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Twilight Sparkle. Princess of Friendship, manifold savior of the world, accomplished scholar, pillar of the community, devoted friend.

Sometimes it gets a bit much. Sometimes, you need a little break.

Cover art by Xishka, used with permission.

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This was realy lovely. :raritywink:


A very nice slice of life to show the relationship between the two of them.

How about a sequel with Trixie all strung out over a bad review or an important show and Twilight giving her some care and affection?

Not really sure it needed the mature tag though, Teen or even everybody would seem to work just fine.

Not really sure it needed the mature tag though, Teen or even everybody would seem to work just fine.

Yeah, you're probably right.

Heh, I saw another one of these types of stories not too long ago. Makes for a nice reversal to all the sad type Trixie stories where she goes to Twilight for comfort.

Lots of dawws!

Eeeee! Another Mooncalf story! This was adorable, and pretty much exactly the way I imagined their interactions would go after 'Magic Duel'. You have my upvote!

Hmm, not bad. Cute little glimpse at an always fun ship.

A secret relationship.

Very nice. :) Sometimes, yeah, Twilight needs a break. A shoulder to lean on.

Loved it :heart::heart: 10 out of 10 great story :heart::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

Always enjoy these ones, and I like how Trixie also takes a break.

Comment posted by ChappedPenguinLips deleted Feb 10th, 2017

Simple, cute, and rather endearing. Really enjoyed this short piece.

Shipping without shipping?

Na. But still some excellent friendshipping, all the same.

Pleasant, sweet. Thumbs up.

And now for Spike.

:moustache: "And where were you last night young lady?"

:twilightsheepish: "Spiiiiike."

:moustache: "Don't you 'Spiiiiike' me, I asked where you were. And is that... Jam?"

:twilightoops: Hurried brushing of lips with forehoof. :twilightblush:

:moustache: Dramatic foot tapping.

6554677 I think that's more of a personal opinion at LEAST. In the academic writing and journalism fields a quote is always a good option to start with: a hook of sorts. In fiction this is also used a lot to adjust readers directly into a scene. Quotes, dialogue, statistics, and questions are all good hooks.

Of course there is debate and such, and writing can (and should) change to the situation/audience, but "don't start with a quote" is more of an exception than a rule. There are times when it's inappropriate, and it can be jarring, but it's also common. Dialogue of any kind can be used at the beginning, or even end, and it's not technically "wrong." it's just a matter of style.

Comment posted by ChappedPenguinLips deleted Apr 15th, 2017

6556866 There are no real hard and fast rules in writing. Anyone can do anything, and that's how art is made. Confining yourself because a certain convention has fallen out of use is like deciding not to use the color yellow while painting because other people think its passé.

Comment posted by ChappedPenguinLips deleted Apr 15th, 2017

6556890 The only "rule" I've learned about how to open a story is that it needs to hook the reader. Something engaging and interesting that catches their attention and draws them in with the promise of something good. The average reader has only so much attention span, and if the story starts in a bland and boring way, they might give up and find something else to read.

This is why the "weather report opening" (AKA "It was a sunny day in Ponyville..." or the like) is so shunned; it's dull and boring, and unless the weather is relevant to the story or necessary to set the scene, it can be done away with.

Opening with a spoken line is just as good a way to establish the speaker's presence and activity as any, as far as I'm concerned. It's all a matter of execution - i.e. whether it's executed well or not.

Comment posted by ChappedPenguinLips deleted Apr 15th, 2017

6557074 Now, now. Let's all be nice. We're here to have fun.

Comment posted by ChappedPenguinLips deleted Apr 15th, 2017

Very cute story
I was wondering, though, does this not need a romance tag?

6693877 They're not necessarily romantically involved, unless the reader wants to interpret it like that. Perhaps they're just friends.

Short and sweet, certainly poignant. Of course, I always like to think that Twilight goes and talks to her parents from time to time, but really, let's face it: when RARITY'S parents have had more screen time and lines (and Pinkie's for that matter) than Night Light and Twilight Velvet, you can't really be blamed for not thinking about Night Light and Twilight Velvet.

I suppose Twilight has a way to track Trixie down whenever she needs a night off from real life, in any case. Probably a passive tracking spell on Trixie's wagon.

A very nice story. I can't help but feel the way that Trixie feels free to pet on Twilight that there might be a bit more to their relationship. They may not be full on marefriends but there seems to be a bond there.

A very sweet and loving story, Moon. Whether they are just friends or something more, it really doesn't matter here. It is the tenderness and caring that shines through with these two. Bravo!

6832096 I kinda see the ponies as being more casually tactile than we nude monkeys tend to be; but that of course makes friends or more-than-friends harder to distinguish at a glance. :rainbowlaugh:

Everyone needs a caring Trixie at the end of a stressful day. :trixieshiftright::heart:

This was truly lovely. I just sat here reading it with a tender smile on my face, picturing those two as I read.

Some fine Twixie fluff, though I never really bought that Twilight couldn't let her shields down around her other friends. Still a lovely vignette. Thank you for it.

Daww this was really nice stuff. I liked the dialogue and chemistry!

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