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A collection of poems about ponies.
I'll keep putting all the pony poems I write here so if you want to stay updated you should track it.
Also, if anyone has ideas for a better cover image, those are welcome

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I liked this, but at the end of this poem you put a space in learn. Or maybe it was intentional.

5222814 You're welcome. Out of curiosity, how many more poems do you think you'll add? Will it be ongoing number of random poems or sort of a limited number of poems telling a story?

5222824 The poems will just keep on coming, though probably only like one a month or something. they're just random mlp poems that I wrote, so I'll publish them when I write them.

These are really good. You really took aspects of MLP and made them deep and even a tad bit dark. I look forward to reading more of your stuff! Nice job!:heart:

5228803 thanks!

5228823 I think so. I had to write more than a thousand word of poetry though so...

5228845 Poems can have a narrative, and they can tell a story. and I wasn't the first one to do it

I like it. It's a bit more "prose" than normal poetry, but it's very good.

5261394 Yah, that's my poetry style. I'm working on trying other types of poetry, but they usually don't turn out well.

A few mistakes here and there, but otherwise I find it very interesting. Nice and bleak atmosphere, and I like how it "meanders" toward places that I don't expect.

In a way, it reads like ponies were stuck in purgatory/hell and trying to claw their way out by clinging to what good they can remember. Delightfully dark... :pinkiecrazy:

Have a like and fave.

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