• Published 14th Jul 2015
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Equestrian legion: Scipio - Krieg cormac

Equestrias greatest general returns after a 1000 years. How will the modern world react to this ancient tactician

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Prologue part 2

"Why hello my dear sister. I am shock to see you here." said Nightmare moon as the ten praetorians surrounded her.

"Luna you need to stop. I can and will forgive you if you repent." Celestia said to Nightmare moon as she extended her hand.

"I told you, I am not Luna I am Nightmare moon." She shouted her horn lighting up. Suddenly a flash happened blinding everybody just for a couple seconds. When the flash disappeared, several therstrials part of the shadow guard, a sub division of the nightmare guard, surrounded Nightmare Moon protected their creator.

"Attack," Nightmare moon shouted.

"Protect the princess." Scipio shouted as he charged one of the therstrials. The shadow guard swings his sword upward, but Scipio blocks it with his shield, before shield bashing him. Taking the advantage, he stabs the guard in the next. Blue blood starts coming out of his neck. Scipio could hear as the therstrial chokes on his own blood. Scipio turned to see that these are actually putting up a challenge to his guard.
One or two actually have managed to kill their opponent. Scipio wanting to help his guard stay alive as long as possible. Charge the nearest therstrial that killed a praetorian and shield bash him before stabbing him in the abdomen. Scipio got up to see that his praetorian have managed to beat the shadow guard.

"Surrender now." Scipio said firmly as he turned to Nightmare moon. She justed smirked. Suddenly her horn flashed blue and lighting started to come out of it hitting Everypony except the Princess. Scipio fall to the ground with 2nd degree burns.

"What did you do?" Celestia asked.

"Don't worry your pretty little head." Nightmare moon said firing a magic spell Celestia doing the same thing to counter it. Nightmare moon soon started to win, slowly pushing Celestia back. Suddenly the beam overpowers Princess Celestia and she is knocked

Scipio got up to see Nightmare moon walking towards unconscious body. He turns to his side to see the pila of one of his dead guards. He picks it up along with his shield. Painfully he gets up to hear Nightmare Moon say. "Celestia, Celestia. You actually think you were going to win. I am not going to kill you. Instead I will try one of the spells from, the forbidden archives." Nightmare moon said gloating. "It is call the eis spell."

Suddenly her horn light up and Scipio throws the pila at Nightmare Moon. Sadly he missed her body, but he managed to get her wing.

"Aaahhh!!" Nightmare screamed throwing her head back; the spell hitting Scipio as he raised his shield and gladius.

At that moment Celestia wakes up to see Nightmare moon in pain on the floor with a pila in her wing. Golden blood dripping out.

"I'm sorry sister, but you have gone too far." Celestia said. She could hear Nightmare moon say she is not her sister. She turns to the statue of Scipio and sadly takes out the elements. Soon she starts the spell and a bright light engulfs Nightmare moon. A tear fall down Celestia's cheek. Suddenly the throne room doors bust open a dozens of legionnaires bust in.

"General. We have taken the city. Wait you majesty where is General Scipio?" The legate in charge asked.

Celestia turns to the statue and tearfully says. "General Atticu Scipio is dead."

The soldiers look on in shock.

The next day the Equestiran Civil war officially ended. Celestia held a memorial for Scipio and the statue was moved to the new capital, Canterlot. Only two ponies knew Scipio personally as friends. To Celestia, they were like brother and sister, and to Princess mi more de cadenza, a loving father. He adopted her when her family died in a fire. She was 16 when he was turned to stone. Eventually he faded to legend. The griffon axuilaires brought back home stories of the God of war. Only Celestia and Cadence knew the truth of the great general

1000 years later. A strong surge of magic hit a certain statue.

Author's Note:

I managed to get some free time to finish this chapter
I never expected to have this many likes and favs on this story.
And thank you flametegu for that information about the roman army.
Scipio looks like Marius from ryse son of Rome just older
Sorry it's short. I just want to finish the prologue.
Next chapter will be out