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A body was found in the Everfree Forest, and while the causes seem natural, the circumstances don't. One little filly plans on finding out the truth.

Entered as part of the Cutie Mark(ed) Crusaders Contest #3, and won 2nd place!

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I find it a little unrealistic that Apple Bloom doesn't show much emotion over the unexpected murder of her friend who indirectly earned the CMC their cutie marks, and also that the police woudn't investigate any further. Then again, it is Equestria, so they don't experience nearly as many crimes as the real world does.

It flowed realy well, though, and Apple Bloom's accent didn't bother me TOO much. R.I.P. Diamond Tiara

7445401 Thank you for your honesty, Prismaticism. You make a fair number of points that I'll be addressing when I edit this story. I'll also give you a better response when I'm not as sleep-deprived and my keyboard functions normally again.


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