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Slow down, you're doing fine, you can't be everything you want to be, before your time... -Vienna, The Stranger: Billy Joel


Sunset Shimmer, now Champion of the Sinnoh Region, recounts a tale to one of her fellow Champions, about how she met one of her best friends and partners. It started like any other day for Sunset Shimmer on her Johto Journey, arriving in Cianwood for her next Gym Badge. Normal, right? However, when she stumbles across a Lucario who she suspects may have been abused by his former trainer, suddenly Gym Badges are the last thing on her mind. Instead, she faces something far more challenging. Can she fix what's been broken, or is she doomed to failure?

(Takes place before Lights of the Burned Tower)

Pokémon belongs to the Pokémon Company and Nintendo and I make no money off of their wonderful world of delightful creatures and locations. Only Pokémon stuff I own is an Eevee plush and a few figurines...

Rated T for teen for several moments of Pokémon Abuse, Pokémon on Pokémon violence and strong language.

Edited by Legolassy123.

Chapters (10)
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You know, this reminds me of a massive crossover Pokemon fanfic on here entitled "A New World, A New Way," that involves Arceus teleport himself and the entire Pokemon population into the world of Equestria with all kinds of interesting things occurring in the wake of that event.

Ok so Iris married Ash, not my favorite pairing but I bet it is yours. Also who would be stupid enough to abuse a Pokémon that evolves through trust. Why am I getting Shadow Pokémon vibes here.

Actually, Iris marrying Ash (Not my favorite Ash shipping actually). Plus, becoming champion like she was in Black/White 2? Neither of those was planned at all, just a throw it in moment actually. As for who abused Lucario, and was stupid enough to do so, trust me, you'll know his name...

Which one of your stories is the previous story?

This one I did for Halloween. Writing wise at least, chronologically, this story takes place first.

TTales from the Pokemon Universe: The Lights of the Burned Tower
When candlelights flicker in the Burned Tower, perhaps it'd be wise to stay far away... But Rainbow Dash has a dream, and nothing's going to stop her.
The Bricklayer · 5.6k words  ·  12  4 · 474 views

The dumbass who abused Lucario will regret it. Also, when did Sunset go to the Alola region?

Off-page one can presume. Lovely vacation spot, isn't it?


My money is on somebody who’s name starts with B and ends with lueblood. He would be the type.

Is there a story that comes before this one?

Yes, this one. Well, writing wise at least. Chronologically, this story takes place first.

TTales from the Pokemon Universe: The Lights of the Burned Tower
When candlelights flicker in the Burned Tower, perhaps it'd be wise to stay far away... But Rainbow Dash has a dream, and nothing's going to stop her.
The Bricklayer · 5.6k words  ·  12  4 · 474 views

ah thanks. Now a question about this story if I may? How did Lemon Zest and Sunset wind up in the Pokemon world?

These versions of Lemon and Sunset, along with any other MLP characters you might meet, were born here.

Sunset's tough for taking on a Force Palm and walking away with a bruise or two. How many bird Pokemon does she have on her team and when did Flareon start swearing like a sailor??

Ah, the beginning of your new Pokémon crossover story. So far very good, I'll be waiting for the next chapter.

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and a rather narcissistic asshole as ever,

*full stop*

“He doing his Professor Oak thing again?”

He's doing his Professor Oak thing again?

Luckily for you, it's already up.:twilightsmile: Glad you're enjoying this story so far!:pinkiehappy:


Yep lucky me. Seem I read the chapter just before you post the new one.

Again a solid chapter, though Sunset's kinda beating herself for... well I don't want to say for nothing, what happen to Lucario is horrible, but there was no way she could have known preventively what was happening.

Well till next chapter. I hope so. Just learn that net neutrality got repeal. :(

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the Lucario wakes up for itself,”
but that’s the cold hard truth,”
if the security camera footage is to be believed,”
next time I feed you,”
he’d love to see his hero,”
Alright is another story entirely I’m afraid,”
without any sort of plan,”

Replace all commas by full stop.

Well, that's Sunset for you I suppose. That's just the way she is.

And I'm going to quote LightofTriumph on Net Neutrality.

Should you care? Absolutely.

Should you panic? Probably not.

