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Not all Alicorns are female and not all Alicorns are royalty. Some are working class ponies that the masses can relate with.



This story is a sequel to Terror in Equestria 9: Return of Tambelon

Five thousand years after the slaying of Grogar and the restoration of normality, the most wicked villains in the history of Equestria return with a dark relic from the ancient past. Defeating them and saving the world will be a huge challenge but when one of their own returns to her old ways, things will only get worse.

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"You're becoming the very monster Twilight Sparkle was Colgate. "

Congrats Colgate, you finally did it. You've finally entered bitching mode.

And now Colgate, you have just become WORST then Dark Goddess Twilight Sparkle. Congrats ya insane tyrant.

Oh ho, I hate Grogar so much, such a stupid character in my opinion XD I hope Hasbro recreates him better in G4 season 9 lol But Tirek is my man, he's so much better than Grogar at the moment. 😃

But Grogar actually fits well into this story of yours. 😄 I like this idea. 😊

In my story, Lord Maelstrom just upright kills him, out of uselessness XD

So Storm Luna, what happens now? Is the series over? Has it finally ended? Is this the final & last T.I.E. of the series?


Not necessarily. The way I initially had this end, where everything wound up just being a nightmare of Twilight's would have ended it but then I realized that if I had it be like that, the whole series would wind up being wasted. The way I have ended this one, I do plan on doing another one later on, one where Colgate's plans and desires change....and she does have plans to repair both the Rainbow of Light and the Rainbow of Darkness to aid her in her plans on top of having Grogar's collar fused into herself already.

Oh man, for a minute, I thought I was gonna flip my shit. But, this will make Colgate a freaking god. And that's terrifying. But thank you for changing your mind. The "it was all a dream" endings lack the proper climatic ending this series deserves.


Well Colgate does have plans on bringing somepony back, reprogramming her, casting the ultimate loyalty spell on her and sending her and changeling armies out to do her bidding, all while playing the role of miss innocent, I never did anything wrong.

Oh, what a total bitch move. But I've noticed a theme in your stories, why do you always paint Colgate as a villain? Just curious, because of the T.I.E. series & C.R. (Colgate's Rants) series.


For a good part of the TiE series, Colgate is portrayed as a good pony. However, you should read the "Colgate's Practice" series if you want to truly see her portrayed as a villain.

Also, there is the one where Fluttershy and Colgate start dating where she is not a villain, more of her and Flutters both being naive when it comes to dating.

Ok, I overlooked a few things, my bad. But I did not read that one. Sorry about making a judgement like that.


It's alright. There is also one called "The Adventure of Two Sisters" where she and Lyra (her sister) found a portal to Ponyland and Lyra kidnapped Megan Williams and brought her home.

Oh, what a cute story. I'm a start reading it.

Hey, is there a way we can talk privately without giving away story details? Because I really don't want to reveal spoilers to the story.

dont kill the cow by milking it so hard


Good news, I am currently working on a 11th TiE story and this one is going to be a doozy. If you like characters who will stop at nothing for global conquest along with beasts from The Lord of the Rings, you'll love it. I have decided that I want something dark, incredibly dark. Now the ending I'm not 100% certain of but with the hell I'm going to put Eqqus 1 through, it may be the end of the series.....yes I know I've been saying that for a while.

At first, I planned on ending it after the third one when Twilight fulfilled her destiny, then at five when Twilight was unmade, then initially 7 until I added the alternate ending, then of course 10 UNTIL I scrapped the "it was all a dream" ending but with 11, the devastation will be so great that the world may not recover and I have no plans on giving it two endings.

It will likely be several months until it is complete but trust me, it will be worth the wait.

Awesome! I'm just getting so excited! But also, it's sad. This will be the last Tie of the series. It's been a huge journey for tie, for you, for all of your fans of tie, & for all of your (living) characters. I'm proud to have read Terror In Equinestria. Thank you & thank everyone that helped you during this project.
Thank you Stormluna.


You're welcome. I know 11 isn't exactly a round number but I have decided that the final one should be epic, bloody and full of creatures never before seen, more relics will be found, more ancient libraries will be found and a couple of characters from previous stories will return to take part in what will make the other wars look tame.

Yeah, Colgate. what He/She said.

ikr? LMTO And i started tearing up when i saw they life bond. i was literally crying! so beautiful.

Great Job Colgate. You're a flat out power hungry, bloodthirsty idiot.

( Blazing Glory) replied, "Of course I would. I am a stallion who values law and order and I would never break any laws. As steward, it is my job to take care of the throne and protect the citizens of this nation from all threats, both internal and external."

totally dumb. Ruby was an annoying brat.

OMG, Colgate is a flat out IDIOT!

Wait wait wait there is a eleventh in progress and this is a wild guess but is this ‘bringing some pony back’ Twilight since I can’t rly see any other options

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