How do I submit a story? What does submitting do?

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Submitting a story can be done by clicking the ‘Submit' button at the top of your story (from the main story page).

Submitting a story sends it into the site's approval queue, where it will be looked over by our prereading team. If the story meets our submission standards, it will be approved, and will appear on the front page of the site under ‘New Stories' shortly thereafter.

Submitting a story also makes it possible for it to show up in the ‘Featured Box' and ‘Popular Stories' bar, as well as allowing it to be submitted to groups.

If you haven't submitted a story, users may require a password to view it, which you can set in the ‘Edit' section for your story.

You may continue to add chapters to your story after submission if the story is incomplete.

Auto Approval

If you have submitted and had a story approved before, you are eligible for auto approval. Stories you submit will go straight into the post queue which posts 2 stories every 10 minutes.

You still must abide by all rules of course, and any deliberate infractions will be treated harshly, so be responsible with your submissions!

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