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Are you a fan of Dubstep? Do you enjoy jamming to Skrillex or Modestep? Do you like Vinyl

If so, you are now apart of the Dubstep and Brony Community, post your stories here and meet other Dubstep fans!


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There's my hat in the ring:

<--Likes Dubstep.
94% steel, though.

I don't know if anyones heard of this song, but here something new!

341989 let the bass cannon kick it.


Its great aint it. I listened to that through my headphones at max volume. May i just add that at full volume te decibel meter would be exactly the same as a 100ft fly by from a jet. Yeah.....ouch:fluttershbad:

341890 I went to check it out bro. Good to see people still know the difference between music and being funneled elephant shit in the ear through a vuvuzela. Good call bro.


Bitch please check existance by excision if you want real bass

So y'all like dubstep huh? You guys should check out autistic dubstep maestro Savant, his stuff is unreal! :ajsmug:

just wondering....am i gonna find EDM and house here too? coz if i am im gonna be so happy :pinkiehappy:

PREPARE YOURSELF FOR ONE HELL OF AN EARGASM:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

Comment posted by Vonglory deleted Sep 30th, 2013

wubdubdub mother pony!!!!!!!!


Oh yeah, and before I forget, would some one please tell me how to add a story to this group? I am working on an octascratch story, and I believe it should be able to go in this group. Thank you.

So by dubstep, do you strictly mean just dubstep, or do you include other varieties such as trance, and just use dubstep as the very say term?


289843 Country music.

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