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One of these days, I may actually finish a story


The land of Equestria has faced many enemies in the past. But these enemies fell easily, swiftly crushed by the heroes of Equestria.
The Thieves Guild of Equestria is making no such mistakes.
Chronicled here are the tales of the legendary thieves who faced guards, dragons, wizards, and even the princesses themselves, all for the thrill of adventure and the jingle of coins.

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woah. 30/10 NGI

Awesome start to the story, interesting characters and consept too, hope to see more soon :twilightsmile:

This is really good! Keep it up :pinkiehappy:

You have my interest.

The earth pony chuckled. "Is it really fair of you to take us for fools? There is only one shop you can be referring to, and I would prefer not to come into conflict with one who has fought gods and won."

I do love me some Pragmatic Evil.

Hmm, so a thieves guild... I would be correct in assuming they aren't going to be generally interested in jobs that would bring down the wrath of the princesses or carry out the sort of thefts that would create instability that make their jobs harder and less profitable?

Not at the moment, they're not. But maybe in the future...


So smart criminals who might get less so in the future from overconfidence or getting too greedy causing them problems that they created themselves?

This is going to be interesting.

Please do more! I don’t want a year to pass :fluttercry:

Well, probably a bit, but more so that they don't plan to stay a 4 horseman team forever. They do plan to expand eventually, and take their criminal empire to the point where they are fully capable of dealing with the threat of the princesses.
I don't want to give spoilers, but let's just say that Check Mate already has a plan in motion that could take the Guild into direct confrontation with the princesses...

Hold up, are the thieves guild responsible and are trying to con the Princesses out of some easy money, or are the Inquisition an actual thing in this story, and are bound to be an actual antagonist to the guild?

"Ooh, Spike, look! This next room features the work of the great Paint Smudge! He's famous for his post neo-modern fusion cubism paintings! Isn't that exciting?"

Dangit BookHorse...

"My operatives uncovered evidence of a plot against you. A small hive of renegade changelings, still loyal to Chrysalis, had plans to kidnap you from your rooms at the palace. They were going to make an example out of you. It was decided that we needed to step in and intervene. I apologize for the somewhat abrupt manner of your entry, but we had to make sure the changelings were unaware of our actions."


"So you're vigilante's," Twilight said flatly.


The anesthetic we used will leave you weak for quite a while.

That's not what an anesthetic is. Anesthetics are painkillers. Not chloroform.

"No, that sounds pretty unlikely. They don't seem to have any interest in kidnapping, just burglary. It's just that, well, they advertise themselves as being able to pull off any job." He paused and looked the princesses in the eye. "Any. Job."

Rescuing a Princess. Interesting job.

Seated behind the desk was a shadowy figure. Luna realized that whoever the pony was, they were hiding their true form from her. "Impressive," she conceded. "There are few who could successfully conceal themselves from me in a dream."

Which leads me to wonder, can't Luna use this to find Twilight's dream and ask her what happened?

"I would do this for free, but an organization has costs to keep it running." The figure took in Luna's shocked expression. "Understand, I live in Equestria just as you. I understand who keeps us safe from our enemies. If one of the Elements of Harmony went missing, what would we do the next time Tirek attacks us, or Chrysalis? If Equestria was to come under attack, I would be in as much peril as any other."

Huh. Pragmatic pony.

"We are moving ahead with the plan," he announced. "You all know your parts. I expect you to play them well. If we fail, everything we have built will come crashing down around us. If we succeed, we become legend." He looked each member of the guild in the eye, and each of them nodded their assent. Check Mate smiled.

And so, it begins.

All those questions will be answered in part 2 of this chapter.

Thank you so much for all the comments on this story, it helps motivate me to keep going when I want to quit


I hope I see more of this story. I like to see more thief’s in Equestria

So instead of stealing Hearth's Warming, they stole BACK Hearth's Warming.

Pretty much, yeah. There was stealing, there was Hearth's Warming, I decided close enough was good enough.

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