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A group of pony radicals try to summon a demon to overthrow the princesses. Instead they got a human. They don't know what a human is.

((Pre Princess Twilight))

((Edit: Featured 5/11/2020. Didn't expect this to go over so well!))
((Edit2: Ch.8 featured 10/1/2020))
((Edit3: Featured 10/22/2020))
((Final Edit: Featured 3/25/2021))

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This seems really good! I'm watching this!

maby he is a demon and just was too lazy

This is going amazingly!:yay:
Hope to see the next chapter soon!:heart:

This was fun, exited to see where it goes

This will be even more hilarious he somehow not only convinces these schmucks that he’s an all powerful demon but even convinces the princesses and just the thought and the fear of him by using his powers enough to get them to surrender

you peaked my interests.

“Here me! We have summoned you to our realm to enact our will! Soon all of Equestria shall praise our names!” it proclaimed. It went on, not even really talking to you anymore, more the crowd behind it. You weren’t paying much attention anyway, so it didn’t matter.

Did you mean, "Hear me"?

Hey that’s pretty good!

Amusing so far. So is he in some sort of circle to keep a "demon" under control or did they stupidly try to summon a "demon" without precautions?

I also dont see any form of payment, no virgin sacrifices, no religious artifacts, not even blood. If they had been successful they would have been the first victims

Please tell me MC here has some comparative "demonic" superpowers in Ponyland. Maybe he's indestructible, magic immune, and everything feels as light as a feather to him? Classic Krypton powers that you wouldn't know you had until you were in a place where they're noticeable?

(insert World of Cardboard speech here)

Or maybe his demonic superpower is intimidation and he can just bullshit his way past anyone who questions him, like 10228634 said

I like it, keep it up.


Or maybe his demonic superpower is intimidation and he can just bullshit his way past anyone who questions him

Democratic republic super power??:trixieshiftright:
Good start, keep going.

This seems like its going places, We will watch your career with great interest!

The authentic but sparingly used WTF is what sells this story in my opinion

Idea! He can make deals with others, such as to connect their Mana pools to him and cause other effects. Allowing him to slowly build up power over time. He could also steal the alicorn amulet, which because he's a "demon" it will only empower him.

Reading that synopsis, the first thing that comes to mind is DMC—
"I make a point not to go out with women who shoot me in the head!"
"Date a demon? Ha. I'm not that desperate."

“They would wreck our shit. ” A voice added.

...or at very least "burgle your turds".

Eaten by molemen. Not the way I thought I’d go, thought for sure it’d be a shootout after I shanked the boss. Oh well, still kinda cool.

The dream of every minimum wage worker.

I mean, just natural human Common Sense would probably be a superpower. How many issues in MLP were basically derrived entirely based upon them being lovable derps.

They might have botched the ritual and I have a several ideas on how that might have happened, but that depends on the magic system.

As much as you wanted to improve things, your boss was a cheap bastard who took the minimum wage as more of a suggestion.

So he works for subway? Not bad, you got some good stuff here.

The average humans ability to think is more magical than anything these poor ponies could imagine. I’d say the summoning was completed perfectly.

I imagine that ponies are like super pure and the amulet and dark magic are bad because they rarely think negativity so the negative thot magic makes them go crazy. Humans that work minimum wage are gonna seriously consider murder at some point soooooo some bad thoughts are not a big deal

love this, continue it or else I'll hit you with a rotten sack of onions

“Personally, I voted for anarchy.”

Best line.

Everyone is a demon to someone. They tried to summon from another plane and they got what they got. Someone from a different plane might get a pony.

Oh dear.

They wanted a demon, and instead got a human scrub who could use Flim and Flam as doormats.

If this guy has heard of the Evil Overlord list, specifically, make the heros do all your work and let the populance give you all the credit, and Celestia Isnt a Chess Grand Master, then Equestria is screwed. :pinkiecrazy:

Those fools should have recruited Lyra. She'd have known instantly that they'd summoned the wrong creature.

they could have summonsed humans in the past in this world and if they got anyone with a gun or from a different Ara, it would make senses if we were Sean as demons to this world. or they are just a very bad cult that did the spell wrong i would not be surprised because when he was summoned there was no blood, how dare they summon a demon without blood sacrifice.

