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Goodbye Nosferus. · 8:12pm Jul 7th, 2017

For those of you who don't know or haven't read his story, "Don't Get Cocky" Nosferus has (apparently) passed on. Side note: I hate using apparently during one of these blogs as it just feels rude... Anyway, for his last chapter titled, "This Is Good Bye" he says, and I quote

Hello friends. Due to some circumstance, I cannot continue writing my story. Why? Because my life has come to an end. I am leaving this world. Anyone of you can have my story and continue writing it. I hope that my

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STORY!? Perhaps.... · 5:37am Jun 7th, 2016

Hi fellow Fimfiction readers, I need some help!
I think I might start a story with two displaced brothers; Dante, The Devil Hunter And Deadpool The Merc With a Mouth, or Vergil The Dark Slayer and Raiden/Jack The Ripper. Vote A for the Dante and Deadpool Or B for Vergil and Raiden.

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