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“Breaking News! The Great and Powerful Trixie claims to like the rain!”


One morning in Pipp’s salon, Mane Melody, a body was discovered. Thank goodness for Zipp and her detective skills. She has decided it’s up to her to find out the culprit.

This will be the darkest mystery she ever dealt with but...

She’s not gonna give up!

The story from start to end, has been prewritten and split into chapters before being published. Minor changes will happen to later chapters before they are published, however.

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Even despite the errors, I already love this story! Can't wait for more!

Consider my interests peaked to their height.

That feather Zipp found gives me a bad feeling based on its description.

Warning: This story might be a bit of a mess due to some issues during the writing.

Instead of putting in a "dead dove do not read" disclaimer, you might have been better off fixing the issues and publishing later. Just a suggestion for next time.

Rocky nodded before answering, “Well... they came back on quickly. But I did get a text. From my cousin... Rain Cloud... So I had to leave a bit early,” He then gained a very confused expression, “Apparently she locked herself in my bathroom? Not sure how she managed that... but the doorknob was stuck tight! Took a few hours to get her out, oh, and apparently she managed to get her hoof stuck in the bathroom drain...” He shrugged, “That was one of the weirdest ways I’ve seen a pony get stuck... it’s like she superglued her hoof there!”

Very convenient timing.

Rocky took a moment to think, “Posey... Pipp, Jazz and Dr. G...” He muttered before recalling something. That Dr was the same one who hung up on him. Did something happen at Mane Melody? Because he seemed pretty upset about it earlier.

Dr. G who? [2 new Suspects.]

“I...” Pipp sighed. “I was styling Dr. G’s mane... he wanted silver glitter in his mane, so I went to get some from the storage room. The lights shut off. Of course, I waited for the lights to come back on! Well anyway... I grabbed the glitter and returned to him to see he was out of his seat! Turns out he changed his mind on the glitter as he was called back to work-“ Pipp looked down. Sniffling a bit as Zipp wrote the information.

hmmmm.... what work exactly?

“Shortly after Rocky left, Dahlia entered to get her hooves painted. Meanwhile, I was in the other room preparing the drink... I showed her the recipe. and she was excited to try it...” She then looked around, “Of course I waited till the customers were all gone, and we closed up. I prepared the drinks. Well... she seemed... interested?”

interested? what was the drinks? We need EVERY detail.

Pipp took a pause as she pictured her last moments with her. She seemed happy... something she’d never see again. “That was the last time I saw her... she took a few sips as I drank mine happily... since you had texted me that dinner was getting cold, and it was my turn to do the dishes, I decided it was time to head home...” Pipp glanced at Zipp who had a moment of guilt. “She agreed to clean up before she left, so... that’s it...”

hmmm... Dahlia

“No...” Sighed Pipp, “I would never put her allergies anywhere near her...” She looked down, “It was blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, sugar and some alcohol blended up... along with a bit of lime juice” She put on a slight smile, “We both thought it smelt a bit weird, but no one got hurt from it...”


3 suspects: Dr. G, Dahlia and Posey.

Dr. G strangely left when the left were o.
And Dahlia was interested in the drinks.

Strange smell: Its highly to be poison then someone must've snucked in earlier to add the chemical. I doubt that rotten fruits are lethal.


What type of pony is Dr. G excatly?

Assuming that the culprit is of the suspects given in this chapter, then I’m ninety percent sure it’s this Dr.G guy. Posey and Dahlia just don’t seem like the types to want to murder Jazz. But an OC character with no cannon personality….

I have an idea that 2 or 3 of them are guilty but need more evidence.
(cant imedialtely jump to concludions.

After reading this, I'm so excited for what you got for us! Hope this case can be solved soon, and the culprit is put to justice!

Thanks for reading! Glad you’re excited

Also, that pink fluffy feather she found on Jazz was hers according to the scans. At first, she assumed the feather was a result of Pipp moving around in panic when she and Rocky found Jazz, but... There could easily be more to it.

Honestly its really not suspicious no matter how you look at it.

I knew that feather would lead to trouble. Hopefully this won’t end with sister betrayal. I still think it was Dr.G, but there’s some complications growing.

“Not exactly...” Sighed Sunny as she swallowed some food, “I’m supposed to be helping everypony live in harmony! But... somepony ended up d dead... could I have said or done something different that could have ended... better?” Tears formed in her eyes as she looked down.

Sunny its not your fault. You can't control everypony and harmony doesn't mean that there wont be bad things happening.
We humans know that a lot.

The camera could still view the dark room, however. Zipp has no worry at all! Until suddenly it all went black, causing Zipp to gasp in shock. She rewinded it, and played in slow. Wondering what on earth happened.

What room did he go in!?

But no one was around to help her, tears were rolling down her cheeks as she coughed up more froth and put her head down. Until her last moment... her hind leg twitched, and then she never moved again...

Definitely poison. But how without witnesses......

Jazz would still be alive! Zipp looked at her trembling hooves, “Wh-what have I done?” She sobbed, “I’m sorry...” She put her head down, regretting her actions.


She was quick to take a photo of the pages she needed. Facing away from Pipp with wings spread, so the phone’s flash didn’t wake her. Hurriedly, she put the diary back in its spot and hurried to her bed. Hoping that the entries would provide some answers to the mystery. Deep down she felt that maybe Pipp was behind it, she did give Jazz the drink...

but she was...... oh dear

Also, that pink fluffy feather she found on Jazz was hers according to the scans. At first, she assumed the feather was a result of Pipp moving around in panic when she and Rocky found Jazz, but... There could easily be more to it.