Description clearly states that they summon you instead of a demon. So the only reason they think that you're a demon is that's its what they wanted. They were summoning a demon, you appeared, ergo, you must be a demon, in their eyes.

when properly motivated humans are worse then demons, so they aren't wrong.

Guards, guards, guards!

you have my attention good sir, keep it up.

She'd also instantly want to become engaged.

Oh boy. I like where this is going.

Good stuff so far! Can't wait for more.

Also, I found a typo right at the end there.
"come of with something" should be "come up with something"

that is also a fare point, but to them we may have been labeled over time as demons. we might be what they consider evil. from are point of view as the human we would think they just did it wrong. To them maybe we are demons it is just a point of view thing, they summoned him with no blood, no pentagram, no dead body, just a circular marking he is standing in that might stop him from getting out if it dose i say it may be we are the demons to them if not i am wrong which is most likely butt i can have dreams

Personally I'm hoping this might be one of those marshmallow candy-land Equestrias where heck is a bad word and stealing gets you a time out. Humans, the more mischievous ones at least, would have a field day with this.

Hm. You seem to have grabbed my attention. I wish to see where this goes. I imagine plenty of high jinks and misunderstandings and ponies dominated in hilarious ways! Let's see how this 'demon' summoning plays out >:)

i love this if he just nonchalant through the entire story

The comedy used with the internal strife between all ritualist surely caught my attention.
I think I will enjoy this little ride.

I wonder if he'll be like the Connecticut Yankee, and uses science to make himself omnipowerful.

“They would wreck our shit. ” A voice added.

At least they know the score. I'll laugh if Luna randomly belts out a "Get wrecked scrub!" if they ever get into a mob fight. Father seems appropriately sketchy so good job there. Just needs a carriage and candy to go along with his dark cloak.

This seems to be shaping up a bit like Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures. As it was revealed some time into the first book: "Demon" was slang for "dimensional traveler" :rainbowlaugh:.

Me: "Okay, you who suggested the democratic republic, I've got a few things to say about that. First: government salaries. Whatever you decide on, absolutely DO NOT, under any circumstances, allow them to set their own pay! If your legislative branch puts forward a law to give themselves a pay raise, make sure it can ONLY be approved by popular vote of the people. Moreover, make sure the voters also have the option of keeping their pay unchanged as well as an option for cutting their pay by the same amount they're asking for--trust me, you'll be thanking me a couple hundred years down the road for that. :trollestia:
"Second: term limits. It's up to you whether to allow your supreme judicial body to have lifetime appointments or not, but absolutely, you'll want to set conditions on who can be elected to the head of the executive branch as well as members of the legislative branch and limit how long they can be in office--and how many offices they can hold over their careers. Make sure they're all natural born citizens, be of a respectable age for their office, and if they are currently serving in one position, they have to resign from office BEFORE running in the election for another office, whether changing which level of the legislature they want to be in or swapping between the legislature and executive branches--trust me, you'll be thanking me for that even sooner. :trollestia:
"Third, your language is going to drift over time, so make sure that your idiot progeny understands just that terms like 'high crimes' mean the exact same thing as 'felonies' and 'minor crimes' mean the same thing as 'misdemeanors'. Periodically go through and update your constitution every so often with the modern language that evolves so that your people clearly understand what it says! That's another one you'll be thanking me for well into the future.:trollestia:
"Now.... Who was the anarchy guy, again? :twilightsheepish:"
*the pony in question raises his hoof*
"Good. Thank you. Somebody, please kill him. NOW!! :twilightangry2:"
"Okay, as for the other forms of government, that's all negotiable. Have a nice day.:pinkiehappy:"

Lol well I'm following this looking forward to more

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