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Cover art by Little Tigress!

It's the start of the holiday season, and Crystal City Institute of Technology freshman Twilight Sparkle is eagerly anticipating her reunion date with her long-distance girlfriend Sunset Shimmer, who's spending two nights at her dorm before they join their old friends at Canterlot. But as they visit Crystal City's famous winter light festival together, Sunset can't help but notice Twilight's a little uncomfortable talking about campus life; can she bring her friend-turned-lover some Christmas cheer?

Read on for a Sciset (aka Sunlight) holiday date filled with fluff, angst, cuteness, humor, more angst, comfort and charm! And, if you stick around long enough, you can learn about a sore spot in the production history of the human world's version of Daring Do!

Revised November 27, 2022!

This is my first real shipfic and something I’ve been incredibly excited to write. A spiritual sequel to my previous fic "Late-Night Conversations" (which is in the same continuity, along with its direct sequel, but isn't necessary to understand this story). OC tag refers to a minor character, Twilight's college roommate.

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Awww, Twiggles is happy to see her Sunny. So cute.

Off to a good start. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

I love sciset fics, if you couldn't tell by the profile pic :twilightsmile:

Cannot wait for more of this

Yup, still cute. I'm enjoying this adorable little slice of life story, so please keep it coming.

Another Simpsons reference, huh? Yeah, running out onto a baseball field does seem like a Pinkie Pie thing.

Comment posted by EileenSaysHi deleted Dec 21st, 2021

I actually mocked up an (atrocious) “IDIOT RUINS GAME” photo edit with Pinkie’s head over Homer’s to put in the author’s notes, but Fimfiction kept rejecting the Imgur link I made for it.

(NOTE: The "deleted comment" is this same comment, but it got linked to the wrong chapter - d'oh!)

Twilight got back on her feet and pulled Sunset off the pavement. "It's just been so long, and my head is like completely spinning!"

Hmm, putting the like in there feels kind of off for Twilight's voice. I just can't hear her using it as a filler like that. Otherwise the voices were pretty decent, but that stuck out to me.

"Hey Twilight, you left in a bit of a rush. I figured you probably wanted your room key."

"Ah, it's fine - one of the first things I learned to do with my telekinesis was pick locks. We could live in a prison cell and I'd be getting in and out freely."

(Yes, I know, she wouldn't want her roommate knowing about that, if their superpowers are even a thing in this story. I just thought it'd be funny.)

Anyway, pretty cute start. Be interested to see where it goes.

Yeah, I kinda waffled on whether the "like" made sense for Twilight's voice after I wrote it and I agree with you after rereading it. Removed.

And their superpowers are definitely a thing in my stories (Sunset jokes in the first chapter that Twilight should come levitate the cars out of her way), but in this story they're operating at diminished capacity since all the gems are so far apart from each other now.

You know, I can't help but notice that you keep referring to Twilight's roommate as "they". Is there a reason for that?

Yes — Bright Blaze is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns!

They don’t have a very big role in this story, but if I ever do a sequel I’m hoping to to do more with them.

Twiggles dragging Sunset around doing the scavenger hunt was cute.

The tunnel of love scene was sweet.

The ending was heartwrentching, but I'm glad she's got Sunset.

Glad they had the chance for this little heart to heart.

" You mean the same twenty PostCrush songs that are on all your playlists? " snarked Rainbow Dash.


Rainbow Dash grumbled. " We had to forfeit the pennant over that... "

How embarrassing :fluttershyouch:

"Hey, you were the ones who wanted to hear her play guitar!" Twilight cried. "It's not her fault you didn't specify what song-"

She has a point there. :applejackunsure:

" Not a very tactful exit, was it? " giggled Fluttershy.

Yep, sure was fluttershy. :ajsmug:

"No, it's fine. Really, it's fine. I'll see you soon!" And after a sheepish wave goodbye and a moment to allow them to do likewise, she logged out.

