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After sending Twilight to Ponyville, Princess Celestia demands letters from her but when Twilight starts to complain, Celestia becomes unhappy and replies to her letters in her own way. Some chapters will be done in live action because some events need to be seen instead of simply written about after the event.

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Honestly, feels like a rip-off of this story.

TLetters From A Disgruntled Friendship Student
Twilight Sparkle is being sent to Ponyville to learn about friendship. She's not happy about it.
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I will admit, that story inspired me to start doing this but I wouldn't exactly say it is a rip-off. To be honest, I'm trying to make this a more fun to read and less daunting version of "Celestia's Views."

Just based on this, you now have a tracking, a follow, and a like. This is one of the most brilliant things I have read on this site.


Thanks, I plan on having a new chapter up daily so there will be plenty more to come!


So west side story is just a rip off of rome and juliet right? Or ten things I hate about you is just a rip off of taming of the shrew maybe House of cards is a ripp off of mac bethh. Hell the lion king, hamlet. The author took an idea and gave his slant to it. Stop being stuck up about it.


Thanks for coming to my defense. Great examples there by the way.

Yeah, Authors and artists through the centuries have taken inspiration from, as well as openly stolen from one anther for decades. It has only been within the modern era that anyone gives a shit. Pisses me of. So I enjoy then being critical with those that use the term rip off liberally. I’m a critical person by nature so it comes naturally. There are really no original ideas within the human mind, the originality of things comes from execution and application. Plagerism is one thing, but if you have “ripped something off” and succeeded in making it your own, then you are just a really good writer. So don’t listen to some idiots with their inaccurate bias.

This is a lot like Letters from an Irritated Princess.


Yes it shares similarities but there are other fics similar to it along with my own. I'm simply throwing my own spin into things and having Celestia and Twilight communicate in the same chapter. I do hope it will be just as enjoyable for people as the others are.


So, Celestia is punishing Twilight's parents just because she feels like Twilight's whining too much? That's not very nice.


You have to understand the nature of this fic, everything is supposed to be hilarious....and Celestia punishing her parents is supposed to be part of the humor.

I knew there was gonna ve a limp dick joke somewhere.

Does that mean black unicorns have longer horns?


Does that mean black unicorns have longer horns?

Horn length and coat color never even crossed my mind. And I'm going to be honest, I didn't even intend for it to be a limp dick joke.

Well there went my black dick joke. :facehoof:

Twilight and Celestia both as bitches.

I approve.


Well they shall continue to both be bitches. It is MUCH MORE FUN when both of them are bitches.


Why does anyone love and worship Celestia if she's so mean?

When she talks about punishing Twilight, what does that entail?


Almost nopony knows about her mean side, most everypony simply sees the loving, kind Celestia. Regarding the punishment, I'll leave that up to your imagination.....although reading "Celestia's Views" where she discusses punishing Twilight will give you an idea.


Horrific rape and torture?


Not necessarily rape or torture....in Celestia's Views....Celestia simply sees it as rough "sexy times"....but I'll leave it up to the readers' imaginations to interpret what her punishment would be.


Right. Rape. Like how she more or less raped Sunset in the Friendship games chapter and kicked her out because Sunset, understandably, didn't want to be constantly molested.


It is whatever you want to see Twilight's punishments being here but I'm being more vague about the punishments here, I'm not tying sex into them. In this story, punishment would me more like banishment or given Twilight's disdain towards her acquaintances, making her move in with one of them for a while.


I don't WANT it to be rape, just pointing out how that's what it often came off as in Celestia's Views. Not to mention Celestia abusing her power to force mares to sleep with her upon threat of doing awful things to them.

But I'm glad that's not happening here. I hope.


Oh it won't. This is a totally different story, it revolves around both Twi and Tia bitching, it isn't the Princess Celestia show like "Celestia's Views" is.


If they can't seduce her, why don't they just drag her into the torture chamber and force her? Probably wouldn't be the first time either of them's done that.


Why HASN'T she enslaved them?


She hasn't because she doesn't want to be seen as a dictator.


If this were "Celestia's Views" it would have already happened. I'm not going to have anypony forcing others into non-consensual sex here.


Just like it is with the non-con sexual activities, I'm keeping things like that limited to "Celestia's Views."

Twilight and Celestia just need to get a room for like a year let other be in charge as the buck each other for a year non stop

I am enjoy this one a lot, though I wish there was story like this two letter going back and forth but it with Princess molestia and a twilight who does not get that the princess is after her booty/lust after her. or Princess molestia and a half bitch/half lusting after other Twilight


I'm not sure if there are any out there or not. There are other stories similar to this one but none that are like that. I'm trying to keep both of them more as disrespectful bitches although Twilight does have her desires for certain mares.

I figure thought I be lolling if down the road after twilight become a princess they go form bitch at each other to try to suduce each other. or kidnap twilight "friends" and have needy fun with them


Well I'm thinking I may make some changes between the dynamic between Twilight and Celestia after she ascends but Celestia will still be as condescending as ever, especially once the season 5 finale arrives and Starlight appears to have stronger magic.....and Twilight's obsession with the spa twins will be something that will exist throughout the whole story.


And while this is a ways off, I'm thinking about if or when I should have Twilight initiate Starlight as a friend, especially given that she lives with her.

will be rolling on ground lolling, if after ward fluttershy end up slave to twilight or become super stalkersish toward twilight


Well I don't have any plans on making Fluttershy being Twily's slave, well anytime soon anyway....I want to drag Twilight's obsession out for a while. After all, this baby won't be done until the end of the series....over 200 episodes.

I almost suspect this version of Celestia arranges Twilight a Alicorn to keep her around for the love-hate relationship...

Alternatively given how much twilight's rage induced Rapidash impression during Feeling Pinkie Keen looks like Daybreaker, she's really Celestia secret daughter and the whole magical mystery cure affair was to cover up that fact.

Third Alternative off the rocker theory its was a ancient conspiracy to get back at Celestia for saying some bakers cake was subpar or Starswirl's revenge for her trolling behavior.


Doesn't Celestia use other ponies, like Twilight, all the time? Seems kind of hypocritical of her. Does she have slaves too?


Later on she will. Given that Twilight is her star student and protege at this time, Twilight will be the primary one she focuses with and up until "Lesson Zero" Twilight was the one that she almost exclusively communicated with....now yeah, she has talked about Twinkleshine and keeping her away from Twilight and will continue to do so, she has a sense that Twilight OWES her for the position she is in and that is why she focuses on her the way she does.


Does that make Twinkleshine her slave?


No, Celestia simply wants to do whatever she can to keep Twilight from getting her because she knows how much Twilight wants her, chances are the same situation will happen with Minuette too.....it is whoever Twilight talks about a lot out of her old Canterlot friends.


At this rate, how/why will Twilight ever ascend?

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