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Just a nineteen year old brony. I produce music, and love writing fanfics. I've been a brony since the summer of '11. Rainbow Dash and Pinkies Pie are best pony.


Should I write more fanfiction? · 7:20am Sep 26th, 2015

Straightforward question. More comedy clop troll fics?

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Yeah. I'm sorry. I was very busy recently. I'm still writing the current story. It will be uploaded within three hours.


I never check my page, so I'm sorry that I didn't see this. :fluttershysad:

I luff you too. :heart:

*Is sad there is no new stories yet* :fluttercry: Is there something wrong that's making it take a long time? I just wanna know :rainbowkiss:

Welp, I have nothing better to do other than sit here and read random stories...:pinkiecrazy: Luff you!

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