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Cold in Gardez

Stories about ponies are stories about people.


Raven has been trying to snag the latest romance novel in the lurid Ginger Gypsy series -- torrid, trashy and utterly irresistible -- for weeks. And now, thanks to a coworker's generosity, she has her grubby little hooves on a copy. Tonight is going to be great.

Raven lives alone in an upscale apartment in a nice neighborhood in Canterlot. She only rarely has friends over. Which is why the note in the book is so puzzling.


A Horror entry in Bicylette's "A Thousand Words" contest.

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The story reminds me of that scene from the movie, The Navigator, where the machine was reading the kids subconscious, which knew so much more about what was going on than he actually did.

A Cold in Gardez entry, huh?

Everyone else pack it in :trollestia:

Before reading:
:yay: CiG is still alive

After reading: poor Raven...
Jump Scare style aside, I'm curious to know what was going on:rainbowderp:, and maybe a tad bit more info on her new book:twilightblush:

This was excellent. I love what a tiny percentage of the words were actually about the horror, and the rest was setting up the atmosphere and the mechanics of the quill. A terrific example of less being more.

So are you saying that there's a pony haunting the book? Well considering the book's content it's probably either Ginger Gypsy in pursuit of another lover or Ginger Gypsy's lovers in search of a replacement of her.

I say she should finish her book before sleep though. There could be clues if the subconscious writing is relevant. Even if that doesn't work, having a book's ending unknown before demise is not a good feeling.

Good story, good horror, good unknown spook.


Sunny #6 · 1 week ago · · ·

Appreciate the ambiguity, heightens the tension. Was it real? Who knooooows~

Huh. Maybe a commentary on people's internet habits and how third party companies log browser histories?

I've heard anyone can buy them.

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