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This story is a sequel to Old Friends

Her oldest friend tries to save her, but they both discover it's too late.

Cover art by DaisyAzuras

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 43 )

Well, I think I am going to go read the sequel before I start this. Oh, this looks so good, too.

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I suspect you mean prequel, and please do! :pinkiehappy:

No, you will write a sequel to this in the future, and I am going to read it now. :derpytongue2:

But yes, I will. You blew me away with Home, so no doubt will I be left dumbfounded once again.


Holy shit

You just ousted my top favorite story from its spot. It has held that for nearly a year now, against everything I've ever read. And with this one-shot you just blew it out of the water, through the atmosphere, and off into space. Congrats!

On another note, if you ever want an editor or prereader for anything, at any time, send me a message. I need to stop idolizing you, and the best way to do that is to see your stories before they get edited.

To clarify, I mean top favorite stories. Period. Not pony stories, any story at all. You beat out Isaac Asimov, Stephen King, Cheistopher Paolini -- I liked this story more than any of the thousands I've read. Maybe tens or hundreds of thousands. I lost count five years ago at 3,300ish.

Yikes, that middle. :twilightoops:

Also, I can't help but imagine the eventual lecture from Luna: "Philomena, stop burning Celestia to ash as a prank during diplomatic dinners. It really isn't funny for anyone but you."

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Wow. Just....:rainbowderp:
The ending confused me a little, though, but only for the fact that I reay it with my brain turned off, so you need not worry :twilightblush:
From what I can figure out, Death didn't want Celestia to die, so he tampered with the supernatural, and made it so she was like a Phoenix: never dying?
Other than that, great story :pinkiehappy:

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It's a little more subtle (and painful) than that.

Death knew that Celestia was dying, and he didn't want to lose her, so he interfered and kept her in this world. She has always been a phoenix, but neither she nor Death knew. Death was able to prevent her death, but she could only go on so long, and eventually her inner fire burned her alive. If Death had not interfered, she would have died and burned (in that order) and been reborn; instead her best friend unknowningly put her through the most excruciating pain and terror possible.

Thanks for reading!

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That is very high praise; I don't personally feel I deserve it, but who am I to turn it down? Thank you!

4675081 Shut up. Stop being so damnably humble. You deserve that praise. You wrote an amazing story and you deserve the praise you get. Do you understand? Or do I need to beat it into your head with a phoenix-pony?

On a side note, Spitfire headcanon updated.

That was quite the surprise actually. I didn't see that coming at all.

Care to explain in english? Idk why I can't figure out what some of what you're saying.

The Observer says:

I remember when all this will be again.
(Asphodel ? Discworld)

It doesnt make the pain any easier to bear. :pinkiesad2:


The "Old Friend" is Death. Princess Celestia is like a phoenix. She dies, and then she burns, and then she comes back to life from the ashes. However, she did not know that she was like a phoenix until the events of this story. Death did not know that either. Death noticed that Princess Celestia was dying. He tried to stop it. But Princess Celestia is like a phoenix. She must burn and come back from the ashes. Because Death tried to keep her alive, she burned to death before coming back. If he had not tried to keep her alive, she would have died with no pain, burned, and come back without pain. By trying to help Princess Celestia, Death made her suffer the pain of being burned alive, while not knowing that she would come back.

Ok... this story did two things for me.
1. It made me cry. The first bucking story on this site to actually make me cry.
2. I remembered why I still come here to read. For those moments when you stumble on a diamond like this.

A fav and a like is not much, but you got it. And you damn deserved it, as well.

Ooooooooh... :rainbowderp:

Holy shit, talk about a twist. Honestly, I almost did a spittake at that. I've never had that before.

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That was an excellent ELI5. Thank you.

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Spitfire headcanon updated.

Man... I like that.

4677683 I was actually shooting more for simple.wikipedia.org (relevant xkcd).

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Ha! Even better.

Damn, that was beautiful...

I don't really have anything to add to that.

Sir, you are a damn artist. I applaud you. Excellent work! :yay:

I don't know if it was your intention, but this story has a very creepy sort of vibe to it. A sense of dissonance like some of the very best Twilight Zone episodes had. A mastercrafted story, I enjoyed every moment of reading it.

Weird fact: In Old Friends, I read Death's voice as Alan Rickman. For some reason, this time my brain cast Jason Alexander in the role.

I... I love this. It bears a certain resemblance to the comedy fic about Celestia bursting into flames, but I like the darker take on it so much more. Burning to death is truly one of the worst ways to go, and you captured that without being too... grisly with the details. I'm just thankful reincarnation's a thing in the MLP universe, even if it's only canon for phoenixes.

Have a like and a fav.

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It was definitely supposed to be kind of mysterious and unsettling.

Alan Rickman would be great for him! Jason Alexander... I dunno about that, haha.


I had to. :rainbowwild:

Reminds me an awful lot of .until the last pony is ferried., and it was similarly beautiful and haunting. The same sort of vibe was there, of something other and greater.
Well done on an awesome story!

I don't know that this feels like a sequel, but it's still poignant. I like the idea of Celestia's connection to the sun changing her nature. Wonder what that implies for her sister.

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I really like SleeplessBrony's take on Luna as presented in Romance Reports, that she waxes and wanes in size/power with the lunar cycle.

im a bit confused on the ending.... did he kill her? i dont get it, none the less lovely story! i loved every word of it. thank you for this story... until next time.... PEACEEEE!!!!

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The last scene is Celestia going through another burning cycle, with Luna and Death at her side.

I really enjoyed this, and it's a great sequel. I do, however, feel the phoenix thing was telegraphed a bit early and obviously, leading me to think it must be a red herring. When it actually followed through, it felt a bit cheap, and lessened the impact the story was carrying up to that point. Perhaps just my own jadedness to that trope though. Still, good story!

Like a phoenix.
I expected everything going down, but. Yoy did it. I so wish I could cry in joy.

Both these stories were beautiful.

Celestia the Pheonix
But it's interesting that she realizes stars aren't the same when they're reborn, so does this mean Celestia will begin to change her appearance, too?

"Nose! I still have a nose! Two wings! Four legs! *Looks at mane* sighDarn! Still not ginger!" :trollestia:

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I'm simultaneously intrigued by your suggestions and horrified that you turned my beautiful fic into a Doctor Who crossover.


5591898 hey, with ALL the different crossovers that happen here, you're surprised that it happened, even if you really didn't intend it? :yay:

Very nice, though "nice" isn't really the most appropriate word. "Disturbing" would be better. It took me a while to realise exactly why things happened as they did, but when I did... *shudder*

Very poignant.

This was a neat headcanon for Celestia, and the sequel didn't falter. Thanks for sharing!

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