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Trixie Woolamoon


One afternoon, an unsuspecting mare finds a dangerous quest given to her by a creature who took the form of a filly. Who is she and where did she come from? Unknown to the ponies of Maretine Bay. These lives as they know them are at stake.

So it’s up to a stylist named Jazz and her friends, new and old, to face the calamity in their own hooves


Cleanups are slowly happening in the first few chapters. But they are still readable

Inspiration has been taken from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. But if you never played the games, then it doesn’t matter. Just wanted to give credit for inspiration. This story has nothing to do with the franchise

To make writing easier and likely reduce any stress/make it more fun.

Nothing from the, books, comics or YouTube series will be canon to this AU. So I don’t have to keep track of whatever happens and keep checking so much media. This will also be in a timeline where CH 6 happened very differently (But the events will unlikely be in the story)

The events of MYM either happened before (or offscreen, but before seems more likely)

Since Lost in Mysticia and its remake were canceled. I think it’s fair if the characters who were going to be the heroes in those to be the heroes in this one. Since it was best i could only choose one au/adventure.

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How is this an alternate universe story?

Because the Superstar universe is an alternate universe that was made up

Could you please tell me how inspiration has been taken from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon? And which one?

Parts of the dungeon idea. Plus I had PMD Time,Darkness,Sky intro in mind when I planned the first chapter with Stardust waking up on a beach, shocked about the changes and realising she was a pony. Maybe a stretch, but wanted to give credit just in case

Also. Irrc, early on, for the dungeons. I had plans that certain things would have similar effects. Like the seeds and berries in the game. But in the form of berries that would only grow in each dungeon.

But I guess it kinda backfired.

hey, obviously shared review with you already, but I also wanted to leave a t-up and a comment on the basis of the first two chapters, because this is a fun lil fic with some very cute Gen 5 characterisation, as I said.

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