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Sugar Dove

I am a Scottish Student who loves Ponies among other weird and wonderful things.


Hi my name is Sugar Dove. A student in Canterlot. I love writing and taking photos and spending time with my friends. Especially GamersEdge.

Favourite Pony: Rainbow Dash
Favourite Princess: Cadence
Hobbies: studying, gaming, reading, drawing, writing, taking photos, filming.
Lifestyle: Fanmare and student. Youth work and volunteering.
(OOC: I run the highland bronies fan club)
Appearance: Pale (white) pelt, reddish brown mane and tail, twin dove cutie mark, green eyes (ooc: also what I'm like in real life minus cutie mark!)
Favourite colour: Red
Favourite book: 12 Sharp by Janet Evanovich
Favourite game: KH, pokemon, MH.
Favourite movie: Up, Amelie or Lethal Weapon 2.
Favourite TV show: Doctor Whooves
Miscellaneous: cookie monster, lycan anthro art and characters, roleplay, laser tag, nail polish :rainbowwild:

art by Alice Cuthill

art by Vikki Carr

art by luminous lotus deviantart

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Thanks for the Watch, Sugar Dove. Rest assured that, while my marked updates are a bit behind (understatement) I am forever working to correct that. Darn these increasingly high standards of mine.

But always feel free to message I'll always respond. :)

1429009 that's all right.

looking at your scraps page now, looking pretty good :pinkiesmile:
Excuse me if I often dont say much. I am a uni student and I get tired.
Sooo much academic writing!

I have never heard of any of thous artists.
I will post a blog now for the story's I have in mind to writte soon and a picture I drew a while back for cover for the rainbow factory story it still needs color but oh well.:pinkiehappy:

Lets go down the list for the music artists ok.

Ps. I also have a divan art page too here is a link to my scrap art that is not finished

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