• Published 2nd Nov 2014
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Poetry - September

A collection of poems

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A Beautiful Day in Equestria

It’s a beautiful day in equestria
The sun is shining
The pegasi only put a few clouds in the sky
And there's a slight breeze
And I know something is bound to go wrong
(It always does)
But it will be alright
We have enough

We have enough kindness
(Because everything starts when we start to see
And reaching out
Shine so much

We have enough laughter
(Because we make mistakes
And we can grow
But its best to

We have enough honesty
(Because we’ve put up so many walls
And with every one we tear down
We get

We have enough generosity
(How deep can this go?
It depends,
How much are you willing to

We have enough loyalty
(When I fight
I need someone
By my

We have enough friendship
(It is so much more than
I ever though it could be
Even when it ends ill carry it with me

So even though the sky is black
And the world has gone to waste
We have enough
Its enough to give us hope
And so much more
So no matter how
Dark it gets
We have more then enough