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A story as old as time: the star-crossed lovers finding meaning in each other's embrace.
But this time only one sees it that way. For the other?

A means to an end.

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woow this is sooooooo interesting so far :D
so curious to read more

Will Celestia be badass in this story?

7615791 Unfortunately, no. This is more of an emotional piece. I suppose it would depend a bit on what your definition of 'badass' is, though. I will be doing the defeat of Discord scene in this, and I'll do my best to make it memorable!

7137043 totally agree with you man! :twilightsmile:

Will Fluttershy appear?

7855937 As a proper character? No. She isn't born yet. I do have a plan to mention her, but more as a brief nod than anything else.

Oh my gosh that was beautiful and elegant :raritywink:

7989397 your very welcome :twilightsmile:

So, is this horn-bucking or what?

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