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Here's a little explanation on it which kind of fics can be added here and which not and how fics get sorted into the group's folders:

As you know, we have two types of folders here:

- (with cutie mark/s)


- (without cutie mark/s)

Both types for each of the Cutie Mark Crusaders (minus Babs) and for them as a group.
The first type of folders is for all stories that feature them with their cutie marks, the other type for stories where they appear without their cutie marks.
However, if you look through the "(without cutie mark/s") folders, you will occasionally stumble over a story where they appear with cutie marks anyway, just not with their real ones, which will probably confuse you.
But there's a reasoning behind that seemingly odd placement of stories where they have different cutie marks. Here's why:

While we don't accept stories that are centered around it that they get or have any kind of cutie marks apart from their real ones, aka cutie marks the fandom made up before they got their's or different cutie marks in alternate universe scenarios, there is a good number of fics from the past where they have other cutie marks, but without the story focusing on their cutie marks.
Stories where they simply happen to have made-up cutie marks, but that are about completely different things than their marks.
Frost Vortex and I were talking about what to do with those kind of stories and had only two choices:

Either not accepting such fics too or making a folder called "Non-canon cutie marks".

And none of these ideas was something we were happy with.
The former one would have limited the amount of stories we can add to the group very strongly, the second idea would have gone against the nature of the group, as we want to focus on their real cutie marks in it, and making an official folder for all cutie marks except their actual ones would have taken away from this specialization and stolen a bit of what makes our group here so unique among the other Cutie Mark Crusaders groups.
I then came up with another idea; that we, since "Cutie Mark(ed) Crusaders" is focusing on their real marks, consider stories like that as them being markless in them, since they don't have the cutie marks our group stands for, and Frost Vortex agreed to do it that way.
It's a bit convoluted as a concept, but it was the only way to maintain the focus of our group and still feature those kind of stories.

[Update] A note on humanized stories:

Frost Vortex and I were also discussing on how to handle humanized stories, as humans can't get cutie marks. Mostly we decided against it, for this very reason, however, there is one exception.
Here's how you should proceed if you think about adding a story where the Cutie Mark Crusaders appear as humans:

Humanized stories are only allowed in the group under very strict requirements.
For a story where they are humans, it is necessary that something similar to cutie marks that can be earned by them (or that they did already earn) exists, for example: Badges with their cutie mark symbols on them that they get for achieving specific tasks.
Of course those badges need to have a long-lasting significance for them, like cutie marks. Badges that they win just to let them lie around and forget about them afterwards don't count.
So, if you think about adding a story where they are humanized, don't just make sure that there is something that serves as a replacement for their cutie marks, but also that it reallly has a meaning for their future and the rest of their lives, a purpose, and that they can put it to further significant use in the story somehow after earning it.
This purpose doesn't have to be mentioned constantly in the story, like in stories where they are the ponies we know the purpose of their cutie marks doesn't have to be mentioned constantly, but the purpose should be apparent in the story. Make also sure that they can carry around their cutie mark replacements somehow, for example, by sticking them to their clothes, to be as close to cutie marks as possible.

Anthro stories can be added without any further restrictions, but of course, they must be Anthros with cutie marks or Anthros able to get cutie marks, in case they don't have them yet in the story.
In the latter case, it should be made clear in the story somehow that they are able to get cutie marks.
Stories where they become humans temporarily, no matter if they have their cutie marks in them or not, fall under the standard rules, but they need to start out as ponies and become ponies again at the end of the story.

If you need any help with sorting in your's or someone else's stories into the folders or if you have further questions about the folder organization here, just hit me or Frost Vortex up with a message and we try to answer your questions as good as we can! :pinkiesmile:
Or just ask your question here, one of us will then answer it as soon as possible!

Group Admin


Just sticked this. I'll also be putting this in the Official Threads category on the group page.

Um, you're confusing me. So, if I have a story where they get different cutie marks (written before or after Season 5) would they go in without marks (if they focus on them)?

Very confusing rules... :rainbowhuh:

Group Admin


No, stories with non-canon cutie marks only go into the "without" folders if the story isn't focusing on their cutie marks. Example:

This story is about Sweetie Belle and since this story is a sequel to a story that was written before she got her cutie mark, she has a different mark in it. But the story is not focusing on her cutie mark, it's about Sweetie Belle having alcohol problems after something tragic happened in her life.
This story goes into the folder "Sweetie Belle (without cutie mark)", because her mark in this story diverts from her real cutie mark for which our group stands for.
A story in which they have made-up cutie marks, but that really focuses on them and their marks, let's say an alternate universe retelling of "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" where they get different cutie marks for different talents (if we assume the most extreme case), then this story has no place in our group, as the group is about their actual cutie marks that we've seen them getting in the episode.
I hope that clarifies the confusion. :scootangel:


Thanks! :scootangel:

4830643 Oh. I can't add True Sight then, oh well.

Group Admin


Not "True Sight", but "Training is Magic" is already here and I spotted a few others in your publications that should fit
here. :twilightsmile:

4831212 Although, technically I am re-writing later parts of True Sight and it's possible that Sweetie Belle's special talent wont actually show up; unlike my original version where it does. I'll have to get back to you on that. :derpytongue2:

Group Admin


Yep, feel free to hit me up once the fic is finished, I'll take a look at it then!
Though, the decision will still depend on it how heavily it focuses on her special talent, as cutie mark and special talent are connected to each other.
With that said, you shouldn't rewrite the story just to get it into the group. Just write what you get as ideas, I'm sure there will be other fics by you than can be featured here. :twilightsmile:

4831226 Oh, no, no, no. I'm not re-writing to do that. The story was initially cancelled until I decided that cancelling it was a mistake. So, it's revived, but I warned everyone that changes are gonna be coming to it; I wrote myself into a corner before.

Group Admin


I see, well, then good luck with it! :twilightsmile:

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