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Charley was not the least bit surprised when he came face to face with Death after months of fighting cancer. It was just the final thing in a long line of disappointment and regret for him.

Death, however, wasn't pleased with what he saw, and threatened Charley with losing his soul for the way his life turned out. Before it was lost though, Death decided to give Charley one final chance. A last task: to make one friend. Make one friend in one week, and he'd be able to pass through to the other side.

Making one friend in one week? That should be easy enough, right?

Cover art by Mayhem Moth. You can find her work here.

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I really hope his stay is longer than just a week.

Interesting, eager to see how this goes. I hope he makes more than One friend.

Aw man! This is getting exciting!

Looking forward to the end of this if only to reference that Barenaked Ladies song.

This is pretty good.

This premise seems more like a Devil move than Death. Make a friend in a week then cause them immense amounts of anguish when you die not even a week later

Well then. Good start. And I hope Charley has a watch with a countdown timer.

So, he has a week to make a true, meaningful friendship, then leave forever almost immediately?

That's when Death says, "Surprise, this is your next life after all!"

I like it, can't wait for the next chapter!

Good job on your new chapter, Boopy Doopy. I like it! I'll be willing to see Charley learning how to fly. You should always focus on training and consider it a step forward. And each step is taking you higher and higher until you reach the top, which is where you should stay.

Is this story based off of 101 Good Deeds for Henry Dowd?

Nicely done! Him not able to fly, funny...there are OCs who struggle too, so he's techically not alone. Sorry, rambling

He figured there was at least one person with wings who couldn’t fly, but he shrugged it off.

Go walk through the orchard to a little treehouse and you'll find her. :scootangel:

I always laugh when I read about characters named Charlie/Charley. Gives a whole new meaning to the term 'Charlie horse.' :rainbowlaugh:

I can already imagine that the party is not going to go well. And if he manages to put Pinkie Pie off...I'm very much looking forward to it.

Oh my goodness, the main character is painful, definitely going to need Pinkie's help. Looking forward to seeing how this goes!

An interesting start.

He should have just let Death end him

Very good on your new chapter, Boopy Doopy. I really like it. Whoa, that was harsh for him to say that. I hope he'll apologize to them for what he said to them. Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.

With that much edge I'm surprised he isn't slipping through time and space.

You leave Derpy out of this she's a single mother doing the best in her life

“I’m not a girl,” he responded flatly.

To quote the modern-day Bard himself, "liar liar wings on fire."

I'm confused, why are they mistaking him for a mare?

Hmm. This will be interesting, I'll be willing to see Thunderlane training Charley how to fly. Don't believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you'll see the way to fly.


What kinda problems does this guy have to be this clueless and/or stupid?

Very nice, him about to learn to fly. Heh, i also often feel like i screw

I swear, Charley has gotta be the thickest pony in the world. Or he has an undiagnosed case of ASD and never sought to figure out why and how people did things (which to be fair I probably wouldn't either if I remained undiagnosed). So yea it's probably the first thing, caused by the second.

This is starting to get pretty good, Boopy Doopy. I hope I'll get to see Charley fly. Our dreams wrapped in desire let us fly high enough to get the reward.

Did i get that right, thunderlane is bi? If yes, Interesting take

Thunderlane just likes to flirt with ponies, whether mare or stallion.

Death never said that. It only said what would happen if he didn't make a friend in a week.

I imagine if he makes a friend, he'll be allowed to live a full life surrounded by people he actually cares about, and then pass on normally when he dies. The week is just a trial period to see if this person is capable of connecting with another.

Blech. Stop acting like a fourteen-year-old girl. He’s a horse. And a man, for that matter.

A very attractive man, well stallion, at that.

“That’s just how it goes sometimes, man. I don’t blame you if you’re falling in love with me though. In fact, I’ll take it as a compliment if you are! Maybe I should try harder.”

Based Thunderlane.

Charley learned how to glide for the first time, this is so cool! Hopefully, Thunderlane will sure get him to fly full time. Keep going, because there is nothing worse in this world than to stop. Simply keep flying.

He didn’t think about what he did next, and closed his eyes and leaned in to kiss the stallion. Thunderlane was thinking however, and pulled back before Charley could.


Why didn't you respond to my comment?

The fool he opened up his heart to somone else. Rookie mistake smh.

He didn’t think about what he did next, and closed his eyes and leaned in to kiss the stallion. Thunderlane was thinking however, and pulled back before Charley could.

Wow, that something new.

“Cutting you down right here where you stand and letting your existence end,” he said flatly. “There’s no way you’re getting through to the other side, not with the state your soul is in.” The tip of the scythe’s blade touched the center of Charley’s chest.

I wonder if I'm the only one who would prefer the deletion to the option of an afterlife?


This new chapter is starting to get pretty good, Boopy Doopy. I can't wait to see Thunderlane training Charley to do some wing-ups along with other exercises as well. One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

“I just don’t like stallions like that.”


Nice job on your new chapter, Boopy Doopy. I'm really enjoying it. I sure hope Thunderlane will train Charley on his flying skills. Life is about being a versatile athlete and training in all realms of life.

Another nice chapter

Okay, I clearly missed something somewhere. Where does it say that Charley is actually a woman? He was introduced as a guy in the first sentence of the first chapter. Is it another case of gender dysphoria like in COoMC? I'm still able to basically follow the story, but that part is kinda throwing me off…

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