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When Ponyville's pegasi suddenly bolt from the skies, Fluttershy endeavors to uncover the reason why.

This story was written for the Barcast's Halloween in April story contest.

Chapters (2)

The adventures of a man named Dan and all his friends in Equestria. This story is full of whacky jokes, dated references, corny moments and even a few songs and plenty of randomness to delight fans of MLP: FiM, Dan and all things related to them.

This is an episodic story written and updated weekly on Saturdays over the course of a nine-year period. Written by Barro the Broadcaster with help from some friends.

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A young mare working a food stand meets a very peculiar customer, their goal, to slay a demon.

MLP/Demon Slayer One-Shot!

Chapters (1)

Part 1: Kindness Warms the Frosty Heart

After a humiliating defeat at the hand of a bizarre human with a mutated arm, a dazed Bael, Lord of Toads and Master of the Frozen Soil, is dragged back through the Hellgate, and plummets through the tunnel walls. When he awakens, he is greeted by a frozen wasteland, much like his home, but there is something amiss. It's too calm. Too peaceful. Before he tries to find a way back, he will make a new home here, but not before some alterations, and finding a source of food. Preferably the kind that didn't have a glowing hand.

Part 2: Laughter Cools the Tempered Heart

After the defeat (and subsequent death) at the hand of God, being used by a smart mouth human, Elvis of the Four Devas gives one last request to his slayer before he passes on. But where does one pass on to, exactly? Demons are especially tricky, considering their allegiances and designs. Elvis, however, was always the odd one of his race, exemplifying moments of generosity and kindness, despite his voracious appetite and short temper. Perhaps the good in him could be fleshed out in a land of harmony...

Warning: Gratuitous Spanish

Part 3: Generosity Graces the Vain Heart

Hundreds of years after a surprise attack, a vampire king is released from his limbo, and greeted by his once perished former brother. Boasting considerable strength and new found power after being subjected to the spirit world for so long, he warned his savior upon being questioned about his strength. When all is said and done, the mighty goliath of a vampire, a master of a now dead and scattered kingdom, will understand the meaning of humility and charity. And on that day, the life of a young and aspiring unicorn of fashion and art will help show him the way.

Part 4: Honesty Smooths the Jaded Heart

Monsoon came and went, and was reduced to silver lining slivers when the lightening of vengeance struck. He conceded to his own dark philosophy as he drew his last cybernetic breath. But the universe would not let him go, not as the cynical and violent soul he is. The winds of destruction give way to the winds of change, and like raindrops to a puddle, he is reformed on a new world for a new chance. Can his brutal point of view be changed with simple and peaceful honesty, or will he continue down the dark and complex path of his natural born chaos?

Part 5: Loyalty Opens the Closed Heart

Heaven demands the highest expectations of obedience. When a powerful witch dares to tread their hallowed grounds, eager and dutiful angels throw themselves at the chance to prove their worth. However, upon underestimating their foe, the messengers of God are quickly defeated. One particular angel that jumped into the fray was stricken out, and denied the embrace of death. While floating through the endless sea of stars, its broken body finds itself coming to a new realm, untouched by Heaven or Hell.

Part 6: Friendship Saves the Nihilist Heart

Frustrations swell as time continues to pass, where research and failure go hand in hand. A darkened mind is pulled from the void, violently ejected into a world not its own. Death gives way to life, and life bares death. The final heart as arrived, but not through planned volition. The worst is yet to come. It will be up to the scholar to unravel this enigma, while a new, far more dangerous threat grows. Sing the hymn of the mantis.

Chapters (62)

A young man who's dying with less than a year left in good health decides to put his fate in the Tarot Cards and follow a rumor, hoping for it to be true. Cosplaying as Velvet Room Resident Minato he searches and finds the Mercant and makes a special order.

With access to the Wild Card he will change his fate, seek out the truth and break the chains of rebellion in order to find his true purpose in existence and make sure to enjoy every second of it as the new Messiah of Equestria.

(This is a traditional displaced story)
(I want to give this genre a try and just have fun with it. This story will however not take place in the displaced multiverse, at least I don't plan too. Might change in the future but I want the story to get a proper start first before I do any crossovers.)
(The sex tag is more for descriptions, innuendos and other sexual implications.)

Mlp owned by Hasbro
Persona and Shin Megami Tensei is owned by Atlus

Chapters (8)

You've never heard of this newfangled "League of Legends," but Luna seems determined to get a team going in the strange 5 vs 5 game. With Celestia, Cadance, Twilight, and yourself in tow, surely nothing could go wrong.

I mean, when has League ever upset anyone?

Chapters (1)

Early twentieth century strongman Arthur Saxon is summoned to Equestria to save the country from Tirek's return.

Exactly what it says on the tin. Not much else to be said.

Chapters (1)

Part 2: Demon Days

Ever since Dante and Vergil’s fateful clash at the Gates of Tartarus, demons have begun running rampant all across Equestria. Now The Elements of Harmony must join forces with the ever estranged sons of Sparda and hunt down the demonic Tartarusians if they hope to restore order to their once peaceful land and return the demon twins back to their world. All the while, a shadow from Celestia and Luna’s past looms dauntingly over the unsuspecting kingdom of Canterlot.

The demon days that lie ahead for Twilight and her friends will bring with them a bloody storm that threatens to resurface the long forgotten, if not slightly altered, history between Equestria and Tartarus.

NOTE: The events of this story take place AFTER the following in their respective order:
- Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening
- Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
- The Season 2 Finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Concept Art and Image made by DROLL3
Pony May Cry Part 2 Title Card

Proofread by Nightmare_0mega

Chapters (29)

Semper Pie is one of Equestria's most honored and decorated soldiers. Protector of the innocent, hero of countless battles, champion of all ponykind. Even Shining Armor, ex-Captain of the Royal Guard, and Prince Consort to the Crystal Princess, looks up to this great stallion. Truly one of the best and greatest ponies to have ever served under the Royal Sister's banner.

Still, where did he come from? Where was he born? What has he done? Does he have any family? Why would he suddenly want to come to Ponyville?

And why, for the love of Celestia, does he specifically want to meet with the Element of Laughter herself?

Chapters (58)

Necromancy gets a bad rep.

Oh, sure, some ponies like the whole cliche of the evil zombie master, pulling his puppet strings to make corpses dance and kill for their amusement. And yeah, you kinda do have to work with dead bodies a lot, and most ponies find that a bit creepy. Oh, and you learn a lot of spells to kill things and gain power from it.

But, come on, that doesn't mean all necromancers are bad... right?

Feature on Equestria Daily

Chapters (10)