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Sugar Dove

I am a Scottish Student who loves Ponies among other weird and wonderful things.


Hi my name is Sugar Dove. A student in Canterlot. I love writing and taking photos and spending time with my friends. Especially GamersEdge.

Favourite Pony: Rainbow Dash
Favourite Princess: Cadence
Hobbies: studying, gaming, reading, drawing, writing, taking photos, filming.
Lifestyle: Fanmare and student. Youth work and volunteering.
(OOC: I run the highland bronies fan club)
Appearance: Pale (white) pelt, reddish brown mane and tail, twin dove cutie mark, green eyes (ooc: also what I'm like in real life minus cutie mark!)
Favourite colour: Red
Favourite book: 12 Sharp by Janet Evanovich
Favourite game: KH, pokemon, MH.
Favourite movie: Up, Amelie or Lethal Weapon 2.
Favourite TV show: Doctor Whooves
Miscellaneous: cookie monster, lycan anthro art and characters, roleplay, laser tag, nail polish :rainbowwild:

art by Alice Cuthill

art by Vikki Carr

art by luminous lotus deviantart

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But always feel free to message I'll always respond. :)

1429009 that's all right.

looking at your scraps page now, looking pretty good :pinkiesmile:
Excuse me if I often dont say much. I am a uni student and I get tired.
Sooo much academic writing!

I have never heard of any of thous artists.
I will post a blog now for the story's I have in mind to writte soon and a picture I drew a while back for cover for the rainbow factory story it still needs color but oh well.:pinkiehappy:

Lets go down the list for the music artists ok.

Ps. I also have a divan art page too here is a link to my scrap art that is not finished

I've never been to a con either. So I'll take lots of pictures and film and stuff XD

As for music where do you want to start?
kk and the steampunk orchestra
approaching nirvanna
belle humble
brian davis and his mega drive collection
pokemon reorchestrated (dont tis till you hear it is an amazing adaption!)
rogue (a remix youtuber)
I could name a million brony artists (will not quite but you know)

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