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I have always loved music. And I'd like to think that our entire universe is just like one great big symphony, and is playing right before our eyes.

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This story is a sequel to Dear Princess Sunbutt

When Anon takes the liberty to inject his particular brand of humor into Twilight's friendship lessons, Celestia feels the need to respond, more often than not.

A somewhat unofficial sisterfic to 2Merr's Dear Princess Sunbutt

There may not be a response to every letter, and letters 1-11 were taken from my comments in said sister-story.

Please support 2Merr's story too if you like this one. This is written with encouragement of the original author.

(Note: Picture used without permission from Derpibooru. Upon request it will be promptly removed.)

EDIT: Apparently someone's done a reading of this and its sisterfic over on Youtube! Why does nopony tell me these things.

Chapters (154)

Anon takes over Spike’s job of transcribing Twilight’s friendship reports. He does exactly what you’d expect.

Sister fic containing Celestia’s replies up to Letter 120 - To: Anon, From HRH Sunbutt written by Snow

Chapters (184)

Button Mash finds a video game that kills him in real life if he dies in the game.

He can't stop playing it.

Proofread by BootyPopperzZz and DrOcsid.
Edited by Dreams of Ponies.
Original source image by yuji8sushi, the artistic trashy edits were done by yours truly.

Chapters (1)

I am formally known as the Mad Hatter, but my friends call me Hatter. I don't think I can call myself human anymore after what those shadow hands did to me, but I just roll with it. I'd rather have fun and be carefree than let a little dimensional traveling affect me.
Let us just see how these ponies like my madness...and hats, I hope they like my hat.

Crossover with Don't Starve, but you don't need to know much about the game.
My first published story, with inspiration from the stories of LoHAV

Chapters (6)

Not all humans who arrive in Equestria are friendly. Sometimes, they're total assholes.
Sometimes, they're trolls. Like these guys.

When you're two dudes who are cosplaying as Tobi and Yoshimitsu and are labelled Public enemies 1 and 2, sometimes, you just gotta go on a road trip.

Loosely inspired by F*ck it I'm having fun. Pic drawn by Genbu, who's kind of the coolest.

Edit: Huh, featured on 5 May 2014. Wasn't expecting this.

Chapters (19)

In the alternate timeline where Sombra was not stopped, a human finds himself suddenly in Sombra's body... just after the dread tyrant has conquered Equestria. Now trapped in a world where just about everyone hates him, he must try to keep up the illusion that he is the villainous conqueror, while at the same time try to win over his new subjects.

However, this will not be so simple, as the real Sombra is not quite dead... and he is most definitely not happy.

Part of The Ocean Of Time series.

Chapters (8)

[Anthros are present in this fic.]

A day of happiness turns sour and thrusts Spike into a world he never dreamed of entering. The villain's world. Now on the run from Celestia and other ponies, Spike must discover what was so bad that had him exiled. But there's also something else brewing in Equestria.

It'll be up to Spike and some other beings that have never been seen before to stop this new threat as Spike fights for his life.

This is the story of how Spike will become: The Last Draconian

Chapters (33)

I'm a human, and I just woke up in this really freakin' weird place. Why the hell does everyone hate me so much?!

anonpencil helped

Narration by Lector Readings

Chapters (1)


Thats what everyone calls us. Freaks or monsters just because we have animal ears and a tail. Me and my cousin just want to live a peaceful life without the government hunting us down for their experiments. My cousin, she's just eight years old and I thirteen. We have lived with our 'deformities' since we were born. The doctors couldn't figure out how either of us got the ears or tail. It was later on in my life that I figured out I had telekinesis and other powers, and that just made the government want us even more after finding out. They wanted to turn us into weapons but I grabbed Nate and ran away before they could.

One day we were backed into an alleyway and corned. With nowhere to run I was about to give up, but that was before a tear in space opened behind us. Now I did the smartest thing you could do in this situation, I used my powers on the soldiers before grabbing a few of their weapons, one of their trucks and my cousin before going in. What lied on the other side we were not prepared for.

A/N: This story takes place in a universe where mlp never existed. This will be set in a YHaY universe and the story will take place roughly close to two years before Nightmare Moon returns.. Also the chapters may be uploaded slowly due to school, but I will try me hardest to get them out to you.

Original story belongs to Madmaxtheblack, and MLP is owned by Hasbro.

Chapters (8)

Everypony remembers Tirek, the infamous, magic-stealing monster that walked Equestria all those years ago. However, few remember his brother, or the sacrifice he made to secure the future of ponykind.

Spike on the other hand remembers Scorpan quite well. Far more than he should, in fact. When memories from the distant past begin to emerge, memories of Scorpan and a dragon that looks uncannily similar to Spike, he has many questions, and very few answers.

Why does Spike have memories of a time eons past, and more importantly, why does the name ‘Scorpan’ sound so familiar?

Special thanks to Marshal Twilight for helping me touch up the story and plot, as well as editing.

Chapters (2)
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