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This group is dedicated to those who hide in shadow, those who live in the night. This group is dedicated to the thief, the assassin, the cut throat, the silent killer, the silent ghost, the uncatchable shadow, the NIght Angel.

1)For a fic to be in this group the main focus of the story must be stealth. Stealth must have an active role in the story for it to be accepted. There may be exceptions but please discuss it with me.

2) I'm no white knight but please refrain from posting clop for clops sake. The fic may have clop in it, but as mentioned in rule one (one of) the main focus(es) of the story must be stealth, not sexual interactions. Keep things safe for work.

3) No bullying. I am not omnipresent but I will attempt to regularly sort through the forums and the group in general to ensure people are being polite and courteous to each other. Do not be afraid to contact me if there is a problem. I will deal with it and if I cannot I will hand it over to the site admins.

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