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Inspired by Letters From A Disgruntled Friendship Student by Milesprower06.
Letters From A Disgruntled Multiverse is basically the same thing but also crosses over with many other fimfiction stories by the Fimfiction Community.

This is not going to end well....

Special thanks to my old editor Pastelights for editing the first few chapters.

Special thanks to my new editor Neko Majin C for editing this

Nyx is from Past Sins by Pen Stroke

The following is a work of parody, and is protected as Fair Use under section 17 U.S. Code § 107 of US Copyright Law. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all affiliated characters are property of Hasbro Inc

Chapters (84)
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Comments ( 253 )

A promising start. I'm actually a huge fan of letters, so if you buck this up I'm coming for you, and I'm bringing sexually frustrated twislut with me. (Which may or may not be a good thing. Depending on how much you like bondage.)

looking forward to more chapters. Your (cautiously) optimistic friend, thedarkitty.

Not gonna lie, I expected this to be one of those really bad spin-offs with bad grammar (especially since it has Past Sins in it) but color me impressed, no grammar mistakes I can find and you made me wake up my roommate with my laugh at that last part. Keep it up.

6610418 I personally liked the story Past Sins so that's why I wanted to do my absolute best in my letter. Quality deserves Quality after all. Appreciate any feedback given so I can improve

I'm sure some of it was lost on me because I haven't read Past Sins, but consider this tracked!

That last part though :moustache:

I haven't actually read Past Sins as of now, however this was still very enjoyable. My main reaction was saying "wut" out loud, but in a good way :raritywink:

How do we nominate a story for the Letters treatment?

6613553 Sorry I'm not clear on what you're asking.

Well how does a particular story get the satirical Letters treatment? How did Past Sins get selected for being joked about as the kick off to this multiverse idea?

6613585 It was my favorite story and the one I had the most jokes to use about it out of all other stories I've read thus far.

6613585 If possible after I finish with Past Sins I may write a blog post asking what story you want me to satire next. Either a One-Shot or Full Blown Story.

Though I have at least 4 stories in mind I want to satire as well.

Whichever comes first

Cute. Looking forward to more.

I've never read Past Sins. Nor do I particularly plan on doing so. That said, there's no way in hell I'm letting that stop me from favoriting and tracking this!

6614662 I have read it, and let me tell you, you actually aren't missing very much.

Sorry my dear readers for the long wait but my editor is still busy with school and she won't be free until Thanksgiving. So I posted this chapter unedited.

So do you readers want me to post my unedited chapters which I've done till chapter 4 or wait it out until Thanksgiving to post them?

Coment your thoughts here. :pinkiesmile:

Thanks for checking on my rope burns. If you want to give me another checkup come by my library anytime. My place will definitely not be quite anymore by the time I’m through.

Oh god the implications...

(Also, I don't mind waiting.)

6615646 To be honest, that story could've been executed a little better...

As for this story: I absolutely loved it! This is what I imagine what went on between everyone in the first place when everything happened. You sir, have earned a thumbs up and a follow from me. Good jorb.

6638449 yes i want you to post your unedited chapters which you have done till chapter 4


If you don't know who I am, I'm the editor for this story! :twilightsmile:

I just wanted to thank you all for being so patient for the chapters to be edited! It means a lot to me.

Edited chapters will be out by tomorrow night or Tuesday! (No later than Tuesday).

Stay tuned! :)


Dear Miss Rainbow:
Miss Twilight wanted I wanted to ask you if you needed to borrow my glasses. I'm sure they could come in handy.
Shyly and innocently,

Starting with Past Sins was smart in my book, because it immediately makes this story my favorite.

So I went into Rage Mode and exploded on them Kamehameha-style demanding they tell me where Nyx was or else they’d end up as cacti.

Now would that REALLY be so bad?

She was afraid of herself. She was downright terrified. I knew for sure that Nyx was definitely Nightmare Moon Incarnate. I didn’t care. So I hugged and consoled her saying that everything will be alright. I have to protect her from her memories. For her sake. Cause I lov-

What's this? Disgruntled Twilight is growing a HEART?! What is this madness?

Dear Nyx,
So I’ve been feeling a little loopy when I saw you today and I’m wondering are you single?
Wooed Over,
Leman Rush Lemon Russ

Dear Cheerilee,

I prefer if you not talk about our bedroom life to others.

Big Mac

I'd say that this was one of the best moments ever.

Pfft [pfft]
exclamation, no plural
A sound meant to convey amusement. It is achieved by letting a puff of air out of your mouth, creating the distinct sound. The length can vary between levels of amusement.

Dear EileMonty,

MOM!!!! I don’t wanna go to the moon.


