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If you support Save MLP, unfollow me now. · 4:51am Nov 26th, 2022

Time to weed out some followers. A while ago, it came to my attention that Save MLP has a group here on FIMFiction.net. I checked it out and when I was going through the group's member list, I discovered that some of the members are also followers of mine. And I don't want to have anyone following me or reading my stories who supports this harassment campaign. To be blunt, if you support what Save MLP is doing, you don't deserve to read pony stories and you don't deserve to read my pony stories. So, if you are a member of the Save MLP group here on FIMFiction.net and support the campaign, unfollow me now.

To anyone who doesn't know about Save MLP and is confused why I'm doing that, I won't link the campaign here because I don't want to give it exposure, but basically, Save MLP is a campaign consisting of "fans" of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic who are so deeply unsatisfied with Season 9 that they have made it their goal to pressure Hasbro into rewriting the final season so that it will be to their liking. They also regularly attack Generation 5, because its canon builds on Season 9's canon. This comes with a lot of harassment of not only Hasbro, but of many show staffers from DHX, as well, as the leader of the campaign and his members believe they can get support from them by relentlessly pinging and contacting them on Twitter at every opportunity. Imagine the brony fandom's own, little pariah group of terrorists who try to force their will on everyone and you got it just right and know what Save MLP is.

Six followers of mine are supporting this campaign by being members of its group here on FIMFiction.net. I also know that some users only joined the Save MLP group to protest the campaign and to tell its members to stick it somewhere, after which they either left the group again or got banned from it, but these six members who happen to be my followers are not among those. They joined the group and stayed there and they are obviously keeping track of updates about the campaign.

I know exactly who you are. Unfollow me and if you haven't done so in a couple days, I will take initiative myself and block you. I will do the same if any of you comment on one of my stories or blog entries or on my userpage and if you ever refollow me, I will also block you. If I have already blocked you because you didn't leave yourself, I will momentarily unblock you and then block you again right after to remove your follow once more.
I've often been too patient with toxic members of the fandom when they attacked Generation 4, but you six have crossed a very fat, red line. I expect you to be gone by sunrise.

Stay not where it lurks, lock the door, turn off the light.

~ Flutterscare

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I certainly don't. That guy is delusional.


Delusional and dangerous. Going through the Twitter account of his campaign feels like reading the memoirs of a psychopath.

I thought for sure he would be banned by now. Has he still been posting stuff?


Yeah, he keeps going, just as bad as ever. He especially loves to pick on Generation 5 now.

Also, just had someone unfollowing who isn't even a member of the group. There are some dark figures of Save MLP supporters here, too, it seems.

Some people just never learn.


They never do. You can only take a strong stand against them.

Rewrite the final season ?
We can get Hasbro to do that ?!
:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

Say, while we are at it, can we get the writers of Star Trek to rewrite the final season of Deep Space 9 ??
I mean... lots of poor Starfleet officers died in that final season.

Also, the whole drugs thing of Breaking Bad was a bit too angsty. So can we get that series rewritten too? I reckon sherbet instead of cocaine would be a good start.

Yes, I’m being sarcastic.
I can’t believe some people are still going on about season 9 of G4. I actually enjoyed the finale. The writers made an exceptional effort. More than would be expected for a Saturday morning kids show.

Yeah, it was good by my reckoning. Maybe not perfect. There were things I didn't like such as Grogar being fake, the terrible trio not being redeemed, and Twilight apparently being immortal. Well, I fixed those with a headcanon fanfic.


Say, while we are at it, can we get the writers of Star Trek to rewrite the final season of Deep Space 9 ??
I mean... lots of poor Starfleet officers died in that final season.

Also, the whole drugs thing of Breaking Bad was a bit too angsty. So can we get that series rewritten too? I reckon sherbet instead of cocaine would be a good start.

