• Published 2nd Nov 2014
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Poetry - September

A collection of poems

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I thought there was nothing else out here
But there,
A petal
It circles me in the wind
And becomes a storm
Surrounding me with flecks of color
And I might just disappear
And leave a petal

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5222814 You're welcome. Out of curiosity, how many more poems do you think you'll add? Will it be ongoing number of random poems or sort of a limited number of poems telling a story?

5222824 The poems will just keep on coming, though probably only like one a month or something. they're just random mlp poems that I wrote, so I'll publish them when I write them.

These are really good. You really took aspects of MLP and made them deep and even a tad bit dark. I look forward to reading more of your stuff! Nice job!:heart:

5228803 thanks!

5228823 I think so. I had to write more than a thousand word of poetry though so...

5228845 Poems can have a narrative, and they can tell a story. and I wasn't the first one to do it

5261394 Yah, that's my poetry style. I'm working on trying other types of poetry, but they usually don't turn out well.

A few mistakes here and there, but otherwise I find it very interesting. Nice and bleak atmosphere, and I like how it "meanders" toward places that I don't expect.

In a way, it reads like ponies were stuck in purgatory/hell and trying to claw their way out by clinging to what good they can remember. Delightfully dark... :pinkiecrazy:

Have a like and fave.

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