Pipp's wings aren't pink

you might wanna look into that a bit kore, because i can recall Pipp's wings are pink and fluffy

Zipp got onto her bed and looked at the picture she took of the diary entry. The other ponies were asleep, but she had to get to the bottom of this mystery. It’s been too long! She was tired but determined to find the murderer! Pipp was her prime suspect, but deep inside she wished that she was wrong. Maybe she was wrong, why would Pipp murder Jazz? Maybe she watched the wrong footage. Maybe she was missing something in the footage or didn’t watch the correct parts. Possibilities were endless.


Dahlia, Posey, Dr. G and Pipp

Posey the least suspected

Pipp: motivation unkown

That was it. There was nothing more, but... Zipp couldn’t believe her eyes. Her own sister murdered somepony. She murdered a pony! Many emotions rushed though her as she looked around. Her heart beat rapidly as she felt anger and grief! A tear ran down her face, begging that was were wrong about this and made a mistake somewhere! But all evidence pointed at Pipp!

Need more proof!

She must have put poison in Jazz’s drink, but not her own! How dare she! Obviously using a normal poison that could be identified by her tools would have been too easy... So Pipp must have used a different type of poison... or poisoned Jazz earlier! She must have used poison in a snack. Or something else she gave to Jazz earlier that kills the victim after a few hours. To make it look like it was the drink! It makes sense!

uuuhhhh what type of poison is that?

Zipp held in her tears as she stared at Pipp’s sleeping body. Pipp looked innocent, but deep down she was a guilty monster! Angrily, she marched over to Pipp’s bed. But she wasn’t even asleep! Pipp was silently sobbing as she looked at her phone. Looking at old photos of Jazz... it wasn’t a surprise, however. She violently pulled the blanket off her, cussing her to yelp. But Zipp glared at her as Pipp stared at her in shock. “Zipp?”


Rocky added before Zipp could say anything, “Why would Pipp want to kill Jazz anyway?” Rocky asked as he stood in front of Pipp, wings out as if to protect her. Ignoring the fact that he was basically scolding royalty. “She said many times she saw Jazz as a sister, you were there for some of them. Now, why on earth would she want to kill her?” Rocky defended softly.

Exactly, thats why you don't jump to conclusions like that. YOU NEED MORE EVIDENCE!!!

”Alright... Pipp... you forgot to send me the camera footage from this room. Chances are, our answer is right there!” She encouraged then rememebred that the two were glummer than she realised. She let out a sigh. “let’s just watch the footage... shall we?” Zipp suggested.

Time to finish the case

They very much are, to the point they look like they're composed entirely of down feathers rather then flight ones.

Geez, Zipp, think before you act! Why the hell would Pipp kill Jazz? The motivations are just stupid.

Regardless, that drama was finished quickly and hopefully we’ll get some answers next time.

When pipp went to try and wake jazz up a pink feather could've fell off. It really isn't evidence

Wow, Zipp is being a bit emotional and jumping to conclusions. Not bad, just a bit out of character. Also, rocky is still on my radar

Really? Sorry about that

Yeah, but only because she wouldn't accuse her own sister of murder, everyone else is free reign

“Is that Dr. G?! But he’s the one who tested Jazz to see if she was allergic to the berries or not!” Pipp was shaking in fear, “He-he... I could have done something! I was styling his mane! But I had to get something from the storage room!” She started to cry. “I-if I was faster,” She clung to Zipp who was staring in horror, “Oh Z-Z-iipp!” She cried, “I-if only I w-was faster!”



His job is a doctor so he's been the one who tested Jazz, but lied to have her clueless for his plan.
As his disappearance when the lights turned off,
It will make sense that he covered the first camera to not get seen, turned off the power from the power box, quickly as a pegasus went into the backroom where the jars are, threw in the poisoness pegaberries and left the place!

His behavior (and 'new name character' status) lean this way, but there's definitely some gaps to fill in.

And, of course, the question of if he intended for this to happen or not. Unfortunately, Pipp may not be out of the woods yet.

She is disturbingly sloppy with her products, after all....

Oh S#*%. We got a fighter. Hopefully we don’t have any more casualties. Unless it’s the fake doctor, he can die for what he did

Minor changes will happen to later chapters before they are published, however.


“Because... well... she deserved it,” He shrugged, “Pipp did something to cause me grief. A month ago she put the wrong glitter and dye in my hair, causing my former girlfriend to break up with me, so I did grief back. Fair,” He shrugged.

This is what’s called disproportionate retribution.

“Because... well... she deserved it,” He shrugged, “Pipp did something to cause me grief. A month ago she put the wrong glitter and dye in my hair, causing my former girlfriend to break up with me, so I did grief back. Fair,” He shrugged.

You murdered somepony ALL BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPID HAIR!!!?

“No!” Rocky shouted as he jumped on him, not noticing one detail. DR. G had a knife, it went straight into his chest.


Pipp sighed as she looked down at her phone. She texted something to Jazz. She knew she would never get the message, but it made her feel better at least. “We did it... we found your murderer... Rest In Peace, okay?” She sent the message. “I miss you...”


Case solved

Well that’s the last of him. Good riddance!

Jazz has been avenged, and no pony else died!

Unfortunately that means the doctor and his girlfriend are still alive.

Yeah, but they’re not going anywhere. Especially if Haven is doing the sentencing

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