I just had to read this in Rainbow Dash's voice, after looking at her emotes and hearing her laugh. :rainbowlaugh: It works so well. :rainbowlaugh: I should seriously go and see if I can put that into fifteen.ai. :rainbowlaugh:

I can’t believe some people are still going on about season 9 of G4. I actually enjoyed the finale. The writers made an exceptional effort.

It was wonderful what they gave us. :heart: The entire show is a wonderful gift and not liking it is just being ungrateful. He doesn't understand what he got. And if he ever understands it, then it will be too late. There are going to be lots of tears then, but after what he did (and might still do in the future, even though I don't want to make any dark predictions), there will be no one to dry his tears. And the same goes for all of his supporters.

Edit: Aww, fifteen.ai is still down. But he says it will return soon and then Save MLP will get a nice surprise. :pinkiehappy:

Wow, I did not know it was this bad and that this was what was going on...:rainbowderp:,


You have never heard of them before? Then I'm glad you were reading this blog entry. They are going on for about three years now, since the show ended, they are a small minority, but still have created trouble by harassing the staff of the show and also the writers and artists of the official comics at IDW. One needs to be aware of them.

Moral of the Story: It's okay to not like something.

Being a flank-face to people over what you don't like, however, is not okay.


I love that you said "flank-face". :heart:

Well, I saw the Save MLP group a few times when it first popped up, but didn't give it much thought. Hell, I didn't remember that it even existed until I was given an invite by one of the administrators. I didn't accept mainly because I had no interest or plans to join. Plus some of the people there sounded like people I did not want to be associated with. But something about it felt kind of... off. I couldn't figure it out at the time, but something just didn't feel right about that group. After reading your blog though, I think I figured out why but still... not what I was expecting:fluttershyouch:.


Your instinct let you make the right choice. I've seen the leader's tweets and one thing he said in the group here, all of it gave me the bad feeling he will do something very drastic in the future. He is bitter and shows a psychopathic tendency.

Glad I trusted my instincts that time:twilightblush:.


It's okay to not like something.

Being a flank-face to people over what you don't like, however, is not okay.

As Big Macintosh says, Eeyup:eeyup:.

Hope you never considered me to be something like that. I mean I was accused of being obsessive with my mission. I don't know if you're aware but I was tackling the whole Twilight outlives her friends issue after the finale. Some people have accused me of being immoral or deathloving, I just believe immortality is a curse.

:ajsmug: I’d love to hear it too, Sugarcube !


Well, you didn't harass anyone and you only wrote a story, right? You should be good, then. Maybe they called you "obsessive" because you are describing the theme of your stories as your "mission", if you did that before, that can come across as obsessive. Maybe that's just your general style of talking, but describing things as a "mission" shows a special dedication to a goal and also implies, whether intentional or not, the attempt at convincing others of your own view (hence the terms "missionizing" and "missionary", it has christian-religious origins). Of course words can change meaning with time, so a "mission" is not necessarily an attempt to convince others of something anymore, it can also simply mean following a goal or providing something for others who have a demand for it. But the origins of the word and how it's still often used can cause some people to think that someone who speaks of a mission is "obsessive". So that might be a reason why some people called you that.

But your stance on immortality, you shouldn't worry about that. Immortality is a double-edged sword, it comes with advantages, but also with disadvantages. There is no clear answer on whether immortality is a good or a bad thing, people prefer one or the other. I, for example, had the thought how cool it would be to become a vampire a couple times (especially because I love the night and prefer it greatly over the day and roaming the night is basically the life of a vampire), but for reasons specific to me, I'm also on the fence about whether I would really want that. And if being offered the chance, would either decline it or only try it out until I'm at the age of a natural death to preserve my youth and fitness.
So, neither side is right or wrong about that, people who called you "immoral" or "deathloving" are just very convinced that their stance on immortality is the right one. Not to mention that there are still people who hate it that Twilight became an alicorn, who probably also feel betrayed by it that Meghan McCarthy said that Twilight won't outlive her friends now that it became clear she will outlive them. You shouldn't worry about any of this.

