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This story is a sequel to Old Friends

Her oldest friend tries to save her, but they both discover it's too late.

Cover art by DaisyAzuras

Chapters (1)

As Hearth's Warming nears, Applejack celebrates in her own private way.

Cover art by PyrisiaMiracles

Reading by ScribblerSpanish translation by Spaniard Kiwi

Chapters (1)

She noticed the pony for the first time when she was young, not long after she'd received her cutie mark. He became her oldest friend.

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Cover art by DaisyAzurasFeatured in the Royal Canterlot Library

Reading by Neighrator PonySpanish translation by Spaniard Kiwi

Chapters (3)

No knowledge of TRON is necessary to enjoy the story.

Ten years after Celestia disappeared with no warning nor trace, Twilight Sparkle receives a message from the lost princess calling for help. When Twilight and Rainbow speed to Canterlot, Dash is accidentally transported to a strange world – but in her race to escape the System, she faces an enemy she never expected.

Cover art by Maxiima and RBDash47

Spanish translation by Spaniard Kiwi

Chapters (15)