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"I am not the Genie of the Lamp. I never was, and I never will be. I am your slave no more, and if you think to try again, I will show you how mistaken you are."

Over one thousand years ago I was sent to Equestria by a treacherous salesman's cursed trinket. It changed who I was... what I was. Gone is the simple business man with a penchant for crossplay, the father of two and beloved husband. That's all gone now, taken from me by Sombra, the Princesses, and time.

I have become the costume, a half-genie with looks that could kill. Oh how I have been made to kill. But that time is over now... I hope. There's just one more thing that I have to do.

A Displaced story.
Shantae and all related art are owned by WayForward Technologies and Matt Bozon, and I claim no rights on it or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This story is for entertainment purposes only.
Rated teen for some sexual humor and violence.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 150 )

Good, good. A new twist on the old take, with an interesting obscure character.

Although you might want to proofread the first chapter.

6103336 Yeah, I personally wasn't sure how many stories had the Displaced having been enslaved before they came into much of their power, and it seemed like an interesting direction to go.

6103338 I thought I'd gone over it well enough last night, but if you point me to the issues, I'll see to it that they're rectified.


To the untrained eye, throne room sat empty, as it had for centuries. Ponies had come and gone, but never to stay long, for this was a taboo place. The shadow of the old king weighed on their minds and memories. Even the newcomers, eager to claim the throne as their own, did not linger. The great crystal chamber repelled them all on the basest level.


To the untrained eye, the throne room sat empty, as it had for centuries. Ponies came and went, but never stayed for long, as this was a taboo place. The shadow of the old king weighed on their minds and memories, like the faint remains of a nightmare best left forgotten. Even the newcomers, eager to claim the throne as their own, did not linger. The great crystal chamber repelled them all on the basest level, young and old alike.

See the difference?

6103361 The only particular typo/issue I'm seeing is the missing 'the' in the first sentence. The rest comes down to stylistic choice [past perfect vs. simple past, for vs. as], and a choice in extra-embellishments. I'll admit the nightmare comparison added on to 'The shadow of the old king' is fitting, but the young and old alike feels unnecessary given the way it was addressed in the paragraph to follow.

Oh, time for a smack down!


6103411 heres a song of this game

Shantae, yes! THANK YOU for doing a Displaced fic with her! Seriously, my favorite video game character of ever. Many, many thanks friend!

6103599 Shantae is best half-genie waifu, am I right?

6103621 She is ONLY waifu!

that's was good can I have another or another words or please thank you for the excellent read it was quite amusing

6103803 I should have another chapter out this evening or tomorrow morning, if things hold up.

6103525 I prefer the Lilac Fields theme from Risky's Revenge. If I'm to be honest, there is a song that I have in ming for this overall story arc: Aero Chord's Break Them.

I can actually imagine Shante playing this as she fights Sombra:


Mt first reaction was, 'Oh no, even Seven Fates got drawn into this Displaced nonsense?' Then my reaction was, "What even is that Genie from?" But now I'm just thinking, 'Sweet music!' :twilightsmile:

6103856 You should probably check the games out. They're a pretty decent metroidvania sort, and Shantae: Risky's Revenge is currently like CAD$2.74 on Steam right now.

......No, no no no no no...

Not you, please tell me you didn't jump on that damn band wagon too...

~Skeeter The Lurker

You have a favorite and upvote, for now. Giving you the benefit of the doubt as long as we don't have much cross-displaced contamination.

6103986 Don't worry. I don't plan on having too many crossovers in this one.


Excellent so far!

Keep it up Seven Fates, I hope to see you do well with your story. =3

Ok. You got me with this. I'm going to follow this story now.
However, I think this song is perfect for what Shante is feeling.

Just a thing you missed in editing

but his he’s not suppressing my free will!

Keep er go 'n!!! I think I'm watching to much Vanoss... eh whatever I like they it so far and can't wait for the next chapter.

6104876 Yeah. One thing I've come to realize after my little hiatus from writing is to never self-edit while tired. Especially when one ends up changing a sentence.


Bad Seven. Bandwagons are bad, mkay?

6103340 im usually not attracted to displaced fics, they seem too similar to each other with almost the same plot line, but this has piqued my interest

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the blood of of them. If anything, my efforts only seem to be dyeing the cloth the color of blood.

“Why won’t it wash out?” I whimpered, subconsciously clawing at the. “Why won’t the blood come out?”


6105049 Please excuse me while I proceed to bang my head on my desk in shame.

6105011 Yeah, most of them start with the being involved being a statue or just popping up in the present. Using Sombra as an excuse is something I haven't seen done yet. I'm rather curious about the initial years of this story now after some of the hints that were left out in the open.

Thanks for replying, I forgot to like and fave this earlier. :pinkiecrazy:

I usually hate displaced stories, but this is Seven Fates.

Not the original song, but I prefer this version.
Hm...Let's see what we have.
I have never had any problem with any sort of Displaced stories. Though, I tend to skip the beginning because they are alike to some degree.
This seem different.
Again, let's see.


....ohh..... ....

Not an actual crossover.


All right, this is pretty cool. So long as you don't include all those stupid crossovers with other displaced stories that every author of this theme does, then I will continue to wait impatiently for each new chapter. Keep up the good work my friend.

I wonder how Shantae would react to my Jack.

Also, somewhat fitting song:

6106022 I have no idea if this will even fit in with the other stories.
I'm more interested in the character than the Displace universe. If it has crossover with other stories, I don't care much about it. As long as it is well written, I will read the story.

6105991 Unfortunately, can't submit without the tag.

6105382 No problem.

A HiE story that has a genie in Equestria? This could actually be interest—

Oh, no, wait. False alarm. Displaced.

Let there be violence. Copious amounts of violence. Insane quantities of violence! Violence to shake the skies and be remembered in myth and legend until the sun burns out and all the stars turn to ash!

Good story so far, interesting character choice, and I look forward to seeing more soon.

The battle scene to come will probably fit with this sound track.

You had me at Shantae, then you lost me at displaced. I'll give it a try but it wont be the same since its not really her.

6106468 Had me at Shantae and sold me at Displaced.

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