Looks like she's hiding something very serious, and it's probably not a good one. :rainbowhuh:

On a good day, a drive from Crystal Academy of the Arts to the Crystal City Institute of Technology would have taken about 30-40 minutes. Today, it was bordering on an obscene 3 hours. Sunset was on the verge of escaping downtown traffic onto the backroads that would take her right to the CrysTech dorms, but she just couldn't quite make it. She groaned and slumped her head onto the wheel, lightly enough that it didn't set off the horn.

I do hate traffic myself as well since it's common where I live. :ajbemused:

"Twi, I know you're excited, but I need to get my stuff inside! I can't leave poor Ray out in the cold!" She pointed to the terrarium that she had strapped securely in the back seat.

Yeah, can't let the little guy stay there all alone and perhaps freeze. :fluttershysad:

"Yeah, I mean, it ended kinda suddenly, we started kinda late and then Rarity and Pinkie both had to leave to do stuff with their friends, and, well, then it was just me, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, and they clearly just wanted to be with each other and, um, I didn't want to get in the way or anything, and plus I was trying to keep an eye out for you, so I just, well, I said bye and let them go hang out together!" She laughed nervously as she watched Sunset's look of confusion morph into one of concern.

Yeah, that's definitely a red flag she's hiding something :duck:

"I'm glad you think so." Twilight and Sunset turned their faces toward each other at the same time and, without a conscious thought, kissed each other full on the lips. Sunset grasped Twilight's waist and pulled her into a warm, wonderful embrace. Their heads drew back and they beamed at each other.

Awww :twilightsmile:

"It is! At least it's supposed to be! They must have gotten it from one of those rotten cruise ship blabbermouths. My unicorn body is not in the public domain!"

Not good! 😰

Once inside the festival, it took spectacularly little time for Twilight to find an activity booth offering a free scavenger hunt challenge to all attendees. There were 16 items on the list to find, and a reward was offered for completing the challenge. Sunset was more interested in just leisurely wandering around the festival snapping pictures, but Twilight looked like a kid in a candy store when she got her hands on the sheet of paper. Sunset bemusedly agreed to indulge her girlfriend's desire, since most of the items on the list were simply finding the different light displays; she'd spotted about half from the hillside earlier.

Not surprised there she'd be excited about it. :ajsmug:

“Thanks.” Sunset flushed out her eye with some of the water and downed the rest. “Alright, I think I’m okay.”

Still be best if you get that checked just in case sunset. :fluttershysad:

"...and believe me, I thought it was bad enough when we went to Equestrialand, but at least they were just ripping off the names and not much else. Should I hire a lawyer? I mean... oh wow, I think that water went right through me. I'm gonna run to the restroom."

I doubt we'll hear the end of this for awhile now. 😒

"What can I say? Guess there's still a bit of villainy in me after all."

Seems like it. 😏

" 15% off one item at some coffee shop?" Sunset shouted. "That's a worse deal than that sushi truck that led us on a wild goose chase with a treasure map at the beach last year! And I didn't nearly get dehydration from doing that !"

Yep, quite a rip off if you ask me. 😠

"Well, sure you might not be doing the most advanced exciting project on campus, but that doesn't mean no one would be interested in anything you're working on -- you've built autonomous robots! Magic-detecting scanners and collection devices! And... wait, on your own? You're not doing science stuff with any of your friends here?"

Looks like the cat is out of the bag. :rainbowhuh:

The fact that Bright is non-binary makes it pretty difficult to visualize them.

I’ll go back and add some detail in the first chapter before posting the final chapter. I’ve never written an OC before, and I didn’t spend much time on character design given how small the role was and because I wanted to leave it open in case I ever brought the character back for a bigger part in another story. (FWIW, that problem probably would’ve come up even if the character was a binary gender.) I envisioned them as being transmasc, lanky and dressing in a messy, didn’t-put-much-thought-into-it way.

EDIT: I've updated chapter one with some physical description of Bright during their first appearance.

Well, that would certain explain why she was so susceptible to all that power transforming her into Midnight Sparkle.

Yup, still cute. Thanks for the little slice of adorable to round out the year.

"All hail mighty Ray," declared Sunset, "king of all he surveys. He shall be Lord of the Dormitory and associated territories, and all who do not submit to his authority shall be banished forthwith!"


