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When Sam opened his eyes, ready to start his first morning as a college student, the last thing he expected was to find himself in an unfamiliar bedroom, in the equally unfamiliar form of Princess Celestia.

Now trapped in a body teeming with an enormous amount of power and an equally enormous set of responsibilities and worries, Sam needs to get to the bottom of things before Equestria's enemies realize Celestia is not herself and take the advantage.

Cover art is by Nauyaco

Chapters (3)

A human living in Equestria owns a restaurant in Canterlot. Hearth's Warming is approaching. Demand is high.

Life is a series of challenges, and running a restaurant is undoubtedly a big one. Jean does his best as anyone can while dealing with other things that have come into his life as of late.

Chapters (8)

Featured on 4-16-23!? Holy crap!

Thunder Strike. Ask anypony who's ever met him and they would probably describe him as proud member of Royal Guard; specifically a Lieutenant of the Palace Division. Always doing his very best to maintain the safety and security of the staff and visitors alike, and never hesitating to do what's needed of him.

Ask those that know him and they might tell you how he's a chronic workaholic who's maintaining unhealthy, unreasonable standards for his own conduct and performance leading him to slowly but surely working himself to death, and who desperately needs a vacation before it's too late.

Like it or not, he's going to learn the hard way that nopony, no matter how dedicated they may be, can possibly burn the candle at both ends indefinitely. And perhaps he'll learn something else along the way.

Chapters (25)

For Celestia, life had rarely been better than it was now. Her sister had been returned to her, Discord was freed and subsequently defeated in record time, much to her private amusement, and her niece and her coltfriend had ideas of marriage in the not too distant future.

An event that would no doubt be yet another historical day in the rapid series as of late.

Yet, history is made even earlier than expected as Princess Celestia finds a strange letter in her room one night. Someone claiming to be the prince of an unheard of species is asking for Equestria's help. Making the dire situation described in the letter even more urgent is the warning it held.

Celestia and her fellow princesses are eager to meet the strange colt who has revealed his own mother's invasion plan of their kingdom to them in a bid to gain trust. Of all the ponies to meet this strange colt, however, it's one Raven Inkwell who will find her life turned the most upside down.

And by the end, she wouldn't have had it any other way as she comes to know Prince Anonymous of the Changelings.

This is an RGRE story starring (what should be) everyone's favorite mare, Raven Inkwell and a friendly changeling prince as they work to navigate politics and establish peace between two kingdoms.

Chapters (3)

After her sister's banishment, Celestia realized it was her failure that led to her sister's fall, and she vowed to build a better nation that her sister would have wanted. Here, Nightmare Moon is neither myth nor legend; everyone is taught about what truly happened to Princess Luna, and that the two are one and the same. Through her millennia of atonement, Celestia upholds her sister's visions for a better Equestria, reviving her lost legacy.

Now, at the 1000th summer sun celebration, the town of Ponyville is ready. Eager to witness the historic event, everyone's there to show their love and appreciation as they welcome the Princess of the Night's return. Would Nightmare Moon still seek retribution and bring nighttime eternal? Or would she reunite with her long-lost sister, graciously returning to her throne? It doesn't matter to Celestia. She just wants to see her sister once again.

Chapters (10)

This is an anthology of silly, cute, unrelated short stories about Anon, Chrysalis, and their friends and family. It takes place after Bed Bug, Lovesickness, Run Without Debugging, and Gamophobia, but reading them is not required to understand or enjoy this story.

Being married to the ex-queen of the changelings, Chrysalis, is an interesting experience. Having five little bug children running around doesn't make matters any easier. That said, one thing is certain...

There's more than enough love to go around.

Rating for occasional no-no words and sex jokes/innuendo.

Now featuring art of the bug children!

Chapters (7)

Aurora is a unicorn filly with the mind of a human, however, the said human does not remember much from his old life on earth, just bits and pieces.

Being born in Canterlot to a unicorn family she quickly discovers that her unusual dark coloration makes most if not all ponies wary of her, and her social life confusing and full of different emotions. As she grows and develops, she sees the world differently than most ponies, making her curious and adventurous. And that leads to... Complications down the road. Especially when the Magic Of Friendship develops in Equestria at the same time.

If that's not making it difficult to adapt to her new environment and body, a certain white alicorn makes Aurora hooves full of mysteries and plots to solve, making it difficult to learn magic and have a life of a simple filly at the same time.

[The first five chapters are 'test chapters'. I plan to remake them in the future.]
[See tags for warnings please.]

Chapters (19)

Waking up as a strange alien bug was certainly not something Thornton ever expected to happen. And yet, that was just the circumstance he found himself in when he and his family awoke one morning with strange new bodies in a strange new world.

Now they're hoping to find their way home, but is home a place they can get back to? And if so, is home a place they want to return to?

Updates weekly.

Cover Art by KlaraPL. Story commission for Gargon94.

Chapters (25)

This story takes place during the time skip in the final chapter of Run Without Debugging, but knowledge of that story is not necessary to enjoy this one.

Weddings are beautiful things. For many ponies, a wedding is the best day of their lives. Years ago, Chrysalis, the ex-queen of the changelings, adored weddings as well. Her intentions, however, were less than noble.

Today, she has put her past behind her. She has been (somewhat) forgiven. She has a place in society. She has someone who loves her. The real her.

It's finally time for her own wedding.

She didn't show up.

Chapters (13)

A human living in Canterlot castle is given to Queen Chrysalis as part of peace negotiations between Equestria and the Hive. Celestia knew she shouldn't have let Luna finish the negotiations herself.

Cover art by jalm on Derpibooru.

Featured on 4/22/20. Thanks guys!

Now with audio readings by StraightToThePointStudio! Go check them out.
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