The great thing about a huge, bloated, oversized bureaucracy is that it takes forever to do anything. So any repeal would take some time to go into full effect, like... we're talking a couple of years. In that time, there is at least one election coming up, so you can fight it that way, not that you'll need to, because literally EVERY STATE BUT ONE has these laws on the books. And if they try to repeal THOSE they will be taken to court over and over again. And eventually lose.

And you have to remember, no major website wants this. Amazon, Reddit, even GOOGLE have implied they want Net Neutrality. No ISP is big enough, or ballsy enough to fuck with those guys. So even if we get tiered internet, it will likely not effect you all THAT much. The websites everybody goes to are to big to screw with, and your niche websites will probably be too small to bother screwing with.

The most realistic worst case scenario is that I lose the WWE network for a few months, which would SUCK, but it's hardly the death of the internet.

What I'm saying here is don't panic. Tomorrow is a relatively minor battle, in a war we will inevitably win.

Point is, it's nothing to really worry about even now that Net Neutrality got repealed. Plus, 16 states are already suing the FCC as it is. And that's not taking into account everyone else's reactions. Really, this thing probably won't last long.


Thanks for this piece of information. Though I'm not worried, being from Europe I'm not directly affected, but I'm annoyed it got repealed in the first place.

Yeah, Flareon's been swearing like a sailor since his first chapter, at least when he's annoyed with Ninetales. As for how many flying types Sunset has, it's only a Rufflet and Talonflame.

You can only admire Sunset's heart of gold.

And yeah, Absol as quite the reputation but it always miss-regarded. I remember his/her role in the first Mysterie Dungeon.

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*full stop*

“I’m your trainer, and it’s my job to protect you in any way I can.


A explosion rumbled off the cliffsides


“Raichu, Mega Kick now!” Rainbow ordered, and the aptly named Mouse Pokémon charged one of its fists with a glowing blue energy.

Either Mega Kick and legs or Mega Punch and fists

and that’s the end of it,

*full stop*

there’s more to me then just looks,

*full stop*

a solid beam of ice freezing Raichu in a crystal of ice

a solid beam of ice, freezing Raichu in a crystal of ice

before Raichi ran


I promise,

*full stop*

Yeah, Absol sadly really has one of the worst in-unverse reputations amongst Pokémon, even if only means well. Sorry for all these spelling errors you keep running across, I wanted to see if I could go through a lot of these chapters mostly alone, test myself if you will with only one proofreader.

I'll be sure to send the next chapter to you ahead of time.


Ok, though I still have one week of school before vacation, so be aware that I might not respond to your request right on the bat.

8613956 Oh. I thought Flareon got his swearing habits from Sunset, prolly from when he was still an Eevee.

Nice nod to the first episode here with Kiara.

The scene with Arbok was great with Lucario speed dodging to arrive in close quarter to finish him. Though you do remember that Lucario is also Steel type is his invulnerable to Poison moves?

Yeah, couldn't resist throwing that in, given Kiara's species.

I admit, I don't know every type weakness or resistance. Key word though, resistance. He can stand the attacks, doesn't mean they won't do damage though.

Wow that jerk Damien hasn't lost his license yet?! His stunt with Charmander should have been enough.


Well that's actually the advantage about Steel types. They received zero damage from any kind of Poison move, except now from Salandit and Salazzle corrosion ability, just like normal moves on Ghost type.

Well, all ends well for Lucario. And Sunset got not one, but two new strong Pokémon.

Now next thing on the list: beat the crap out the Damien.

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Is there was a question about Pokemon you needed answering?

A few went into stores yes, at high prices but others the Pokeball Company

A few went into stores yes, at high prices, but others the Pokeball Company

as far away from humans as possible,

*full stop*

hurt him even more,

*full stop*

nearly crushed Sunset and Lucario with it had Dragonair not launched herself

nearly crushed Sunset and Lucario with it, had Dragonair not launched herself

Okay, yes, dealing with Damien is next on the list, but so is healing Lucario's psyche a bit more. Plus, that Gyarados? Considering it's demeanor, probably wouldn't be wise for Sunset to keep it around considering it seems to think humans and Pokemon alike as it's next meal.

