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When Tender Taps is found dead the CMC take it upon themselves to find the killer, but can they find the killer before more ponies die?
This was written for the Cutie Mark(ed) Crusaders Contest #3 - Cutie Mark Crusaders ???

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Hooollllly Celestia. That was intense. :twilightoops:

7471040 :rainbowlaugh: Was it worth the wait?


Yes. Yes it was.

Now to judge!

Er, Button Mash... It's okay to stab others in a video game , not real life. :facehoof:

As for Sweetie Belle, guess we'll have to change her name to Horror Belle. Lolz. :twilightsmile:

That is depressing. Sweetie Belle would never ever do a thing like that. Ever!

Wow Sweetie Belle, the fuck was that for?

You ain't no Sweetie anymore Belle, your that terminating Sweetie Bot now, who doesn't give a shit!

Either way, this was good. :pinkiesmile:

7485302 :rainbowlaugh: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

............I did not like this. The premise and set up was great but the reveal and execution of the plot was VERY poor. I expected better motivations from the murderers. Button I understand, but Sweetie Belle's makes ZERO sense and does not properly explain WHY she felt compelled to commit these murders. Plus, OOC characters always turns me off. I'm sorry to say that I am leaving this story with great disappointment.

7554911 Sorry it was a disappointment. I, more or less, run out of time near the end and had to cut out some parts to get the story done in time for the contest, but when I have more time I do plan to go back over the story and flesh things out more. At the very least thanks for giving it a read. :twilightblush:

7554926 *nods in acknowledgement*

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