"He's fine, I mean we talk almost every day. My parents will never be used to the fact that he talks, he's gotten into the habit of pretending to be more like a normal dog around them to keep them comfortable. So he contacts me a lot to vent. It's exhausting, honestly, but it keeps him happy. But it's still not the same as having him here. You're lucky to have such a little friend in Ray..."

Sure must be hard for the both of them. :fluttershysad:

"Also, my gem hasn't really been operating at full strength since the seven of us left Canterlot and split up, so I couldn't really do that even if I wanted to."

That's interesting. :applejackunsure:

"I don't find it that hard to make casual conversation with people, you're right. But there's a difference between being able to have a nice chat with someone and making a real connection. And... I don't know. I haven't had much luck with those lately. There's really only about three or four people I hang out with with any regularity, besides Pinkie, and I wouldn’t call any of them close friends. And even with Pinkie our schedules make it tough to find time. It doesn't help that, like you mentioned, a lot of people are sorta aware of who I am, so everyone finds it either awkward to approach me or too easy to approach me. Be glad it's just one guy at your school who's into the whole 'devil-vestigation' thing."

See twilight. Sunset is in the same boat as you right now.

"That's because the powers that be don't want you to remember it! It was the last-ditch effort by the production company that made the old Daring Do serials to keep the film rights to the character from being reclaimed by the Yearling family, and it was such an embarrassment that they only aired it a single time and it now only exists as bootleg tapes you can find at fan conventions!"

Damn. That's quite the story. :pinkiegasp:

"Too bad this isn't one of the timelines where you made your 'deja v-you' joke at the Starswirl Festival so I can hold that one over you forever."

Yeah, those were great imo. :ajbemused:

" Nothing stays the same for long, But when it changes doesn't mean it's gone, Time will always get away As it leaves behind another day "

Cool, the song is friendship through the ages. :twilightsmile:

Sunset nodded. "Rainbow Dash helped me re-record the part over video chat. It doesn't mix very well with the professionally-recorded stuff they did if you listen to it on clean digital audio, but it sounds good enough for this. I did ask for Princess Twilight's permission before doing it, and she was happy to say yes. I honestly wasn't sure how quickly you'd notice, we have weirdly similar singing voices."

That's because both your singing voices as from the same person.

Yeah, the Daring Do special bit was mostly based on The Star Wars Holiday Special (obviously) but the backstory I came up with was inspired by the 2015 debacle over a cheaply produced pilot for The Wheel of Time (not affiliated with the current Amazon series) that was made for basically that exact reason. Link Here

Now I want to hear Friendship Through the Ages with Sunset singing instead of Twilight. I know same singing voice, but still!

There's not much that I like more than a cute SciSet story. Thanks for writing!

Thanks! Stick around, I had an idea for an epilogue chapter I’ll be writing and posting in a few days.

Snowed in together is a good way to be. Happy New Year.

Aww, so sweet!:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile: I'm definitely looking forward to whatever you have next. I read your post and I know what you were talking about with Jeopardy!. I can only imagine which one Sci-Twi will be pressuring to pay up. Oh, and btw, it might be nice if you gave a nod to 'Alex' in that story.

Incidentally, that scene where Twilight and the Princess conversed made me wonder if you had any ideas for the Rainbooms to interact with their pony counterparts? I mean, yeah, that field is growing, but not fast enough.

I agree, those are always fun to read. Once I’m more comfortable writing the FiM characters I’d love to do some alternate-counterpart interaction stories like that.

In the meantime, I know at least one that's pretty good, regarding the Rainbooms visiting Equestria. It's called "Mission to Pony Planet".

Btw, did you ever look into that group I mentioned? I should let you know that you have to request the moderators make a folder for you.

As it turned out, the drive back to Canterlot was quite painless, and soon they were reunited with all their old friends. Twilight had a joyous reunion with Spike and, later, made her apologies to Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, who, as Sunset expected, didn't think she'd done anything worth apologizing over. Sunset spent Christmas Eve and morning with Twilight and her family; in the afternoon, they had a gift exchange with their friends at Rarity's home. It was there that Twilight finally bequeathed Sunset with her present -- a large custom-designed smart terrarium for Ray with automated temperature control systems and food/water dispensers. As a bonus, Twilight revealed she had been recording video logs during the design and building process that she could now post. Sunset loved it.

