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This story is a sequel to Miraculous Ponies: Origins

After fighting Nightmare Moon, Stoneheart and Stoneheart's army the Mane Six, Ladybug and Cat Noir are now having some adventures in Ponyville, meet new Allies, Friends and more while also protecting Paris from Akumatized Villains

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I hope trade in some episodes.

I never cared for the Season 2 premiere.

Tell me what's wrong with it and I'll see if I can fix it

Discord's plan. Turning the girls into their opposites. A monkey could come up with a better plan.

Well the only thing that will fix it is Cat Noir turning into the Cowardly Lion

It's okay. But next movie reference, try a better one.

Anyway, I'm still planning on reviewing your story.

That depends on the number of stories. But I can assure you that if that's the case, I'll try to buy you some time.

There's going to be like 14+ stories I don't know how many but there are specials, movies and Episodes in it

Comment posted by MLPandMiraculousFanatic deleted Jul 23rd, 2022

Awesome! Keep going!!! I love it!!!!!

Oh man! I just got a killer idea!

For Dark Cupid, the akumatized villain hits Rarity with one of his arrows and Spike’a the only one who can snap Rarity out of it?

Mane ponies for Mr Pigeon, Fluttershy and Rarity!


Dimenso: What I mean is you and Rarity will be in the hat competition with Marinette.

Don’t worry, they’ll help Marinette and Cat Noir against Hawk Moth’s latest akuma. Warning though, this villain is for the birds.

Fluttershy: Relax it's not like I and Rarity will ever fail seeing birds

(Spoiler Alert:

Fluttershy will be Akumatized and an new superhero will join)

Rarity: Relax we'll save them

(Also I'll give you the Co Author role if you want?)

Oh, phew.

(I appreciate the offer, but I’m good. I don’t wanna take the credit for your story.)

I’m guessing akumatized Fluttershy is known as Flutterbat? Along with Mr. Pigeon.

But Fluttershy will only be akumatized once, right?

Maybe, maybe not you'll just have to see

But I will assure you that her original akumatization form will come in Season 4's Episode Bats

It's in an spoiler form for those who want to keep it hidden

Is see…:ajsmug:
But the fruit bats’ desires to be vampire fruit bats being transferred into Fluttershy will strengthen the akumatization

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