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A cutie mark. For most foals, gaining theirs is a joyous day. One they look forward too for the first part of their lives, and remember fondly for the rest. For Cherrywood however, she believed it to be the worst day in her life.

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Welp. We have a starlight glimmer reincarnated

Yay, she gets to create things while having a business job both parents talents combined.

It’s good so far, but how did she get her Cutie mark if she didn’t know what she was doing? Did she even know the forms were forms?

No, she had no idea what she was doing. CMs aren't always clear. Troubleshoes got his via repeated faceplants, so who's to say a filly couldn't accidentally an accounting genius?

She’d really like Our Town, wouldn’t she?

Clever filly... I was impressed she got herself on that train! I can't wait to see what Celestia thinks.

The young one has a way with words I see.

Kid's got gumption, I'll certainly give her that.

Everybody gangsta ‘till the filly starts filing taxes.

Knowing Celestia, she’ll be equal parts intrigued and horrified.

Interesting story, I hope it’s not over, and I’ll be tracking this.

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It's not quite done, but it's getting close.

The endless cycle continues, just as it always had, and just as it always would.

Funny how it all comes around, isn't it? The Mark is always right.

Simple, sweet and nicely done.

I cannot express how awesome these epilogues are.

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