What a great gift. :twilightsmile:

"Yeah, no, I slipped a few times and fell once," the Princess cut in. "Thankfully, I landed on my flank in some soft snow. I... I don't know why I was surprised to hear you mention walking on four legs. Sometimes even I kinda forget you aren't actually from here."

That's one thing I often have to remind myself from time to time with sunset, not to mention for the dazzlings too. :trollestia:

"Stop, stop!" shouted the Princess, cackling like a hyena. "I didn't mean to get us so far off track like this!" The other two stared blankly at her, then looked at each other and burst into laughter themselves.

Thank goodness it's over, I was a bit worried it was gonna get worse there for a moment. :fluttershysad:

A wonderful evening of snacks, games and even a raffle Pinkie had devised (the prize being a ticket alongside her to PostCrush — Sunset politely declined to participate due to an overfamiliarity with their concerts) passed and, as the final ten minutes of the year started to get underway, Princess Twilight sat down on the couch beside Sunset and Twilight as the others distributed party hats and poured Applejack's sparkling cider.

I think she also passed because she didn't feel like encountering them and the incident that happened with the time twirler. :ajbemused: which I still dislike. The special where it happened alongside another one. Not gonna go into further detail but will share in a DM/private message if anyone is interested.

"Sure. I'll send Pinkie a message where to send you. I don't know how smart it is to bring you over to my house, I'm not sure how my parents would react to there suddenly being two of me."

They'd also probably freak out too. 🙄

"That's fine. Bring Spike, too, I can’t believe I’ve still never met him! And..." As Rainbow Dash shouted a two-minute warning for the new year, the Princess stood up and walked over to Twilight, kneeling on the floor in front of her and clasping her hand. "I've heard about your struggles at school, and I sincerely hope that I and the School of Friendship can provide whatever help you need. But I want you to be strong, and confident in yourself. I know you said I helped make it easy for you to make friends at CHS, but I wasn't the one who kept those friendships strong and powerful. You did that yourself. You're a true friend, Twilight Sparkle, and you're an amazing human being. I'm honored to share an identity with you, and I can't wait to hear what the future brings you."

You technically have princess.

As Pinkie, the Princess, Rarity and Applejack leapt into the air shouting Happy New Year while Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash shared a joyous kiss, Sunset and Twilight pulled each other into their own euphoric osculation, the fireworks on the screen not even a scratch on those that coursed through them as they shared their first wonderful moments of the year with lips intertwined.

Happy new year girls. 😊

Aw, I liked Backstage Pass, it’s the rare Sunset-centric movie/special where the conflict doesn’t revolve around her being tormented over her past. Anyway, “overly familiar with” was supposed to be a reference to the Time Twirler experience.

EDIT: Also, whoops, I totally forgot Spike was there at the end of Friendship Games when PriTwi crosses over. Made a quick dialogue correction.

Something I want to mention. It's obvious that Rainbow Dash finally made her move on Fluttershy, and Sunset and Sci-Twi have gotten together, but what about things between a certain farmer and fashionista? I mean, that pairing was baited at a lot, not to mention that passing comment you made in your last story.

Comment posted by EileenSaysHi deleted Sep 6th, 2022

Lovely stuff. I do appreciate how you confront the adjustment issues of college head-on. There’s no happily ever after for these girls because their journey’s just begun. All of the issues they face feel painfully true to life, as do the ways they do (or don’t) deal with them. Thank goodness for the friends they can always count on.

Also, I always appreciate fluff with my OTP being wonderfully adorkable together.

Wonderful work. Thank you for another great read. (Also, any chance we could see that hayburger run? I feel like there’s a potential story there.)

Oh i really like this!!!!! I really feel for Twi and sunset being unable to see each other, poor things :( I really like your writing style, I can't wait to see how things develop!!!

Absolutely loved this from start to finish. This is obscenely adorable, and all the fluff/comfort between them is heart-melting. I have no idea how it took me this long to get around to reading this, but I'm very glad I did. Thanks for sharing this :heart:

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