8622615 But Sunset could do something to help Gyarados somehow.

Considering how Riley's the guy who gives the player in DPPt the Riolu egg after beating Roarke's dad, he's gotta be partially experienced with Aura. I also didn't know that Sunset's a Fire/Flying specialist. I'm more like Blue where I have a variety of types, but for some reason my current team in Sun has more Ghost and Fairy types because of Marowak, Mimikyu and Primarina, which I'll admit are types I'm not that used to. The only constant in ALL my teams is the lone Normal/Flying bird pokemon like Pidgeot, Noctowl, Swellow, Staraptor, Unfezant and Toucannon. (X and Y are the only main series Pokemon games I didn't play)

“There’s always a bigger fish…” Dragonair murmured,

Something tells me the Qui-Gon Jinn quote wasn't intentional, but that comfort me in my suggestion for Lucario's nickname as Luc and put another Star Wars quote in the next chapter.

Honest to god? That pop culture reference wasn't intentional, really. I'd completely forgotten it was Qui-Gon who used the phrase. But I will keep your suggestion for Riley's Lucario to be named Luc.

...And look on the bright side, didn't use the classic "We're going to need a bigger boat" line during the Gyarados scene. Axed that as soon as I thought of it.

Yeah, X and Y's common bird Pokémon (Fletching) eventually does evolve into Talonflame, a Fire/Flying type, so a change up from the norm. It's actually a bit like Charizard in some ways in terms of power level and move set.

Luke is a good teacher. Explaining well, praising the little accomplishment and scolding for the negativity, it's not always to teach, but you now you are doing right when students succeed.

The dispute about Rufflet means of growth was really interesting. It's always a predicament as if you have to let nature follow its course or intervene and your answer always comes after.

Mistakes found:

become possible,
and you are one step closer,
Just to see where you stand,
I’ll handle this,

*full stop*

It won’t bother me.”the Skarmory

*space missing*

“You’ve been on the internet again reading yaoi fanfictions, haven’t you?”

:rainbowlaugh: Even Pokémons find out what the internet's for.

I little mistake was added with the changes.

to deal with Poliwraith's Water-Typing.


I am not surprised that Lucario lost. Hopefully he will listen to Sunset when she tries to comfort him over the loss. Now is this where Sunset gets her Fearow as well?

Ah yes. Nerves. The bane of many battlers, making them lose their cool in the middle of what could be life or death, or in this case, badge or no badge.

They say love gives wings, in Kiara's state it spread them. I think now I really need to read Dragonsrule's story about Kiara.

Yep. You've got at least 1 Pokemon mentioned from every generation. I'm pretty sure that Chuck's Breloom is the only Gen 3, or Hoenn Pokemon to be mentioned, though.

I'll send you the link. Should warn you though, Kiara isn't the main character, though she does get a pretty good-sized role.

Actually, I think I mentioned Wingull in one of the chapters, so Breloom isn't alone...

Guessing that serpentine Pokemon teasing Dragonair was the Gyrados from before, right?

So all ends well, and for good this time.

At first I thought you just created Damien, but he was that a-hole of a trainer who abandoned Charmander way back in the first season. That's really a huge call back.

Though I must say is comeuppance kinda felt short and quickly expedited, Nurse Joy surely took Sunset's party pretty immediately. I kinda expected a confrontation turning in a poké-battle, with Damien using underhand tactics, then blatantly cheating when losing.

Mistakes found:

especially now that I know what he can do,

*full stop*

and you can take his Pokemon,

*full stop*

It looks like the Rangers where able to help that Gyrados. Nice to see some resolution to the story but now I am wondering about what Sunset’s full team looks like. We have an Alohan Ninetails, Lucario, Talonflame, Dragonair, and possibly a Fearow.

Yeah, I figured I might as well conclude his story, and when Sunset was strong enough to care for Gyarados, she'd go back and retrieve him and try again. Wanted to clear up that loose end.

Well, her other Pokémon have been mentioned a few times, namely her Mismagius, Flareon and Rufflet. (Of course, she may have others that we don't know about... Also, fun fact. I briefly thought about Riley trading Hellina for one of Sunset's Pokémon, but I didn't really know what to do with her after her little conversations with Lucario in chapter 7.)

I just realized the dumbass who abused Lucario is also a doozy I never saw coming. At least now Lucario and Charizard can live longer knowing their tormentor's very likely to have his Trainer's card revoked.

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