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In Ponyville, a new and unusual resident moved into town. He went on adventures, made friends, met the love of his life, had children, and lived happily ever after for many years.

This isn't his story, but the story of his firstborn.

Anonymous Junior isn't like most ponies. Her teeth are sharp, her gaze is unnerving, and her gait is predatory. The hot blood of humanity, the blood of her sire, pumps through her veins, and it's apparent to all who look. Even when empowered by such passion, the life of a young filly is still one filled with trials and tribulations.

A re-imagining of Anon Filly as the biological daughter of Anonymous.
A Second-Person story starring You as Anonymous Junior
Takes place in the Reversed Gender Role Equesria AU
Makes use of OCs that I do not own. They belong to their respective creators and my depictions should not be considered accurate.

Chapters (5)

A group of pony radicals try to summon a demon to overthrow the princesses. Instead they got a human. They don't know what a human is.

((Pre Princess Twilight))

((Edit: Featured 5/11/2020. Didn't expect this to go over so well!))
((Edit2: Ch.8 featured 10/1/2020))
((Edit3: Featured 10/22/2020))
((Final Edit: Featured 3/25/2021))

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A human living in Canterlot castle is given to Queen Chrysalis as part of peace negotiations between Equestria and the Hive. Celestia knew she shouldn't have let Luna finish the negotiations herself.

Cover art by jalm on Derpibooru.

Featured on 4/22/20. Thanks guys!

Now with audio readings by StraightToThePointStudio! Go check them out.
The Audio Reading Playlist

Chapters (6)

Everyone loves Celestia, and they do not all love Luna. This is because Luna was once evil.

Celestia does not think that is fair, but she has a plan. If she turns evil and her sister saves the day, then ponies will give Luna all the love and attention she deserves!

All Celestia has to do is become evil... but come on, how hard can it be?

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Ponies have particularly floofy chests (or 'barrels')...have you ever noticed that?

A worthless one-shot based entirely on a dank meme ShobieShy posted on Twitter the other day.

EDIT: No way. Featured at #1 almost immediately on 10/7/19. They like the Floof!
EDIT: Audio Reading Link from StraightToThePointStudio same day!

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This story is a sequel to Dear Princess Sunbutt

When Anon takes the liberty to inject his particular brand of humor into Twilight's friendship lessons, Celestia feels the need to respond, more often than not.

A somewhat unofficial sisterfic to 2Merr's Dear Princess Sunbutt

There may not be a response to every letter, and letters 1-11 were taken from my comments in said sister-story.

Please support 2Merr's story too if you like this one. This is written with encouragement of the original author.

(Note: Picture used without permission from Derpibooru. Upon request it will be promptly removed.)

EDIT: Apparently someone's done a reading of this and its sisterfic over on Youtube! Why does nopony tell me these things.

Chapters (154)

Anon takes over Spike’s job of transcribing Twilight’s friendship reports. He does exactly what you’d expect.

Companion fic containing Celestia’s replies up to Letter 120 - To: Anon, From HRH Sunbutt written by Snow

Chapters (190)

Paul Zagranski is the best negotiator on Earth. He has ended wars and brokered deals between nations. But now, as humans and ponies prepare to seal the greatest trade pact ever between their dimensions, all of humanity is relying on him. We are willing to offer all our technology, our weapons, our science, every book ever written, every song ever sung and every movie ever screened, all of it in order to have what only the ponies can give.

Ear scritches. Also mane brushing and braiding. And nose boops.

God speed, Paul. All of Earth is counting on you.

Chapters (1)

Twilight is the coolest mare in the world. She's the coolest mare in any world really. Like cooler than a new book.

Today, she brings that coolness to a whole new world.

Artist is TJ pones

Chapters (1)

Alien biology is a fickle thing. Humans, of course, fit under this category. Turns out some parts of them are cause for concern.

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