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I'm seeing that Scootaloo tag meaning this has a hope on being Scootabelle the better ship, I'll read it later but if I click on this story and find out there no spaces I can't really do anything to you besides give you a angry glare over the internet

was hoping for some Silver Belle but this was cute all the same :yay:

edit: my fault for not reading the contest requirements too!

6930112 Hopefully I won't disappoint, but if I do, I will gladly take any ire I have rightfully earned. :twilightsmile:


6930412 My sincerest apologies. I try to leave descriptions either general or vague so as not to spoil the story too much. Spoiling stories is not one of my family's traits, :twilightblush: but I am certainly glad you found it to be cute! Thank you.


I think when you add cover the story will be much better!
By the way great job!

6931644 I'll see what I can do about getting a cover, but it may not be for a while. Thank you for your encouragement and suggestion! :twilightsmile:


Well it was something I'm giving you at angey glare over the internet which really doesn't mean anything. I just gotta wonder why don't you use the enter key.

"Hey Scoots" Sweetie said

"Sup Sweetie" Scootaloo replied.

It not hard new speaker, new line. That what was drill in my brain in my year 12 English class. I just can't read stories like this because it gets confusing which characters are speaking and how to build a background. I'm no master and there are better writings that can point you in the right way on becoming a better writer or just keep working on it until you find what works for you. Now if you don't mind there this evil doll that looks like Rainbow Dash in front of me. Sorry for the long comment gotta go.

6936909 Fair enough. For clarification so I don't get this wrong, however, you are talking about both using the enter key to create a space between paragraphs and tacking on a some more words to better differentiate who's speaking? I ask to make sure I understand, since I can easily misinterpret things. :twilightblush:


Howdy! I've reviewed this story on my blog. You can read my review here. Thanks for the read! :twilightsmile:

7027183 You're welcome! Hope it wasn't too bad. :twilightblush:


I reviewed this story as part of Read It Later Reviews #44.

My review can be found here.

7058509 Thank you! I'll be sure to read it. Hope it wasn't too tasteless. :twilightblush:


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