• Published 2nd Nov 2014
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Poetry - September

A collection of poems

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Now All I Have is Regret

The worst part wasn't my new life
It was my old one
It’s no wonder I gave up

I didn't jump where I couldn't fly
I didn't wrap rope around my neck
and force myself to fall
But I might as well have
“I died for my friends,” I could say
But not really. I just gave myself up
And tried to make it look
Like an accident

Maybe I should have told someone before I left
Maybe I should have said goodbye
But that isn't the worst part
The worst part is I still remember

The one I loved but never said
The one I kissed but betrayed
The one I left

So now I only have regret


I try and find my way in in this new world
But I can’t forget the mistakes I’ve made
Am I bound to make them again?

This world is so different
And I look so different
I've trades hooves for hands
And wings for feet
but have I really changed at all?

This world is so dark
So I should fit right in
But there’s a difference between
A mood
And a reality

I expected death to close in like darkness
And take me from all I knew
But instead
It gave me all I knew as I joined the darkness
You could say it’s only passing from one world to another
But you can’t go back
You are gone in that world

And when you come through to the new world,
It takes all you have
Your home
You’re loved
Your direction

But it leaves your regret