That said, I would appreciate it if you brought back the original versions of "Luster Dawn Friendship Successor" and "Passing On Together" and make them public again. I was seeing the former and wanted to read it and it's generally never a good approach to try and make a new story be read and popular by starving readers off the old story.

Hmm. Thanks. I wasn't trying to convince people my side was right, just give people an alternative. I preferred to avoid arguments. Sorry for taking down the stories. Sometimes I thought maybe that was a mistake. Ah well.

Well I do have some good news for you, somehow passing on together has a replica that I found which hasn't been deleted on fanfiction.net. And also friendship successor is on fimfetch.


I know about the archives on FIMFetch. And while it's good that they exist, it's never fully the same as reading the original uploads here. FIMFetch is for emergencies when nothing else goes anymore. Why don't you make the original stories public again?

I'll think about it. I guess I can add what I did afterwards. We'll see. Have you read New Days?

Well I will probably do it though its against the rules to repost and I have to find a moderator to recover them. Would you recommend any?


Have you read New Days?

No, as I have set my sights onto "Luster Dawn Friendship Successor" already. I didn't know you removed the original story and I never like it when a story I wanted to read gets replaced with a different version. Not as bad as when Pen Stroke completely rewrote the original "Past Sins", one of the fandom classics, but it always leaves me wondering how the original story was and what I missed in that reading experience. I'm sure many other readers feel the same way.

its against the rules to repost and I have to find a moderator to recover them. Would you recommend any?

So you removed the stories completely? I was under the impression that you just set them to private. Eldorado might be the one to ask about recovering stories, because he says this in his userpage description:

"Ask me if you have any questions about the site. The more detailed you are describing the problem, the better the chances I'll be able to help."

Well I can't be certain. Sorry for the frustration. There were only some minor changes really. I was under a lot of stress back then with all the hate I got from pro-immortal people. I deleted the original stories and combined them. I'll see about getting the old ones reposted.

I only became a "part" of the group, or even worse - campaign - as you have been calling it, and follow it because I thought it had cool stories on it; I did not know what was going on, or that they were harassing people. I don't even keep up with the groups I AM a part of - I don't know anything about this campaign - I thought they just wrote stories on what they just wanted to be different about the show, which apparently is not the truth. I have left since I saw this blog, and I don't do anything on most groups anyway - and I am only on the list of supporters because I did not know they were harassers (I pressed "join" because I thought I was getting a group that theorized and made stories based on how they could improve the show, not tear into it and its fans, especially not how fiercely they have been doing it. Geez, no wonder there are so many downvotes on their comments/discussions. Good on you for knowing the truth. I did not mean to offend you, and I am sorry that the Save MLP group was so horrendous - they don't even deserve that name if they really have done what you claim. I have now left the group, and whew! Thank GOODNESS I just happened upon this blog, otherwise, I would have never have known and been banned or blocked from your stories because of something I did not know. I apologize for intruding. Anyway, I hope I can keep supporting you, and I'm sorry that I offended you unwittingly, and I hope that your wrath will calm down because I did not mean to seem like I "support" a horrible team. Sorry!

That's what this group should do as well, and take a chill pill. And maybe a bit of Jesus while they are at it.


I have yet to look into the things you said, but I have decided not to block you, for the time being. Although, honestly, how you could not know what this group is about, when it is explained front and center for everyone to see on its front page, is beyond me and makes me wary of your affirmations.

Thank you, and I apologize again. I really did not know, as I was invited and at the time, did not know about the information other than the main page saying that they don't like the MLP ending, and make content that ignores the finale. A group for story ideas - not harassment and harming/stalking the old MLP crew. I didn't even know it could be done to that scale because I'm sure most of the team has dispersed since the crew is very different for Gen 5. Anyway, I really did not know what is really going on in the group; it was an innocent accident. After your post, I researched the group more and confirmed your accusations were correct. Thank you for the forgiveness, and I continue to give my deepest apologies.

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