• Published 14th Jul 2015
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Equestrian legion: Scipio - Krieg cormac

Equestrias greatest general returns after a 1000 years. How will the modern world react to this ancient tactician

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Chapter 2

"Hey uhh beg ma pardon, but who is this Atticus Scipio." Applejack asked.

Twilight stared at Applejack with big wide eyes.

"How don't you know who he is?!" Twilight shouted with a big scary smile, going into nerd mode.

"I take it you now know who he is." Princess Celestia said smiling.

"Of course I do. I studied Scipio when I was studying the nightmare moon legend. He was a great general and politician. He was the one that started the equestrian senate. Legend has it that he appeared in a magical storm near the equestrian frontier. The legends aren't specific, but they say that he befriended the princesses after he saved them from a assassin. Several years later when Princess Luna turned into Nightmare moon, he formed an army to fight her nightmarish army in the equestrian civil war." Twilight explained.

"That is correct Twilight." Princess Celestia said smiling.

"Ohh. Never heard of him." Rainbow Dash said. "Besides, I bet he isn't as awesome as me." She added boastfully.

"My dear,dear Rainbow Dash. He is much more as you say awesome than you are. No offense." Twilight said patting Rainbow Dash's head like she was a cat.

"No way you egghead." Rainbow dash said angrily.

"Well Princess. What about him." Twilight asked.

"I have reasons to believe that this chaos magic had come into contact with Scipio's statue. Princess Celestia replied. "Follow me." She said as she started to walk in one of the corridors. The others started to follow.

"How princess after all the civil war happened 1000 years ago." Twilight asked.

"Not many ponies know this, but he was turned to stone." Celestia said sadly.

"What?! I just though he died of old ageor died in battle, because he only appeared in the Nightmare moon legend." Twilight exclaimed.

"No in fact during the last battle Nightmare moon was about to use a spell on me, but he threw a weapon a her wing she whipped her head back and the spell hit him. But I figured out how to bring him back. The spell that turned him to stone is called the, eis. That is short for experimental immortality spell. It was made by Clover the clever at the command of princess platinum. The spell never got pass it's testing phase. The spell basically regenerates the body quicker." Princess Celestia explained. "The reason not many know of it today, because it turned who ever the spell was directed at and turns he or she to stone. Only a strong dose of magic can fix it and I believe that we can do it with Discords magic already weakening the spell."

"So your magic and the elements should bring him back." Twilights added excitedly.

"You are correct Twilight." Celestia replied.

"Wait. Where Pinkie pie?" Applejack asked just noticing that the pink pony had disappeared.

"Here I am." Pinkie pie shouted as she popped out of nowhere.

"Where were you Pinkie?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Oh I was just playing some Roam total war. I was about to invade Roam as Germaneia before you called me."She replied nonchalantly.

"Well don't wander off. We need to go help the princess." Rainbow dash told Pinkie.

"Okie-doky-Loki." Pinkie pie said jumping up and down.

After walking down the hallway for a couple minutes, they arrived in the garden where all the statues were at. In the middle of the garden is a statue of the great General Scipio.

"Wow he looks scary." Fluttershy commented looking at him.

"Yeah he looks tough, but he ain't as tough as me." Rainbow Dash boasted.

"Rainbow remember what I told you earlier." Twilight asked.

"What? I forgot." Rainbow Dash replied forcefully.

"Here are the elements." Princess Celestia said levitating a box decorated with gold. Taking all of the elements out, she handed them all to their respective pony.

"Alright girls lets get in formation." Twilight said as they moved into formation as Celestia stood to the side.

Soon Princess Celestia's horn lit up and a beam started to hit the statue. Twilight's eyes lit up and the rest of the mane 6 started to hover and a giant rainbow beam hit the statue. Soon the magic passed over and the statue was gone. In its place stands a very confused human.

"Aaaaggghhhh." Scipio shouted.

"It worked." Twilight shouted.

"Who are you? Where am I ?" Scipio asked.

"Calm down Atticus. It has been 1000 years." Princess Celestia said walking up with tears in her eyes "I missed you so much!" She added while running up to hug him. He hugged back with tears in his eyes as well.

"What happened." Atticus asked after they stop hugging.

"Don't you remember? During the final battle Nightmare moon hit you with a spell that turned you to stone." Celestia replied.

"Oh." Atticus replied.

Suddenly a voice sounded behind Scipio. "Sister we felt the elements being used what hath happened."

Scipio quickly turned around and growled "You."

Standing right there was Princess Luna who's eyes turned to pinpricks as she remembered who this human was.

"Buck." Said the the princess of the night.

"I'll kill you." Scipio shouted charging at her with his spatha in his right hand and his shield. He jumped up in the air and just as his sword was about to hit Princess Lunas face, a golden aura surrounded Scipio's sword and him as well.

"Come Atticus. She isnt Nightmare Moon anymore. We have much to catch up on." Celestia said as she held Scipio with her magic, as he sent a death glare to Luna.

"I'll get kill you. You backstabbing monster." Scipio shouted to a very scared Luna.

I am so dead, thought Princess Luna.

Author's Note:

God dam it luna. Sorry if it is a little rushed. If you are confused about the eis, imagine wolverines healing factor.