Button Mash


Coming back from the Everfree, I was greeted by my brain-dead friends asking if Nyx was alright and all that shit. Why were they were never this concerned when I was missing? My friends everypony. These are my fucking friends.

And YOU are a sociopathic nymphomaniacal bitch.

Dear Twilight Sparkle,
Your Nyx is in another dimension.


Though a Wikipedia search my scientific observation I believe you are suffering a form of actually becoming a nicer person. This is most probably due to your attachment to your cousin Nyx. She might have bought out this feeling into you thus making your heart grow three sizes that day.

So, she's the Grinch, but less fun.

6715022 Funny Fact about Past Sins. There was complaints by some readers of Nyx derailing the character of Twilight in the story. Personally, I disagree with them as I found it made sense since Twilight grew as a character by caring for Nyx like an adopted daughter. In my story I'm parodying that compliant into a fact that it does happen with Disgruntled Twilight.

6718557 I like the idea of Disgruntled Twilight being changed by Nyx

The 'Ask Twixie' reference was the best in my opinion...just to picture Disgruntled Twilight's reaction to that world's timeline.

Nyx learned to have slaves... Friendship is Slavery after all

Sorry for the long wait everyone. Having a part-time job can really mess with your schedule.:facehoof:

Anyways hope you enjoy this chapter.:pinkiehappy:

Appreciate any comment on what made you laugh about this or any chapter in this story. Also, tell your friends who are fans of Letters From A Disgruntled Friendship Student to have a read of this as well.

Merry Almost Christmas everyone and have a Happy Hearthswarming Eve,

Guess she didn’t see any Psyhe-Locks.

I see what you did that. Also, PyChe-Locks.

I’m… actually okay with that… Wow… a daughter… I have a daughter now!!!! I can’t believe I’m saying this but Nyx has truly become like a daughter to me. She can consider herself part of the Sparkle Family. I ADMIT it. I don’t care what ponies think, she’s my new daughter. I fucking love her.


i like it and i would answer the question in the Author's Note since i have the past sins book but i don't want to spoiler it for everyone that read this story

“The spy!” she shouted as she trotted across the room pointing to a spot on the floor. “I followed him in here, and he was standing right here. Right here! I had him cornered, but then he opened his eyes and tehn everything went blank…”

The pony's a Spy!

Happy 2016 my dear followers. Hope you like this chapter and appreciate every rate, comment and follow.

I'll be taking a one week break from this story since I'll be going on a vacation with my dear family.

See you soon.


6788153 Whoops didn't see those errors...

Thanks Shadow



Anyways I'm back from the vacation with my family so here's Chapter 9. Enjoy and I appreciate any comment, like and follow considering last i've checked there are 60 users tracking this story yet only a small percentage are ever commenting.... :facehoof:

See you in the next chapter.


Applejack wouldn't allow me to borrow any of her old weaponry from her old war days.

Ah Friendship is Witchcraft, that and the Mentally Advanced Series were how I got into ponies. That and Discord, so I went online, marathoned Season 1 and then got to the Discord two parter. Ah memories, sorry about that just, reliving old times.

I want there to be a fight between Celestia and Twilight.

6819083 Actually I'll be more focus on the conflict between mother and daughter during that scene.

6819088 i wanted Twilight to actually fight Celestia for Nyx. Celestia uses a Stun Spell

What if there were no cares given that Nightmare Moon was back.
Surely the Everfree Forest has done more.

Anyone who disagrees... I'll bring hell to their doorsteps.

Imma do it.

Dear Blackgryph0n,
Up for another Michael Jackson Duet Song my special somepony?
Michael Creber Applebloom

I understood that reference.

Dear M. A. Larson,
Any chance of putting me in Equestria for Season 6? I've got nothing better to do while waiting for the next EQG Movie Flop.
Sunset Shimmer

I want that.

Dear Discord,
YOU. ME. Sock Puppet Dimension. NOW!!!

I want this.

Could you please talk more. All I ever say is eyup and nope. I'm not Charlie Chappin. Please let me have a voice.

Brotherhooves Social.

Please try to get a job in voice acting in the MLP Staff. I'm kind of a mute right now thanks to M. A. Fucking Larson so I would really appreciate the assist.

Actually, from what I heard, she was offered the job, but she said no, because due to the contract, it'd mean she wouldn't be able to work on fan projects.

Dear Dr. Wolf,
Can I have a session with you sometime next week? I've been very depressed lately. I've been harassed by the recently appointed princess and been hated on by thousands of people even being physically abused by a demonic hippogryph for no apparent reason. Seriously it's like they think I'm Justin Bieber or something.
Flash Sentry

I want this. I personally don't mind Flash, he's a little bland, but he's OK in my book.

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