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This story is a sequel to Sunset Shimmer is MAD about EVERYTHING

The mysterious Table of Harmony has called on Starlight Glimmer to solve a friendship problem at Canterlot Castle, but wait! A second cutie mark belonging to a magically inclined alicorn has appeared, and unfortunately for Twilight, it’s not hers.

Can Sunset Shimmer help Starlight Glimmer untangle this mysterious problem in Canterlot, or will her own personal past prove more a hindrance than anything?

Spoilers for 'A Royal Problem'

Sunset vector by Sunsetmajka626.
Starlight vector by Cloudyskie.

Chapters (11)

[img]http://i.imgur.com/6MrWqNZ.png[/img]Twilight takes on the most important task in her career as a princess of Equestria, when she opens up a magical portal to a distant world with extra-Equestrian intelligence. With her organizational skills and keen understanding of scientific principles, she leads diplomats and scientists in a well-planned expedition to a historic first contact.

The first exchange doesn't quite go without a hitch, however, as the portal opens near a pony ranch at Texas, Earth.

For the purposes of this fic, assume Equestria Girls didn't happen.

Former one-shot.

Chapters (9)

"I am not the Genie of the Lamp. I never was, and I never will be. I am your slave no more, and if you think to try again, I will show you how mistaken you are."

Over one thousand years ago I was sent to Equestria by a treacherous salesman's cursed trinket. It changed who I was... what I was. Gone is the simple business man with a penchant for crossplay, the father of two and beloved husband. That's all gone now, taken from me by Sombra, the Princesses, and time.

I have become the costume, a half-genie with looks that could kill. Oh how I have been made to kill. But that time is over now... I hope. There's just one more thing that I have to do.

A Displaced story.
Shantae and all related art are owned by WayForward Technologies and Matt Bozon, and I claim no rights on it or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This story is for entertainment purposes only.
Rated teen for some sexual humor and violence.

Chapters (4)

Letters. Everyone writes them, and they're not just for ponies. Be they carriers of serious news, friendly correspondence between pen pals, or declarations of heart and heartbreak, each one is written with a clear purpose or goal in mind.

Celestia uses them to try and keep her faithful student and friends in line, and try to keep an unbalanced world on the straight and narrow.

This is much harder than it sounds.


Now with an audio reading by Lady Tenkage!

Side Stories:

Old-Fashioned Bar Hoppers, featuring Celestia, Mayor Mare, and Granny Smith shenanigans.
Journal of an Adolescent Clone, featuring Sunny and Moony shenanigans since Season 5.

Chapters (246)

It has been one of the closest guarded secrets of Canterlot's royalty. Deep in a specially constructed dungeon, surrounded by warding spells and powerful magic barriers, exists an enigma. Within a cage that could only be described as something out of a nightmare, it waits and watches all of Equestria. A creature that cannot age, is immune to disease, does not thirst nor hunger, and resists all injury. But, it also holds secrets and knowledge that could safeguard the kingdom. Its powers are frightening, but it is civil enough for debate when patience permits.

Princess Celestia has sought counsel with the creature before, enduring it making deal after deal for its services. The Princess walks a fine line when dealing with it, knowing full well anything could give it an advantage despite its imprisonment. She has had to go back on her word in these dealings, and from this a deep animosity between them has been born. It is a necessary evil as she is convinced this is a being capable of untold evil far and above anything Equestria has ever dreamed of. So long as it remains within the confines of its cell, her kingdom is made safe. So much magic has been woven to ensure that, there is little chance of escape.

So long as the magic holds, there is no danger. So long as the cage remains strong, the nameless creature stays enthralled in his cavernous dwelling. If that were to change--if the magic failed--not even the wisest could say. But one thing is assured, it does not bode well for Equestria.

Chapters (14)

For over a thousand years, the Festival of Hearthswarming has been celebrated throughout Equus as a ceremony of harmony and friendship. On that fateful evening, long ago, two exceptional fillies were given to all of ponykind; the regents of the Sun and Moon. It marked the beginning of an era of peace and plenty.

But now, something has gone terribly wrong.

In a universe that is a twisted mockery of the one where Twilight Sparkle and her circle of friends carry out their lives' work, the only fires that burn are those spread by the Equestrian Solar Empire as it wages a pitiless crusade to bring about Perfect Harmony – both on this world and that of recently-encountered mankind.

As a new year dawns, Queen Celestia sends out her assassin to deal with the reindeer Spirit of the Holiday. Their confrontation tonight will decide the future of Hearthswarming. Perhaps it is destined to die and leave the worlds a colder, more cruel place. Or maybe, just maybe, will its true meaning live on in some small spark.

A tale set in the greater universe of The Other Side of the Spectrum, though knowledge of that series is not required to understand this short story.

Co-written with the invaluable help of TB3 and Sledge115.

Chapters (1)

For a 1000 years she has been the sun of the Kingdom of Equestria, the sole ruler and forever the mother of her little ponies. but not everything is as it seems. Celestia is not just any alicorn princess, there is something that made her change several things, that made her act different sometimes, or at least for the last 3 centuries, why?

Because now... I am Celestia.

And now I know the meaning of sacrifice, of pain, of how power can hurt.

But now, I wonder, can I save everyone and bring back the real Eternal Sun back home? Or is the world doomed to be destroyed? Am I worthy of this crown? Well, they say Hope Rides Alone and it has a White Coat.

Of course... that doesn't mean I cannot have fun from time to time.

Cover Art BY: Aqua Galaxy
No Clop, but some adult themes will be talked about.

Chapters (13)

A flip of a coin. A twist of fate.

Twilight Sparkle, younger sister of Princess Celestia's personal student, Shining Armor, grew up listening to her brother's bygone dreams of joining the elite of the elite: The Royal Guard.

Now, fresh out of the Academy, this young mare is ready to prove herself equal to the deeds of the great soldiers she read about as a filly. Too bad the princess she ends up protecting isn't Celestia.

Chapters (7)

A former pink pony finds herself in a new, hostile world and a new friend who's perhaps even more hostile. A small, angry man finds himself with a new friend he didn't want. Can they make it through this new misadventure together, or is it the universe that needs to watch out for them?

Cover art used with permission from Technaro.

Chapters (208)

Though they had never met, the stallion hated the mare in apartment forty-two. All day, every day, he listened to her push her walker aimlessly around her apartment. The scraping noise it made on her floor echoed through the ceiling of his apartment, giving him no rest.

Then came the night he heard the thud, and the scuffling stopped...

For about a week.

Cover art is courtesy of enti0. Be sure to click on the picture for better resolution.
Special thanks to pre-reader Dark Nebula.

Chapters (1)
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