system, nevermind the advantage they have of advance preparation.

Overall you're acting like this is some grave injustice or stripping of her freedom, but honestly it's the same as being born a citizen of a government that taxes you and maybe requires jury duty. Twilight just happens to be a "citizen" of a multiversal government and now the census has come calling. The analogy is almost perfect, in fact. So how can you decry this and not government in general?

Nobody seem concerned for her wellbeing when she passes out. And if she asked what day it is, that suggests to me that she has been there for awile.
She never asked for help or looked at a map in that time?

There may be more powerful ones supporting things, but unless they heavily restrain each one as soon as they arrive (which didn't happen) it opens up the possibility of something bad happening.

Who says I don't complain about the government? But if things get so bad that I can't stand it, I can get in my truck or on a plane and leave.
If the government said that I'm going to be forced to stay under their rule for the rest of my life, are you going to tell me that there is nothing wrong with that?


I think this particular government by definition encompasses all reality. How do you leave the multiverse?

That's exactly it. Since it seems you can't just ask to leave, that means that anyone pulled into this place is forced to be under their rule for the rest of that persons life.
"now that we've kidnapped you, do what we say"


Welcome to life? You're always under one government or another.


I'm having trouble imagining a better option than one consisting entirely of variations of yourself.

I said before that it sounds like a great place, and I would honestly be interested in such a thing. If I was invited, not forced into it and kept there.

Clearly we are of 2 different minds on the issue. I believe I've made my opinion clear. If there is something else you wish to discus, that's fine. Otherwise, feel free to have the final word.

I appreciate all of the input I'm getting, and I'll try to make sure to paint a clearer picture of how the Census functions by the end.

Keep in mind that we see the Census from this Twilight's point of view. She's a little biased and not 100% reliable all of the time, so things might seem a bit rude or cruel from her perspective but not so much from an outside one.

Darn it. I know you said you're planning on finishing it before posting, but I keep going back and hoping for updates.

7898584 It's coming along! I almost posted updates a few times and I'm really glad I didn't. I swear every chapter I have to go back and rewrite a third of the last one to make sure everything adds up. Motivations are hard to get just right. I should have it ready to go next week sometime barring total apocalyptic annihilation. I uninstalled Fallout 4 to reduce the odds of that last thing happening.


Well OK. I'll tweet at the president to hold off on his plans for a week or two.

The current three chapters have been updated slightly. The changes are only to verbiage for the most part, not to content, so there isn't any need to re-read.

A new chapter will be posted tomorrow, and every day after that until the story's completion. Thank you all for being patient!

So we going to get to meet some alternate species Twilights? Is there a ward for shell shocked Twilights from grimdark fics? I'm sure the conicle tries to fix as many grimdark worlds as it can.

Blue collar? Am I missing something?

7916712 "The terms "blue collar" and "white collar" are occupational classifications that distinguish workers who perform manual labor from workers who perform professional jobs." - Cite

7916719 ok, thank you, knew I was missing something

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