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"Friendship is an island that you retreat to. And you fall on the floor and laugh at all the ninnies who don't have enough brains to have your good taste." --Ray Bradbury


Dreams are supposed to be quiet, comforting islands of rest. Unfortunately for Moondancer, her island is looking more like a huckster's den. Who is behind this insidious intrusion into her slumber?

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Actually I have read things in dreams many times.

pretty spectacular and a bit interesting.

You're lucky, then. Every time I try to read a book in a dream, all I see is jibberish.

I'm glad you do.:pinkiehappy:

I don’t usually get the chance to read in my dreams. I’m usually either finding that object I’ve been looking for, or getting killed by the people whose lives/souls/minds/careers I just saved

Well that went as well as expected

Well, It's just supposed to be a silly funny quick read, so yeah.:twilightblush:


That was... good! Interesting idea and execution:raritywink:!

Well done :twilightsmile: ... any chance for more :unsuresweetie:?

Not really. I had a hard time reaching the minimum thousand word requirement for this story, so this idea is a one-shot for sure.
I'm glad you liked it, however.



Darn, too bad... I'm gonna follow you, just in case :twilightsmile:

Thanks! I Love getting those!

When I do, I'm told what's in the book, when it's usually just a bunch of words I thought I saw that are actually jumbled.

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