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Once upon a time in the magical land of the multiverse, there was one lonely being who was born alone into nothingness. Luckily for him he was born with incredible powers. So he created childs of it’s own. He named them Kira the elders god of death, Gaia the elder goddess of life and the youngest was called Harmony the elder god of balance.

Together they created the first living beings ever born, but as life go on and new worlds came to be. The childs of the elders became greedy and want their power to created their own perfect worlds. That is when the great war of the gods began. During the war Infinitus a giant white wolf who was in charge to guard the planet Earth almost killed Author the creator of the world. And sucessfully capture his soul to make the ultimate wish.

But his plan backfired and he accidently destroyed Oasis the first world ever created by Author. The elders had no choice but to killed most of the traitors and imprisoned the rest in a massive prisons constructed in the destroyed Oasis who is now knowed as the Wasteland.

Author and his childs formed a coucil to reign directly over the worlds they created and harmony betweens the gods have flourished for generations since then. But in the shadows an endless hatred is still whispering waiting for the perfect moments to strike back, this organisation is called the Soul Reapers.

Main Story: Main stories are entirely canon and will have impact on the entire universe of the Shareverse

Side-Story: Side-stories are also canon, but will not have any impact on the rest of the main story

Prequel: Prequels are canon stories that take place before the events of the main stories.

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